only 80 more days......

until Joshua and Sarah's wedding.
All the dresses are on order. Megan's came in yesterday, got mine this weekend.
Engagement photos taken.
Venue set
invitations being sent soon
Josh has honeymoon all planned and paid for.
now just the little things......

I have been praying for this day for a long time.

Since the kids were very young I have prayed for God to send them spouses that would help them to serve Him all the days of their lives.
He answered my prayer for Josh with Sarah.
  • tommyswife
    What an exciting time! May the Lord bless Josh and Sarah in their new life as husband and wife!
    by tommyswife at 04/18/12 12:59PM
  • alp1926
    It certainly makes it easier when things work out like this. Congrats to ALL of you!
    by alp1926 at 04/18/12 3:15PM
  • snickers63
    Yes - congrats to all! What fun times!!!!
    by snickers63 at 04/18/12 9:49PM
  • chickadee
    :) I am so happy for them and you.
    by chickadee at 04/19/12 2:54AM
  • textilet
    Happy to hear everything is going along so smoothly!
    by textilet at 04/19/12 5:56AM
  • derbydi
    Happy times! :-)
    by derbydi at 04/25/12 8:24AM
  • alp1926
    That little guy will come to love Aunt Leslie, too!!!
    by alp1926 at 08/01/12 1:23PM
  • alp1926
    Or Wyatt will have to get into tennis now. :)
    by alp1926 at 08/15/12 11:42AM
  • alp1926
    Sorry you couldn't join us. We had a good time. Could you text me Josh and Sarah's address? I had to get a new phone and lost a number of my contacts. Please tell me it's you, and I can get your number back and get their address at the same time. Thanks.
    by alp1926 at 10/02/12 8:51PM

life is good.....

when you go on a road trip with your 23 and 21 year old and you sing hymns for a good portion of it.

Josh came home this weekend and we ran up to visit my parents.

So much has happened since my last post Ill have to try an update soon.
  • snickers63
    Hey! Welcome back to pleo!! I think I like to have 20 somethings!!!
    by snickers63 at 01/30/12 1:57PM
  • derbydi
    Hi Leslie!
    by derbydi at 01/30/12 7:46PM
  • chickadee
    great to hear from you! If they are 23 and 21, an updated pictures might be in order, too. LOL Yes, I long singing hymns on road trips, too
    by chickadee at 01/30/12 10:59PM
  • textilet
    Whoa, Leslie - is that you?
    by textilet at 02/17/12 4:16PM
  • alp1926
    I'm better, but not over it. It will be awhile from what I understand. It was nice to have Beth and Nathan here, even if only for a few hours. Gave us some time to catch up, and they got to see her grandpa.
    by alp1926 at 03/26/12 3:25PM

no snow....

at least in the front yard, and I have green sprouts in my front flower beds. Can't wait to see what comes up--(didn't but the house until late summer--who knows what spring flowers we have.:)
  • gamiluvsem
    yeah for flowers!
    by gamiluvsem at 03/10/10 7:09PM
  • tesnus
    Woo Hoo!! My Sunset Maple has buds :D but...I have a feeling we're going to get one more s*** before spring really sets in...
    I can't wait to hear what flowers will pop up!
    by tesnus at 03/10/10 9:43PM
  • dsh
    It will be fun watching those sprouts to see what they turn out to be!
    by dsh at 03/10/10 10:58PM
  • snickers63
    Yay for surprises!!! Feeling like spring here, but the buttercups are a month late... and the magnolia has yet to bloom.
    by snickers63 at 03/10/10 11:11PM
  • crimmomx5
    Can't believe in little over a week we get to see you guys!!!! Looking forward to spending the day with you all.
    by crimmomx5 at 03/12/10 7:21AM
  • derbydi
    Hope you are going somewhere warm! Have fun!
    by derbydi at 03/13/10 9:26AM
  • sockmonkey
    it was nice and mom and dad stayed until 10:00!! He was watching a movie with Olivia.
    by sockmonkey at 03/14/10 7:58PM
  • sprmom
    It was nice of you & dave to take our daughter in law out to lunch!
    by sprmom at 03/15/10 12:48PM
  • tesnus
    Yes Ma'am! :)
    by tesnus at 03/15/10 6:16PM
  • sockmonkey
    Are you bringing me Maverick?? I hope he and Owen get along. HA,HA!
    by sockmonkey at 03/15/10 8:22PM
  • textilet
    I have hives. Kent is coming to town on Thursday for the NCAA tournament - out of the 16 cities UGA could have been sent to, they are coming to ours!!
    by textilet at 03/16/10 10:30AM
  • ektustin
    it's done! :)
    by ektustin at 03/16/10 3:02PM
  • rissaj
    Got it done!! sheewwww! I was worried but, I pulled it out :) I will have it there tonight whether to you or Joanie! If I don't see you, have a safe trip, and thanks for helping us with the project!! :))
    by rissaj at 03/17/10 10:09AM
  • shieldmaiden_rosa
    Hey Aunt Leslie! I hope you all are doing well! I was wondering if I could come visit ya'll? :D Dad is going to buy me a ticket to fly to Ohio. I just wanted to see when would be a good time for ya'll. Let me know if that would be alright. Love you! :)
    by shieldmaiden_rosa at 03/18/10 9:32AM
  • rissaj
    I just remembered I didnt write my name on my square....mine was the train, could you write it, please?
    by rissaj at 03/18/10 10:04AM
  • ektustin
    I've looked at both Dollar Trees by us and can't find that coloring book!
    by ektustin at 03/19/10 5:01PM
  • textilet
    Are you home yet? How was the trip?
    by textilet at 03/29/10 6:38PM
  • rissaj
    I saw you from afar last night but didnt get to talk. Welcome back!!! I missed you!!!
    by rissaj at 04/01/10 7:36AM
  • rissaj
    I will get you an invite. It is the 10th at 2pm. at Shelly's house. Hope you'll be there!! :)
    by rissaj at 04/02/10 6:25AM
  • ektustin
    Yeah, sorry we didn't get to talk. I had to finish up some class stuff - putting last quarter's stuff away and getting my kids their new books. Missed talking to you, but we'll catch up soon!
    by ektustin at 04/02/10 6:57AM

Today I am....

thankful that the tragedy that struck OSU campus did not occur while students were out and about.
I am praying for the ones who died in this horrible event.
  • sockmonkey
    i was shocked when i saw it on the internet earlier. even though the kids were not around it still is frightening.
    by sockmonkey at 03/09/10 5:51PM
  • snickers63
    Guess I need to check the news.....
    by snickers63 at 03/09/10 6:02PM
  • dsh
    I need to check the news, too. Haven't heard anything.
    by dsh at 03/10/10 8:45AM
  • derbydi
    Me, either. Sounds like a huge tragedy though.
    by derbydi at 03/10/10 11:24AM


It is 27 degrees--
It is 6:15 am
Why Mr Skunk did you spray my poor little doggie?????
I don't have time for this today!!!!!

my boss let me leave at 10:00
David found some deskunk recipes on line
Quick trip to walmart for large amounts of peroxide and baking soda
He is "clean" and wet and limited to the laundry room
3:00 appt. with groomer.
I think he smells a little better or I am getting used to it;)

The groomer just called--She loves my Remington!!! That was nice to hear--she said he was easy to groom (unlike most cocker spaniels)
She also congratulated me on the first skunk spray of 2010.--I told her I could have done without that praise.
So after a $77.00 haircut my puppy is odorless;)
  • textilet
    So gross! Sorry!
    by textilet at 02/26/10 3:36PM
  • matthew_and_brooke
    Our dog got skunked last summer, that scent is persistent.
    by matthew_and_brooke at 02/26/10 5:28PM
  • sockmonkey
    glad he is back to normal. how is the house?
    by sockmonkey at 02/26/10 5:54PM
  • textilet
    It was worth every penny!!!
    by textilet at 02/26/10 6:36PM
  • matthew_and_brooke
    I'd try washing everything washable (curtains, throws, etc.) Then maybe one of those baking soda boxes made for fridges, so the air flows through both sides?
    by matthew_and_brooke at 02/26/10 9:32PM
  • ektustin
    Well, Caleb definitely has the start of a bad cough this morning, unfortunately. As of right now, I'm set to teach in the morning, so I'll be there in the AM and then Eric's preaching tomorrow night. Maybe we'll see everyone next weekend, but I'm anticipating a very long end to this winter for us. How's Remington smell today? :)
    by ektustin at 02/27/10 8:06AM
  • dsh
    Poor little doggie . . . POOR YOU!!
    by dsh at 02/27/10 12:39PM
  • angel_of_music
    OH NO! that is not good! flad to hear it is all ok though
    by angel_of_music at 02/27/10 1:13PM
  • snickers63
    Instead of those little cans of pepper spray, maybe they ought to make cans of skunk spray. Would make following the criminals easier, and I think it would deter them too!!
    by snickers63 at 02/27/10 1:19PM
  • sockmonkey
    yes, but abbi has a high pitched voice and is somewhat excitable in her movements and was making me nervous because of the dog. eveything went well and their bracelets came out really well!
    by sockmonkey at 02/27/10 4:37PM
  • crimmomx5
    I am glad his is smelling better.....Can't wait to see you in a few weeks!!!!!!!!!1
    by crimmomx5 at 02/27/10 6:42PM
  • gamiluvsem
    Poor Remmie! We are back in the states! Its COLD! Looking forward to work tomorrow.... LOL
    by gamiluvsem at 02/28/10 9:04AM
  • ektustin
    Katie has finally made noticeable improvements! The doctor said the wheezing is gone! He said it would take another week or two for her to be completely better, though.
    by ektustin at 03/01/10 11:18AM
  • ektustin
    So, a plus to the steroids for Katie is that they've cleared up her hives! :)
    by ektustin at 03/02/10 8:12AM
  • tesnus
    I told Shelly this too, not so hot on fish for me, but Dewayne would have loved it! Something about being a Navy guy... :)
    by tesnus at 03/03/10 7:48AM
  • thethreat
    yes i did how nice of u to notice
    by thethreat at 03/07/10 8:26PM
  • dsh
    Good to see you and talk to you last night.
    by dsh at 03/08/10 3:41PM
  • derbydi
    I've always heard to use tomato juice???
    by derbydi at 03/09/10 12:08AM
  • ektustin
    spring cleaning has begun over here. only the kitchen is done and it'll probably take a couple of weeks, but hopefully it'll kill the last of the germs lingering.
    by ektustin at 03/09/10 8:56AM
  • ektustin
    we have sprouts in the garden, too!
    by ektustin at 03/09/10 12:07PM