Brian Regan in Hershey, PA = Awesome!

We saw Brian Regan over the weekend, and it might have been the high light of the summer! We had a great time, and we're still laughing at some of his new stuff! Other than that, there's not too much else to report. Luke has his first vacation in two weeks, and we are looking forward to a week of relaxing on Lake Martin in AL...and squeezing in as much family time as possible! Hope you are all doing well.

ps - Normans...we might be in town to see you guys for a Wed night service @ Auburn on the 10th! We'd love to catch up over dinner or ice cream...keep you posted!

  • maddieandiansmama
    Yay! Let us know - we'd love to meet you for dinner.
    by maddieandiansmama at 08/26/08 5:22PM
  • raecharles2006
    He's the guy you made us listen to in the car on the way to Gettysburg?
    Funny, funny man.
    by raecharles2006 at 08/26/08 6:31PM
  • acurtis
    You guys are so cute!
    by acurtis at 08/26/08 8:15PM
  • lala
    You both look great! You look BEAUTIFUL! Wish you'd be in BG sometime. Miss being with you.
    by lala at 08/26/08 10:14PM
  • mpettes
    HAHA!! Love your shirts!!! That's awesome. We're so jealous. Of course, even if he came to Avon, IN I don't think we'd be able to go :-P. Maybe one day we'll quit having babies and start to live a little =). Love you guys.
    by mpettes at 08/27/08 7:38AM
  • samsclub
    Such a cute pic; sorry to say I don't know who Brian Regan is !
    by samsclub at 08/28/08 5:03PM
  • vande
    Shannon and Luke!!! You're alive. I might see you on Wed night in Auburn too. I just moved to Columbus, GA about 45mi away. Hope you make it there it would be so great to see you again.
    by vande at 09/06/08 1:03PM
  • maddieandiansmama
    CHili's - 5:30? left you a note on facebook too.
    by maddieandiansmama at 09/09/08 10:09PM
  • maddieandiansmama
    No Chili's is kind of by the Mall. It is on Opelika Highway, just past the mall, coming into Auburn. Right after you pass the mall, you will go through a stop light at University Drive, then there will be a bank, then IHOP, and then Chili's. Unless you are going to be in Opelika to see your family, there would be more direct ways to get to Chili's coming from Lake Martin! Let me know if you need other directions.
    by maddieandiansmama at 09/10/08 6:15AM
  • mpettes
    Ugh. I guess I haven't told you the news... and I think I was voted to tell you... we're not coming. After my mom fell, everything just kinda shifted, and we didn't get to go to TN in Sept like we were hoping, and we decided with the three girls, this really wouldn't be the best time to make a trip somewhere that has tons of stuff to do and see. We thought if we waited at least a year, until Maggie was a little older, and Kate could appreciate a little bit more, we might all enjoy it more. Sorry to be party poopers =(. We really miss you guys so much.
    by mpettes at 09/10/08 10:22AM
  • cutie_pie_07
    idk if i will or depends on what kinda mood i'm in. if i'm like this tomorrow, i doubt i'll go because i can't stop crying...and thats why i wanted to stay at your place tonight. i need to be w/ people...i need someone to hold me and reasure me that i'm goin to be ok...
    by cutie_pie_07 at 09/13/08 4:39PM
  • raecharles2006
    I know! They live in my apartment comlpex ... on the floor above me! :]
    I haven't met them, yet, but I hope to.
    by raecharles2006 at 09/14/08 12:02PM
  • raecharles2006
    Oh, you're right. Haha, my bad. But where we live ... it's right between Collierville and Germantown.
    But I'll meet them sometime, nonetheless.
    by raecharles2006 at 09/14/08 8:07PM
  • mamabear
    Hi! It took me a few tries to remember what your name was on here :-) It was good to spend some time with you and Luke, getting to know you better. Thank you for having us over. We enjoyed the gumbo--it was delicious :-)
    by mamabear at 09/29/08 10:39PM
  • raifhaus
    Yes. We hope to come out to Marietta. Will be around just after the first of the year?
    by raifhaus at 11/12/08 9:42AM
  • raifhaus
    Hi! Luke, I'm hoping you will give me your parents' mailing address. But then, it looks like maybe you haven't been on here in a while.
    Shannon, we missed seeing you while in PA, but are happy you had some time with your fam!
    by raifhaus at 01/19/09 5:15PM
  • micah
    hey guys i didn't realize you were on here. i suppose that's because i didn't know you until 4 days ago. just wanted to say hello, and thanks again for having everyone over sunday. i also thought i'd give you a link to my sister-in-law's blog (the moseley relation i was telling you about, luke). she just put up about a million pictures of layla, tabitha, and that crew.
    by micah at 07/16/09 12:43PM

The last SIX months...

Wow, so let's catch up to speed on what's been going on in our lives. Ready, go...

ChocolateFest at Hershey with the women at church. Mom and her sister, Ann, also came up for the event!
Skiing at Liberty Mtn. with Dad (outside of Gettysburg)
Vacation in the Dominican
Said goodbye to friends at church. We're still upset that you left us! :-) And, yes, he is feeding an 11 month old a drumstick!
Bought and renovated a townhome outside of Hershey. Robert (my bro) came with his g/f to help us out!! We took a day trip to the inner harbor in Baltimore while they were here.
And, last but not least, The Sweets visited us for a week and we did lots fun things.
Whew! Thanks for bearing through all of that! We are finally settled into our new home, and Luke starts at Hershey on Monday! We look forward to hearing from you and what's going on in your neck of the woods! Come visit us!!

Luke and Shannon
  • raifhaus
    Super cute post! Happy for the good things you guys are sharing!
    by raifhaus at 06/26/08 10:21AM
  • maddieandiansmama
    We miss you guys!
    by maddieandiansmama at 06/26/08 10:36AM
  • hogfan216
    Great pictures. So, that second Dominican picture looks just like a postcard! pretty cool! anyway, so what is luke officially doing now? are people actually putting their lives into his hands? scary!! just kidding!
    by hogfan216 at 06/26/08 2:55PM
  • melmibelle
    awesome pics :) so good to see it all. i didn't realize ya'll were planning on being up there for a while, just thought it was temporary
    by melmibelle at 06/27/08 1:48AM
  • boss
    We miss you guys! (And I fed Layla a lot worse than drumsticks!)
    by boss at 06/27/08 2:18PM
  • raecharles2006
    That's a lot of everything going on! Guess what ... I'm home! Let's see each other! =]
    by raecharles2006 at 06/27/08 2:56PM
  • lala
    so glad to see some pictures. you all look great and happy. your neice is too cute.
    by lala at 06/28/08 8:12PM
  • emilylankford
    by emilylankford at 07/14/08 11:45AM
  • cutie_pie_07
    y'all dont care which one you get? 'cause i can get y'all any of them. =] uhm, we tied for third. it was so funny. we lost all our games saturday, and then sunday none of the parents packed anything for the day, and we just kept winning. so everyone had to go buy drinks because none of the parents expected to be there all stinkin' day. it was annoying. i wanted to go home. i was sick. ='[
    by cutie_pie_07 at 07/21/08 6:02AM
  • cutie_pie_07
    ok. i'll make a copy of that pic. for yaa. i shall see you tomorrow evening! =]
    by cutie_pie_07 at 07/22/08 10:59PM
  • kathrynmae
    hello!! =) Nice pictures. I have two things to say.. 1. there might just be such a thing as too much chocolate ;) and 2. I miss Layla!! (and Dan & Tabitha) Much love Lukeduke & Shannon. [x]
    by kathrynmae at 08/06/08 9:09PM
  • melmibelle
    hey there, well i'm still feeling great, staying active which helps. i've been really lucky and had a really smooth/easy pregnancy.
    by melmibelle at 08/09/08 2:37AM
  • samsclub
    Saw I was now a "friend"---good to hear from you ;) I'd seen Jessica's pics she posted of their visit up there and hear that Micah & Brad's family will be visiting in the fall (I'm sure it's gorgeous in the fall)---that should be a lot of fun! Love all your pics; congrats on your townhouse.
    by samsclub at 08/14/08 1:41PM
  • gkevin2005
    hiya ppl im really bordededededededededededededdedededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededeedededededededededededededededeededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededed
    by gkevin2005 at 08/16/08 10:03PM
  • cutie_pie_07
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHANNON!!! i'll try to call, or i'll prob. just txt since its moms phone. lol.
    by cutie_pie_07 at 08/18/08 8:16AM
  • raecharles2006
    Happy birthday you old hag! ;) Miss you! ♥
    by raecharles2006 at 08/18/08 6:27PM
  • cutie_pie_07
    no problem. how was your day? did luke have something planned?!
    by cutie_pie_07 at 08/18/08 7:17PM

Home Sweet Home! more ways than one! That's how we felt after our whirl-wind trip home for Christmas. AND, that's what we'll be calling least for 3+ more years! Yep, that's right, we're sticking around for a little while longer! The Anesthesia residency program @ Penn State called Luke and offered him a position to begin this July! It may not be the South, but we are excited! It is something that we (as well as many of you!) have been praying about for quite some time now, and we know that God has a plan for us up here in PA. It has been a long, humbling experience but well worth the wait. We truly are thankful for the opportunity...Luke will be doing what he enjoys, we can actually buy a house and get "settled", we will be able to continue worshiping with the brethren in Marietta, perhaps we'll start a family, and we'll be living in/near the chocolate capitol of the world...Hershey! "Can life get better...I submit that it cannot!" - for all you Brian Regan fans :-)

Other than that great news, we did get home to TN for the holiays...48hrs in Memphis and 48hrs in Springfield! We had our "battle of the sexes bowling" in Memphis...guess who won by seeing the pics below! We also got to see our long-lost cousins , the Pettes Family, at a McDonalds off the interstate between Memphis and Springfield! Totally worth it! The whole trip was fast, but it was great to be home...our first time since moving in June! Also, Luke and I had a quick trip to Charleston, SC a week or so ago. Luke was supposed to have an interview there, but since he was offered the position at Hershey we canceled the interview and just went for fun! It was a great, relaxing Luke really needed.

That's all the excitement that's been going on here. We did have snow this past week, but I didn't get out to snap any pics. It was 13 degrees when we left for church this morning, and it's supposed to be 7 tomorrow morning. Yikes!! If it's gonna be this cold, I need to see white stuff! Anyway, that's all for now. Hope you are all doing great. Let us know what's going on in your lives. Have a great week!

Luke and Shannon

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
  • acurtis
    Congratulations on the job offer! I am sure that is a huge load off your minds. It looks like everything is working out nicely for you guys. Love all the matching sweaters =)
    by acurtis at 01/20/08 3:08PM
  • cutie_pie_07
    i'm so glad y'all are staying longer! it gives us more time to do stuff together...i'm happy! =D
    by cutie_pie_07 at 01/20/08 4:29PM
  • jendukes
    We're so happy for you! We miss your occasional visits, but it's good to know that you'll be able to get settled. :)
    by jendukes at 01/20/08 10:31PM
  • lala
    i was just telling mom this weekend that i wished you and luke lived closer. we've just got to get together. i'm glad that things are working out and that you'll be able to get settled. i know that's an answered prayer. love the pics...everyone has changed so much!
    by lala at 01/21/08 7:52AM
  • raifhaus
    Good update - cute photos!
    Is that Jessica in bottom left?
    by raifhaus at 01/21/08 8:44AM
  • raifhaus
    Ok, think it is, cause looked closer and see same person in family photo :)
    by raifhaus at 01/21/08 8:45AM
  • entheos
    wonderful news! Sounds like the trip and the opportunity to settle down are both great events!
    by entheos at 01/21/08 3:31PM
  • hogfan216
    Nice seeing all the pictures.trips home are so nice, even when they are for just a couple of days!...hey, we're going to charleston towards the end of february...any ideas of what to do??
    by hogfan216 at 01/23/08 10:09AM
  • vande
    So glad you're putting down some roots. I'm still in a bit of a drifting pattern (on where to live that is) for now. I enjoy a lot of things about Tampa but would gladly jump at an opportunity elsewhere. Bethesda, MD is where our headquarters are for Clark Construction. I visited several times but haven't ever stayed for longer than a few days.
    by vande at 01/25/08 11:34AM
  • raecharles2006
    Hey guys. Sorry I haven't emailed ... work's been keeping me busy. Hopefully Saturday I'll be able to send an update of some sort. But just a preliminary update, I'm doing well and things are really looking up. I have a plan of some sort for the future, but I'll get more into that once I email. So I'll talk to y'all soon!
    by raecharles2006 at 01/31/08 1:55PM
  • cutie_pie_07
    thanks. i pretty much figured you'd comment that update. i thought about you today and it made me smile! haha. I was taking a quiz and it asked who the last person i hugged was and I said "shannon, because she's just amazing!" chyea man.
    by cutie_pie_07 at 02/12/08 5:26PM
  • raecharles2006
    hey ... did you get my message? i'm going to try and call again sometime in the near future ... probably friday night since i don't work saturday. is that cool?
    by raecharles2006 at 02/13/08 4:35PM
  • maddieandiansmama
    How are things in PA? Are you ready for spring? Shannon - do you have a cousin named Chad Scott? THere have been commercials running for a land clearing company , based in Opelika, owned by a Chad Scott. Everytime I see it I think of you! We miss you guys!
    by maddieandiansmama at 03/25/08 9:38PM
  • maddieandiansmama
    Hey - do you know Daniel Moseley and his family? we worshipped with his family in Tampa (before we got married) and then in Gainesville the first year we were married. Daniel was of course just a kid - middle school maybe?
    by maddieandiansmama at 03/25/08 9:48PM
  • raifhaus
    A visit with you guys would be so exciting! We love sharing this place with people :)
    by raifhaus at 03/28/08 9:51AM
  • jbonner
    When are ya'll going to visit us?
    by jbonner at 05/22/08 6:41PM

Pics part 2!

Here are the rest of the pics that wouldn't fit on the entry below! Read that post for more info! Hope you're all doing great. Have a good week!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
  • jendukes
    Your pictures are so beautiful. They remind me of home in West Virginia.
    by jendukes at 11/19/07 8:13AM
  • emilylankford
    Gorgeous pictures! Makes me miss "the north" even more:) When do you expect some news about Luke's future schooling/work?
    by emilylankford at 11/19/07 8:52AM
  • entheos
    by entheos at 11/20/07 2:40PM
  • cutie_pie_07
    i guess i'll wear what you want me to wear on monday. but idk which shoes to wear...hmm. i guess flip-flops. lol. you really need to pick a weekend for the whole hershey park thing because i need to be able to 1. ask off, and 2. make sure i have $$ to go. I blew my last paycheck christmas shopping, so i have to break into my saving money for monday. i already tried to get my parents to give me some, and my mom says she would if she had some...and my dad said the same thing, but he's just a money hog. that's all that is. oh yea, and am i the only one stayin' @ your place sunday evening?
    by cutie_pie_07 at 11/22/07 9:23PM
  • emilylankford
    Sorry that the AL thing didn't work out this time, I know you guys were hoping for that one. We will pray about the decision you have to make. Remember, God's plans for us can be SO MUCH better than what we can come up with! Keep us updated please.
    by emilylankford at 11/28/07 1:39PM
  • boss
    Hope your Penn State interview went well. I tried to catch you in the lobby before morning conference, but you weren't there yet.
    by boss at 12/04/07 9:57PM
  • melmibelle
    awesome pics. . . i love hte fall up there. we got to travel around the northeast teh fall we moved here and it was awesome
    by melmibelle at 12/07/07 1:53AM
  • rose_bud
    wow...those pictures are beautiful!
    by rose_bud at 12/13/07 9:30PM
  • cutie_pie_07
    hey. uhm, idk if we'll need a ride home tomorrow evening or not. dad has off all this week, but idk if he'll go tomorrow evening or not. i'm givin' rebecca the necklace tomorrow night just in case we don't have church sunday. mom says it's supposed to be snowy/rainy again. so i'm goin to give it to her tomorrow. how was skiing?
    by cutie_pie_07 at 12/18/07 8:06PM
  • hogfan216
    we got your christmas letter in the mail! it was nice hearing about where your lives have taken you so far this year! isn't it amazing how things change in just a year?!?
    by hogfan216 at 12/20/07 2:55PM
  • raifhaus
    Ooh! I love these photographs. Beautiful creation. Beautiful job capturing it, too :)
    Got our mail today - THANK YOU! Our 2nd mail from the States, so exciting!
    by raifhaus at 12/26/07 7:41PM
  • raecharles2006
    Hey! How was y'all's Christmas? I miss you! =]
    by raecharles2006 at 12/27/07 11:13AM
  • cutie_pie_07
    hey you guys. how bout an update! tell everyone how your x-mas, and new year was...and the great news for your PA possy! =D
    by cutie_pie_07 at 01/11/08 5:40AM
  • cutie_pie_07
    hey. whens the next time y'all have off on a saturday? because maybe y'all could come over?
    by cutie_pie_07 at 01/17/08 4:12PM

Lots of pics, but not much to say...

Well, it's been a little while since we've posted. There's not much news on our end here. Luke continues to work about 90 hrs a week. We are thankful for a holiday least he gets Thursday off! But, we won't get "home" (aka the south!) until Christmas and we're definitely looking forward to that. Anyway, we have been able to enjoy the beautiful fall weather and colorful leaves. Here are some pics to share with you. These are two separate weekends: 1) camping with fellow residents, Mike and Noelle Lee, up in central PA and 2) a local trail near the church building overlooking the Susquehanna River with Nikki and Kevin from church. How are the leaves in your neck of the woods?? Enjoy!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket