I'm having LASIK today!!!

I'm excited, but also a little nervous. Please pray that everything goes okay and the doctor does a good job.

  • mmswife
    Hope it all goes well!
    by mmswife at 05/20/09 11:07PM
  • sarahpet
    --you haven't updated.
    I hope that doesn't mean that you are unable to see!
    by sarahpet at 06/20/09 2:56PM
  • luckyinky
    No, it just means I'm a bad blogger. My LASIK turned out very well! :-)
    by luckyinky at 06/25/09 10:07PM
  • ucnclmeal
    I've heard of it, but I haven't really explored it. Everything I've heard about it though is excellent, so I probably need to check it out a little further. :)
    by ucnclmeal at 04/05/10 7:54PM

Do you use phonebooks anymore?

I don't. But we keep getting them from different companies, multiple books every year. It feels like so much waste; I hate throwing stuff away!

I came across this website recently that allows you to opt-out of phonebook delivery. If you don't use phonebooks anymore, check it out.

  • littledieman
    oh, I so have to log on. I've gotten into using 1800-free-411 - it works! (Although I haven't checked my cell phone bill, yet!)
    by littledieman at 01/27/09 9:36PM
  • justplainjen
    Awesome! We get about 6 phone books a year and I never use them. I always feel bad about tossing them.
    by justplainjen at 02/14/09 8:25PM

my favorite thing about the election...

From my Word-A-Day newsletter:

This week's theme: Words that appear to have been coined after the 2008 US presidential candidates.

This week's words
obambulate - verb intr.: To walk about.
bidentate - adjective: Having two teeth or toothlike parts.
palinode - noun: A poem in which the author retracts something said in an earlier poem.
meeken - verb tr., intr.: To make or become meek or submissive.
barrack - verb tr., intr.: 1. To shout in support: to cheer. 2. To shout against: to jeer. OR noun: A building used to house soldiers.

ummm, no.

Power's back, right in time for the September heat wave!