Heart Rate in the 30-40's!

So I'm sitting at work and I just got a patient who's heart rate is currently beating anywhere from 25-40 beats a minute. And to make matters worse she started dropping her pressure, just once. But still! So I called the doctor and he was a complete and utter jerk... He said and I quote "Are you waking her up just to take her pressure, how do you know her pressure is 87/61." Well sir you sent her to the ICU where we continously monitor things like heart rate and blood pressure and when your patient's heart rete is so low your a little more on top of the pressure taking business. Why aren't more doctors like our Dr. Bob? There is no reason for you to get an attitude with a nurse because you're tired of being called at 330 in the morning, if you didn't want to have early morning wake up calls your shouldn't have went to medical school. When you sign up for medical school you sign up for no sleep. So if your considering going into medicine remember this!
  • mmswife
    Ha, you're funny! Pre-pregnancy I would have thought the same thing. The first trimester made me sensitive to texture to the point that I wouldn't eat large amounts of meat. I've still had some of those sensitivity issues. So I've had meat once in the last 4 days and I'm doing alright. :)
    by mmswife at 12/11/09 1:14AM


I lost my first patient today, she came up to the unit at 1:00 and was gone by 6:40, her blood pressure dropped and would not respond to the meds we gave then she went into respiratory distress almost failure before we could intubate her and by then it was too late.
  • frogkisser
    Sorry. I can't imagine being in the medical field, I don't think I could handle the loss.
    by frogkisser at 05/13/09 8:47PM
  • littledieman
    ^ Me, either. Sorry, Sapphire, that must be so hard.
    by littledieman at 05/16/09 3:18PM


Does a woman need to change her name in order to show submission to her husband?
  • mmswife
    Depends on the husband.

    It's custom here to change one's name but my understanding is that it's not something done world wide.

    Marshall would not have been happy with me if I didn't change my name and honestly I love the ease of us both having the same name.
    by mmswife at 05/09/09 10:48PM
  • frogkisser
    I agree with Lehia. From another aspect, if "Rebecca Noble" had been a most famous artist then it might be harder to become "Rebecca Carwile" and lose the Noble connections, but since I had no record of amazing accomplishments to directly connect me with "Noble", I really wanted to change it to "Carwile", the last name of the person I share everything else with.
    by frogkisser at 05/10/09 8:04AM
  • holly_h
    I still haven't changed my name. Lots of reasons..but due largely to my career, getting a different job, etc. My husband doesn't mind and it's something I'll do one day.
    by holly_h at 05/10/09 1:45PM

Black Girl Hair Takes Time!

I will not be sleeping today... My cousins scheduled a last minute picutre session for Mother's Day. And because my hair isn't picture perfect I will be going to get it done after work instead of sleeping, so that I will be ready for the pictures by 2:00! You would think that they'd know by now that those of us with black girl hair need advance warning for things such as this because we don't have wash and go hair and it takes 4hrs in at a beauty shop inorder to look presentable!
  • mmswife
    My doctor only delivers at Baptist East. :-\
    by mmswife at 05/08/09 10:23AM
  • bucket_head
    how was my post the funniest thing you've read all week?
    by bucket_head at 05/08/09 2:41PM

Ready to Rumble

Have you ever been completely ready to have an argument with you boyfriend/girlfriend/wife/husband whatever and then they completely derailed your plans? That's what happend to me yesterday afternoon. I had promised my mom and Nathan that I would make dinner for them, Country Fried Steak! When I woke up at 3:00pm (I work nights) I was still completely exhusted but I made a promise so I made dinner. Neither my mom or Nathan said thank you for dinner and neither offered to help me clean up. (They both usually say thank you and Nathan often times helps with cleanup). Nathan left soon after and I realized how mad I was and I couldn't extactly bring it up with my mom but I could with Nathan so while I was cleaning I came up with all the things I was going to say when I called him to let him know how I felt... I picking up my phone getting ready to dial when I got a text message from Nathan that said... Thank you for dinner. I was even more mad than before!