Gift of Gold

I've been given the gift of gold by a dear friend. Since most of my future posts will be private, let me know if you would like to be added to my friends list. I would love to hear from you!

Lori :)
  • bekka
    Add me please!
    by bekka at 04/25/07 10:59AM
  • caraboo
    oh, i'm glad you came back gold :) i'd like to be your friend :)
    by caraboo at 04/25/07 10:59AM
  • split_rock
    Please add me -- I've missed you!
    by split_rock at 04/25/07 11:07AM
  • rockymtnslover
    I'm so glad to see you back. I never deleted your name from my friends list because I hoped that one day soon you would be back. Please keep me on your list.
    by rockymtnslover at 04/25/07 11:55AM
  • alp1926
    I'm glad you're back. I have a dear friend that gifted me my gold membership. Please inlcude me among your friends.
    by alp1926 at 04/25/07 2:21PM
  • mamahastings
    Can I join the circle? (Especially since your one of my biggest reasons for joining in the first place :)) I've missed you and hope you are all doing well.
    by mamahastings at 04/25/07 8:20PM
  • cincyfan84
    me me me!
    by cincyfan84 at 04/25/07 9:18PM
  • rjk
    please add me
    by rjk at 04/25/07 9:20PM
  • pinelape
    me also
    by pinelape at 04/25/07 10:16PM
  • funsahm
    Do I have to be your friend? Well I guess since I must...:)
    by funsahm at 04/26/07 10:48AM
  • shel6y
    I am so glad you are back. Sorry you had a problem before. I really was excited when I saw your name highlighted. :)
    by shel6y at 04/26/07 9:22PM
  • rockymtnslover
    It was fun spending time with you this weekend.
    by rockymtnslover at 04/30/07 9:35AM
  • stephiblair
    Really!?!?! You saw Katie? Can you believe I haven't seen her since xmas '05? And I still haven't seen her baby! I'm defnitely going to try to make it out to Ohio next summer!!! I'll check out the women's renewal. :)
    by stephiblair at 04/30/07 9:40AM
  • sar
    It was great to meet you this weekend!
    by sar at 04/30/07 12:33PM
  • friedaj
    Thanks for all your hard work. It surely was pretty.
    by friedaj at 04/30/07 12:41PM
  • pinelape
    it was fabulous seeing you as well, I would like to thank you for all the work you put into making this weekend a possibility :)
    by pinelape at 04/30/07 10:06PM
  • take_the_wheel
    me too me too!
    by take_the_wheel at 05/01/07 6:37AM
  • indiansgothedistance
    Pick me Pick me
    by indiansgothedistance at 05/01/07 9:02AM
  • eeyore_14
    I am Marita's little brother and I am praying diligently for God to comfort you in this time. we have been where you are now and i know the pain and all the feelings that come with this tough time. As there are no words that can provide real comfort right now....just know that people do sincerely care and are praying on your behalf.
    by eeyore_14 at 03/02/08 6:51PM
  • fantastica
    I am so sorry to hear about your loss. We will say a prayer for you & your family.
    by fantastica at 03/05/08 8:34PM