We have beautiful snow! :)))

Hey ya'll!

Sorry it has a LONGGGGG time!

My niece is three and a half months old and we are enjoying being around her quite a bit! :) She is So cute! :)

We got several inches of snow Sunday evening! It is so beautiful when it is coming down! We had a bunch of our neighbors over for a chili party last night! I just tried to sled a little bit and it worked the first couple times and then it was just kinda melting and rubbing off.

My family and I plus a couple friends are planning to go to the Florida Keys in August and were wondering if anyone had any suggestions for the best snorkeling places and the most family friendly areas?

Paul, JoAnna, and I took a trip up to IN around the first of the year to see the Capeharts! We had a great visit! :) We got to go ice skating while we were up there and after I got used to how slippery the ice was I really enjoyed myself! :)

I hope ya'll are well! :)

Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus. Phil. 4:6-7
  • cyber_space_cadet
    Can't forget vs. 8 & 9:

    "8 Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things. 9 Whatever you have learned or received or heard from me, or seen in me—put it into practice. And the God of peace will be with you."

    I *love* that part. :)

    It was really nice to see you all, even if it was only for a short bit.
    by cyber_space_cadet at 01/11/11 12:11PM
  • marmee
    Welcome back! I heard you had some fun in Indiana. :) Our snow is still here ... it's finally sunny today, but barely 30 degrees. I'm COLD!! Don't know when we might get your way. Will be sure to check first to see that you are all home. Maybe just for a long weekend or something. Love and prayers to you, sweet Elizabeth.
    by marmee at 01/11/11 1:35PM
  • sirtarin
    Snow is lovely. Glad you all are enjoying yours. =)
    by sirtarin at 01/11/11 6:29PM
  • sallyanne
    We have some, too! Yay!
    by sallyanne at 01/11/11 10:20PM
  • magnolia
    Thank you Lizzy! :)

    Great to hear from you! :) And have fun with the snow! I LOVE snow :D We have some right now too, but it's melting at the moment. :(

    That passage in Phillipians, along with verses 4-5 and 8-9, is one of my absolutely most favorite ones in scripture; there is so much in it, and it's so very encouraging. Thanks for that. :)
    by magnolia at 01/12/11 11:48AM
  • lauriw1030
    Great that you got to visit such great people!
    by lauriw1030 at 01/13/11 9:18PM
  • granny
    Dear Elizabeth and Kerry--I always love to come by and see your faces.
    by granny at 04/16/12 1:22AM


I am SOOO bad! I haven't written on here in over five months!
Well, I have been busy working in and putting up things from the garden! It is kinda my project this year! I got a bunch of green peas, green beans, black wax beans, zucchini, and lettuce from the garden. I am still getting peppers and the tomatoes, crowder peas, and potatoes will be ready soon!
On Friday of last week we went to see my grandparents that live in Warren, AR (Tomato capital of Arkansas) and we brought back about fifty pounds of tomatoes. So on Tuesday and Thursday Mom and I made salsa (three batches in all). It is kinda a lot of work chopping everything but it is so good that it is definitely worth it!

Wednesday evening I had Mom cut about nine inches off of my hair to donate to Pantene lengths (similar to locks of love). I like my new haircut but I will definitely miss my long hair! :)

Everything is going fine with my health. I am doing good and feeling fine!

We are going to Missouri for the Calzone retreat next weekend! It will be lovely! Megan Calzone is going to come back with us and stay with Joe and Niki for a week. It will be nice to have her around for a week! :) She is taking one of my cute little kittens with her when she goes home! :)

I am planning to go to singing school with JoAnna in four weeks from today! I went four years ago and I am really looking forward to going again this year!

God bless ya'll! :)

I am going to try to post some pictures from the spring campout really soon! :)
  • cyber_space_cadet
    I sure hope you enjoy singing school. Glad that things are going so well with your garden. Sounds yummy.
    by cyber_space_cadet at 06/19/10 10:43PM
  • heidiw
    Glad to hear that things are going so well with you! You are a blessing for sure. :)
    by heidiw at 06/26/10 6:17PM
  • magnolia
    YUM, homemade salsa is the best!! =) And it sounds like your garden is doing really great! Have a fun time at singing school!
    by magnolia at 07/03/10 10:38PM
  • the_headmaster
    We do have something in common . . . 5 or 6 months of not writing!
    by the_headmaster at 08/24/10 8:53PM
  • sirtarin
    Homemade salsa is delectable. Hope singing school was good! =)
    by sirtarin at 09/10/10 11:53AM

Someone is going to be an Aunt!!!!!


I am going to be an AUNT in September!! It is all so exciting! I think I am still in shock! My brother is going to be such a good father! Joe and Niki are moving back soon so they will be here when the baby is born! :)

We got about two or so inches of snow yesterday! It is so beautiful!
I love snow so much!

Well, I am off to ride our blind horse.

God bless you all! :)

  • sam_edu
    Sam's a neat horse!
    by sam_edu at 01/30/10 2:19PM
  • marmee
    Happy auntie, happy parents, happy grandparents, happy friends, happy everyone! How is Sam these days? How about snow photos? Like to see them. :)
    by marmee at 01/30/10 3:09PM
  • lauriw1030
    So, they are moving back to Conway? That will be great for you all to be with the baby! Congrats!
    by lauriw1030 at 01/30/10 3:41PM
  • onelittlecandle
    Wow, congratulations!! How exciting for them and for you all! :) Such fun!

    Enjoy that snow!
    by onelittlecandle at 01/30/10 5:45PM
  • swiftblades
    by swiftblades at 01/30/10 7:40PM
  • cyber_space_cadet
    by cyber_space_cadet at 01/30/10 8:42PM
  • magnolia
    Oh, congratulations!! =)
    by magnolia at 01/30/10 11:26PM
  • narnianheart
    yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so happy for you!!!!
    by narnianheart at 02/01/10 3:18PM
  • sallyanne
    Wonderful!!! Babies are such a blessing!
    by sallyanne at 02/01/10 3:57PM
  • granny
    What wonderful news! You will be a great aunt.
    by granny at 02/02/10 8:30AM
  • tabitha
    by tabitha at 02/05/10 7:04PM
  • sirtorin
    Congratulations! =D
    by sirtorin at 02/07/10 5:17PM
  • funnymonkey
    What wonderful news! You should come visit we have about 2 and a half feet of snow. :)
    by funnymonkey at 02/12/10 2:50PM
  • magnolia
    Hooray!! =D So glad we'll get to see you guys! I can't wait!
    by magnolia at 03/30/10 11:38PM
  • magnolia
    ^ *sniff* And now I'm missin' y'all .... =) It was wonderful to see you for a couple days!! :-)
    by magnolia at 05/23/10 5:07PM
  • sirtarin
    I'm rather late, but... Congratulations! =D
    by sirtarin at 06/05/10 11:14PM

Wisconsin! :)

We (Mom, Dad, Sarah, Geoff, Paul, Joe, Niki, and I) are in Wisconsin visiting family! The snow is so beautiful!!! They had gotten 12 inches of snow right before we got here! I hope I get to go Snowmobiling!:) It is so cold here it nearly takes mt breath away when I go outside! :)
We visited Grandma last night and she seems to be doing pretty good!
On Wednesday we are going to Michigan to see the Smalls and spend one night with them and then Thursday we are going to visit the Capeharts and stay a night with them. :) Friday morning we will leave the Capeharts and drive ten hours to Tenn. for a wedding near Cookeville(sp?) and then on Saturday after the wedding we will drive ten hours to Mo to take Joe and Niki home and reunite Sarah and Geoff with their car.

God Bless you all! :)

  • cyber_space_cadet
    Be safe, and have a wonderful trip!
    by cyber_space_cadet at 12/12/09 9:35AM
  • sallyanne
    WI is a lovely place! I remember when you all visited us there in late 2000. Can you believe that was TEN years ago?!?
    Have a wonderful trip!
    by sallyanne at 12/12/09 9:41AM
  • onelittlecandle
    Sounds fun! I bet that snow is beautiful indeed! Enjoy the precious time with family. :)
    by onelittlecandle at 12/12/09 9:42AM
  • marmee
    Looking forward to your visit! It's COLD here, too. Have fun!!!
    by marmee at 12/12/09 11:52AM
  • sirtorin
    Sounds like a lot of fun. Drive carefully! =)
    by sirtorin at 12/12/09 10:54PM
  • memento_mori
    Excited to get to see you, but I wish you guys could stay for our singing! :)
    by memento_mori at 12/13/09 3:16PM
  • tabitha
    I can't wait!!!!
    by tabitha at 12/15/09 8:36AM
  • funnymonkey
    Sounds like it will be a fun trip! You should come our way sometime, soon. :)
    by funnymonkey at 12/15/09 10:46AM
  • sjb
    Glad you all are having a good time! Nice to be together, huh? See you when we all get back!
    by sjb at 12/19/09 11:24PM
  • sallyanne
    We got your picture/letter yesterday. You all look wonderful! Have a wonderful 2010!
    by sallyanne at 01/05/10 8:48AM

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

I hope everyone enjoys stuffing themselves tomorrow! :))

  • marmee
    Happy Thanksgiving Day back to you, Lizzy. Have a lovely day!
    by marmee at 11/25/09 11:59PM
  • magnolia
    Hope you have a great Thanksgiving too, Elizabeth! Ü
    by magnolia at 11/26/09 12:00AM
  • sallyanne
    Happy Thanksgiving!!
    by sallyanne at 11/26/09 12:29AM
  • cyber_space_cadet
    Happy Thanksgiving to you, too, Lizzy!
    by cyber_space_cadet at 11/26/09 1:35AM
  • missy_my
    Happy Thanksgiving! :)
    by missy_my at 11/26/09 5:28PM
  • sirtarin
    Happy Thanksgiving to you, too!
    by sirtarin at 11/26/09 7:14PM
  • narnianheart
    happy thanksgiving! i haven't eaten yet. . .i have the flu. =S
    by narnianheart at 11/26/09 9:09PM
  • swiftblades
    Hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving!
    by swiftblades at 11/30/09 1:54PM