Earth to Pleo...

Soooo... who still gets on here and updates? I never know what to write. I'm not much of a blogger... if somebody ever needed to know anything, I would talk to them. let's hope nothing important ever goes out on pleo, because I would totally miss the memo.

I wish people were more into the blog thing, I think it's like an online journal. Lots of people are great at it... think I may just need practice.

Hope everyone is doing amazingly though!!

  • grandmadiane
    Well HELLO! Since you asked what goes on you might want to go to this pleo account and say a prayer.
    by grandmadiane at 03/20/13 2:08PM
  • flute92
    I know! Blogging is so much more meaningful! You actually get to stay up to date with what's going on in people's lives. Plus, you develop writing skills. haha :) I never really use pleo, but I do read what people post.
    by flute92 at 03/23/13 3:40PM
  • big_azn_man_07
    I had forgotten about this thing.
    by big_azn_man_07 at 03/27/13 12:21PM
  • colton
    You apparently forgot your password a lot haha
    by colton at 08/14/17 9:58PM


Well this is weird. I don't even know why I'm writing... not like anybody'll read this (or like I'll ever log on again :/ haha)
I actually do like the whole "blog thing". I wish more people did it.
  • grandmadiane
    'people' may do still read this! And you have been missed!
    by grandmadiane at 04/11/12 5:24AM
  • tweedledee
    by tweedledee at 04/11/12 4:06PM
  • flute92
    I may not post but I still check Pleo every few days. I miss blogging and reading everyone's updates too! Status updates just aren't the same...
    by flute92 at 04/15/12 10:19PM
  • shaneg
    I was not here and I did not read anything about the whole "blog thing".
    by shaneg at 04/16/12 10:23PM


AHHH! FORGOT MY PLEO PASSWORD!! Heard somebody say "pleonast" a few weeks ago and thought "ohh yeah... i have an account" :P lol. but nobody's ever really on here anyways!
  • tweedledee
    I must be nobody~ ;)
    by tweedledee at 05/06/11 7:30PM
  • grandmadiane
    ^ we nobodies just need to hang together!

    by grandmadiane at 05/14/11 9:14PM


I think I speak for all when I say Everyone's on FACEBOOK now!
haha, took long enough..
  • tweedledee
    FB however is definitely different. Give it time... everyone will be on Twitter or something else. =P
    by tweedledee at 11/23/10 8:30PM
  • big_azn_man_07
    I still get on here.
    by big_azn_man_07 at 11/24/10 1:08PM
  • shaneg
    not me. at least not "now". : p
    by shaneg at 11/24/10 1:59PM
  • big_azn_man_07
    So me and you are the only people who still use this?
    by big_azn_man_07 at 12/09/10 2:57AM

Definition #1

'Junior' is a very small word for LOTS OF WORK!
  • tweedledee
    =) 'Rachel' is a very small name for DEtERMINATION! ♥
    by tweedledee at 09/04/10 12:07AM