They talked the WHOLE WAY HOME!

We had a lovely trip to AL this weekend to visit with some good old friends and to meet their sweet new additions. The girls had a blast renewing old friendships and having an official 'sleepover'. It was great fun for us all. On the way home this evening however Mia couldn't seem to calm down... she talked to me for 5 HOURS STRAIGHT! Abby went in and out of consciousness but when she was awake she fought to give some input as well. Among topics of conversation:
-"when I play soccer I'm going to try to score, but if I can't I'll pass the ball to the other characters on my team"
-"sometimes you cut my hair mommy, but sometimes the dentist does"
-"If you're good the devil doesn't slap you"
I wish I could remember them all... Josh put the kids to bed tonight.
  • crazy_mama
    Sometimes Noelani is like that and just talks and talks and talks. I love to hear what is on her mind. She says the funniest, sweetest stuff. I don't know that she has ever talked for 5 hours straight though! Way to go Mia!
    by crazy_mama at 08/02/09 1:24AM
  • meg
    LOL! I'm glad we got to meet up, but now my throat is incredibly sore! (I thought I was done with that!) It didn't help that I talked to my sister Libby the whole way up and the whole way back, though.
    by meg at 08/02/09 5:17AM
  • nolongerwise
    Those got more and more...ummmm...unusual/cute conversations. I'll try to be good so the devil won't slap me! Tell her thanks for the tip!
    by nolongerwise at 08/02/09 3:23PM
  • mamahastings
    Are you all going to be around in about 3 weeks? I really hope we get to visit! On the way here we passed through Atlanta at about 4am and thought about stopping for breakfast, but figured you might not be too happy to see us then :)
    by mamahastings at 08/02/09 3:30PM
  • flychic
    It would be for a vacation. I tried calling a few days ago and left a message on your machine. I want to come visit real soon. Like this weekend! :)
    by flychic at 08/02/09 6:44PM
  • curlie
    I like your quote over there... :)
    by curlie at 08/02/09 8:14PM
  • madtomkidd
    It sounds like if timing works out, we'll have to have a voice recorder going for Mia & Abby's conversations. Rosemary is a little storyteller and boy does she come up with some great ones!
    by madtomkidd at 08/02/09 8:18PM
  • meg
    Ha! The shoot. :)
    by meg at 08/03/09 9:44AM
  • littlelamb
    That one about the devil slapping you made me laugh so hard. Ok, I'll confess- I snorted. :)
    by littlelamb at 08/03/09 8:54PM
  • mamahastings
    Starting school? Homeschooling or school for you? We may be coming through town sooner than later, I will keep you posted.
    by mamahastings at 08/03/09 9:54PM
  • meg
    We're going to a little slice of paradise called 30-A, a scenic beach road just west of Panama City Beach. It's becoming quite trendy now in some parts, but there are lots of quiet places still. The developers are planning carefully to keep it tastefully popular--not like PC Beach. We're staying with bunches of friends, and we're each taking a day to cook, so this ought to be interesting!
    by meg at 08/06/09 2:44PM
  • pablito1
    Oh those wonderful years! Trust me Lisa, you laugh one moment and the next, they're teenagers! Enjoy every moment!
    by pablito1 at 11/26/09 9:49AM
  • smartiepants
    lol, too funny Lisa :) HOW are you guys? your girls are adorable!!
    by smartiepants at 06/23/10 2:12PM

So Long Chili

My girls acquired and lost their first pet in the last month. A one-year-old chinchilla named chili. I found it dead one morning, and although it may have been overfed chinchilla treats and was overweight we're really not sure what happened. This opened a whole can of worms for my emotionally-supercharged eldest daughter. Josh, looking for comforting words to their many sad questions came out with "he's in a better place" (not sure I agree oblivion is better than a cage in the play room) to which Mia responded " He's in a BOX in the GARAGE Daddy!" It's been a bit pitiful around here and I've been busying myself with friends, tea parties, water balloons, face painting, bike riding... basically a one man circus :P So yesterday we did a 3 hr round trip drive to adopt a new chinchilla. This one's name: Darlington Wigglesworth aka Dr. Wiggles. Mia is already praying for his long life :)
  • loveofjebs
    That{s a great story!!!! Love the pic! Tell the girls that I will pray for Dr. Wiggles too! [
    by loveofjebs at 07/20/09 2:24PM
  • flychic
    LOL How fun! I love chinchilla's! They're sooooo soft. Can't wait to meet him, hopefully soon :)
    by flychic at 07/20/09 4:42PM
  • mamahastings
    Wow! I bought a chinchilla when I was 18 and he is still alive!!! (That makes him almost 14 years old) I love those things. If we did not have a farm, I would beg Ben for one for the girls. Mine was named Gus. The woman who has him now dehydrates veggies for him and lets him run around the house. He is quite spoiled!
    by mamahastings at 07/20/09 8:23PM
  • sarahsmile
    So the study is Friday of this week? If I get my brakes on my car replaced before then, then I'm in!
    by sarahsmile at 07/21/09 8:46AM
  • sarahsmile
    " He's in a BOX in the GARAGE Daddy!" - that's hilarious. I mean, not her pain, but a child's understanding- sometimes better than our adult ones.
    by sarahsmile at 07/21/09 8:52AM
  • mamahastings
    THANK YOU! Yes we are all signed up! We have been listening to the CDs all week! I can't get Willow to do her chores because she wants to listen to CC and read books- agh, how do I complain about that??? I would love to hear any advice you have!!!
    by mamahastings at 07/21/09 3:19PM
  • jacobreaves
    That was a cheap shot about the family pic, but well taken. Your family's pick would have no one holding the brief case. Kristen's pic should have an open wallet with money flying out in the wind.
    by jacobreaves at 07/22/09 9:31AM
  • nolongerwise
    That is SO funny!!!
    by nolongerwise at 07/22/09 4:11PM
  • funsahm
    We are good. We would love to go back to the beach with you guys soon! The boys had such a great time with your lil gals...who knows what the future holds!

    Not massaging yet, still waiting on State Medical Board results coming out next month. How's school going for you??
    by funsahm at 07/25/09 11:13AM
  • mamahastings
    They protect goats and sheep. They will trample a coyote to death.
    by mamahastings at 07/25/09 7:16PM
  • tandielq
    Ahhh, this post is making me laugh out loud! We just got back from Seattle last night. I am tired but had a wonderful time. Maybe we can get together next week?
    by tandielq at 07/27/09 10:25PM

Why do I always do this?

It's gotta be procrastination, or (and I'm not kidding - I've talked to people about this) a little OCD? The pattern is, 6 months off pleo, then a huge summary note or picture grouping, best intentions to stay in touch, then another 6 months off! What is my PROBLEM? We actually have had an unbelievable summer, so its not even like I had nothing to write about. I'll keep it short... and I WILL do better :)

Josh's brothers both got married, bringing two wonderful additions to the Reaves family. Both weddings were spectacular and perfectly representing the couple involved. Jared's was local at a beautiful mountain golf course and Jake's was in Denver at a place where huge red rocks shot out of the side of a mountain. It was like nothing I'd ever seen before. Of course this meant time with Jeb, Sheila and family which was wonderful, especially since they are the kids' only cousins and it had been a long while since they'd been back from MX. After Denver we caravaned (sp?) through WY to camp at Yellowstone. (Did I mention I'd never been anywhere west of mississippi?) The scenery was amazing, the kids spotted everything from bears to elk to prairie dogs and even had snowball fights in June! (Yes we froze!)

The kids attended a fabulous VBS on evidences of God, where Abby came out giving me lengthy explanations for how a disected sheep eye or the design of the chicken egg support the evidence that God created them! It was too cool! We had a couple of extra kids that week and wore ourselves silly! Last week was a gospel meeting, which is a bit different in the spanish work than most english I've been to. Lots of door-knocking, ladies classes, meetings and eatings mostly in my home and one study after another. There is so much need, physical, moral, spiritual and the blessing is that it's pretty apparent so if you can muster the energy you will be useful! It was SO encouraging and so much more enjoyable in these last years since my spanish is coming along :)

On an even lighter note, Abby and Mia have decided to follow their current role-model (Teddy Roosevelt) and turn their bedroom into a museum. I was leery at first, doubting their skills in taxidermy, but its turned out to be really cute: fossils, rocks, shells, pressed flowers, pics of animals and places they've been. Abby put her piggy-bank in the hall to collect admission! (Which side of the family do you think that comes from?!) The best part though - working together. Alleluia!
  • madtomkidd
    Hooray for home education - where else would you get two little girls who think Teddy Roosevelt is cool? (^_^)

    We are so looking forward to spending a little time with you guys on our way back from FL - this baby just needs to hurry up!
    by madtomkidd at 07/17/09 5:50AM
  • lorileigh
    My boys would love to show Abby and Mia their collections: a deer leg bone, a raccoon skull, lower jaw bone and pelvis, shells, rocks, etc. Maybe I could convince Cameron and Kyle to sell it to them for their museum????
    by lorileigh at 07/17/09 7:40AM
  • loveofjebs
    It was a great summer wasn't it? The museum idea sounds perfect! Tell the girls that I can't wait to see it. They need Uncle Jeb's jawbone that he bought in SD.
    by loveofjebs at 07/17/09 8:20AM
  • nolongerwise
    Sounds like a really fun summer!
    by nolongerwise at 07/17/09 10:19PM
  • meg
    What fun!!!! I love that idea the girls had!
    by meg at 07/18/09 10:38AM

A Different Kind of Makeover

Maybe you're in the same boat as me. I've always been concerned about what my kids are exposed to. We watch very few TV shows, and seldom. We're careful who we let the kids play with, etc. One thing I've let slip lately though is reading material. I tried to be careful not to let too much princess or Barbie in as God's little princesses are quite different from Disney's. Lately though Abby has been so independent and devouring any book she can get her hands on, and I've been paying more attention to the characters she reads about in these 'juvenile' novels she often receives as gifts. I noticed words like 'hate' and 'stupid' being used. A little girl who has a boyfriend in kindergarten and first grade. Overall so many are just not edifying or educational. I have to say it shook me up. So my goal this week is to purge out the old leaven and 'makeover' our book shelves. A few new favorites of mine in case you are also in search of a good series "Magic Schoolbus", "Magic Treehouse", "Little House" and "Cul-de-Sac Kids". I was especially impressed by the latter as the young characters make references to God, prayer, teaching friends about Jesus, and leaving problems in God's hands. This floored me. So please give me your favorite titles and authors for 2-4th grade readers, and even younger. We're going to need to makeover our shelves!
  • mamahastings
    Willow loves the "Childhood of Famous Americans" series. We have read about George Washington, Annie Oakley, Davy Crockett, Sacagawea, The Wright Brothers and Thomas Jefferson. I think there are over 50 books in the series and they all talk about the childhood of these famous Americans and the books finish with what these people ended up doing with their adult lives. Many good character traits are emphasised. The original books were written in the 50's, so there is not too much to take offence at :)

    How is the Magic Treehouse collection? I think the word "Magic" made me hesitate with them.
    by mamahastings at 06/03/09 12:57PM
  • mamahastings
    Check out
    by mamahastings at 06/03/09 12:59PM
  • mamahastings
    by mamahastings at 06/03/09 12:59PM
  • mamahastings
    We are still polishing our profile, which is a "scrapbook" and letter showing our life and why we want to adopt. This will be printed and shown to the birthmothers looking for families. Because we are open to any gender and any race, we have the potential of being placed very quickly. Due to the economy, there are many babies available this year. Of course the agencies are telling us to expect a year, but it also could be a matter of a couple of weeks. We just have to be prepared either way. We are working with an agencies in Ohio and Florida. I expect we will get an earlier placement from Florida. I have already pondered stopping for a visit with you all, on the way home :)
    by mamahastings at 06/04/09 3:50PM
  • littlelamb
    Rosie is just starting to read and has an obvious preference for Disney Princesses. We make sure to talk about the things that Ariel does wrong (naked, disobeys her fater, etc) and she seems to have responded well. I've been pleasantly surprised at the good stories and morals taught in the Barbie books/movies. Right now, of course, she does all her reading with me so it's easy to comment on things that are not right. I'll learn from you what to do next. :)
    by littlelamb at 06/05/09 12:25AM
  • meg
    I'll try to remember to look up Cul-de-Sac Kids at the library. We loved the Magic Tree House books at first, but as we got further along, I was having to address more and more things best left for a slightly more mature child than mine. You probably won't have any trouble with that. And I've found so many Magic School Bus books at the thrift stores!!! Evan loves them!
    by meg at 06/06/09 3:55AM
  • dressednyella
    When I was that age, I liked Beverly Cleary books like "Ramona Age 8." I think it's great that you're making over your book supply. I'll let you know if I hear of other series that would be good for your girls.
    by dressednyella at 06/09/09 8:19PM
  • curlie
    I'll have to check out that last title; I'm not familiar with that one.
    by curlie at 06/10/09 2:59PM
  • tandielq
    Ian loves the Magic Tree House Books. Hey I got your message about this Friday. I am at my parents house but coming home today (Thursday). I have tried to call your home number a few times but it sounds like a fax machine when I do. I somehow lost your cell number. Can you call me again?
    by tandielq at 06/11/09 1:28PM
  • shanda
    I came accross your blog from Josh and your MIL. I have 2 boys ages 5&7. We really like the "Great Illustrated Classics." They have an illustration on every other pg. and larger print too.
    by shanda at 06/18/09 5:19PM
  • mamahastings
    I have been wanting to call you and have just not had the chance. We are waiting in Ohio, but ready to go at the first sign... We plan on speeding down there as fast as possible, but we have a visit with you all planned for the way back! We will keep you posted!
    by mamahastings at 07/13/09 7:33PM

A Fun Weekend

We were blessed to have a niice family weekend in Myrtle Beach. We made a birthday surprise for Daddy on the beach... 34 sand candles and a message visible from the 17th floor!
  • crazy_mama
    Looks like fun. A few weeks ago we went to a carnival and they had those little motorcycles and Noelani thought they were so cool. Love that last picture of them!!!
    by crazy_mama at 03/26/09 11:34PM
  • tandielq
    Awww... what a great surprise for his birthday! How are you guys doing?
    by tandielq at 03/27/09 12:00AM
  • lorileigh
    How fun! You have such a nice family. :)
    by lorileigh at 03/27/09 8:01AM
  • lorileigh
    Happy birthday, Josh!
    by lorileigh at 03/27/09 8:02AM
  • loveofjebs
    Looks like a lot of fun. We look forward to taking many a vacation with you guys when we move back! Have a great birthday tomorrow sister and enjoy your visit with your mom.
    by loveofjebs at 03/27/09 10:14AM
  • nolongerwise
    I love the PB sandwich idea! I'll have to try that sometime.
    I love these pictures! Looks like lots of fun!
    by nolongerwise at 03/27/09 11:39AM
  • meg
    Getting a bit spontaneous, Lisa! Josh must be rubbing off after a few years...

    Thanks for calling me! I love talking to you!
    by meg at 03/27/09 4:45PM
  • simon_says
    Awww...that was a cool idea!

    We had to stop at the building last night so I grabbed the book. Thanks so much!
    by simon_says at 03/28/09 7:38AM
  • pablito1
    You guys have lovely children!
    by pablito1 at 03/28/09 4:14PM
  • funsahm
    That place looks familiar...hmm...

    Glad you had a fun time!
    by funsahm at 03/30/09 11:32AM
  • mpettes
    How fun! Your girls have the most beautiful hair!!
    by mpettes at 03/30/09 1:50PM
  • tandielq
    Have fun in Canada! Do your family in Italy live anywhere close to the earthquake zone I saw in the news today? Look forward to seeing you guys when you return!
    by tandielq at 04/06/09 10:09AM
  • nolongerwise
    Ryan is a nurse. Right now he is working for a travelling nursing agency that sends us to low-staffed hospitals. We stay at each place for 3 months at a time, and they put us up in a furnished apartment.
    by nolongerwise at 04/06/09 2:13PM
  • mjunut
    Nah... that's okay... I just butcher it! haha I understand. We are all so busy.
    by mjunut at 05/25/09 7:02PM
  • meg
    Well, it wasn't discouraging, either! I was thinking of you today, too!!! I hope things are going very well!
    by meg at 05/29/09 10:20AM
  • flychic
    Love those pictures! Looks like you had a wonderful time.

    Yes! I'm running 13.1 now. It was alot of fun and exhausting but I ran the whole thing without stopping. What's new with you? How are the classes going? I'm about to register for classes myself. yikes.
    by flychic at 06/01/09 9:28AM
  • flychic
    I'm sure everything will fall into place if it's the Lord's plan. Hang in there. Will you be taking day classes? Call me anytime. I'm in the process of enrolling in a Dietetics degree progam. That's the plan anyway. It's expensive because it's all on-line.
    by flychic at 06/01/09 12:33PM