Best Geek Quote Ever

"... one of the main causes of the fall of the Roman Empire was that, lacking zero, they had no way to indicate successful termination of their C programs."

Robert Firth

  • kennon
    bahaha. im such a geek. i totally got it.
    by kennon at 01/27/04 5:24PM
  • kennon
    why dont you ever get on AIM, fool?
    by kennon at 01/28/04 5:54AM
  • lilspikey
    See, told you I haven't got into IM properly yet!
    by lilspikey at 01/28/04 6:09AM

Mutant Drawing Powers

One day I would love to be able to draw like Fred Gallagher.

Robots, iTunes and Super Smash Bros.

Quite excited by the fact I get to do a robot mini-project this semester. Certain that will change after I discover how much harder than normal computer stuff it is...

Top 5 most played songs in iTunes:
KamikazePJ HarveyPraise YouFat Boy SlimRamblin' ManLemon JellyThis Is LovePJ HarveySend His Love To MePJ Harvey

Kennon: we need to figure out when that room is free - I need to play Super Smash Bros!

  • kennon
    yeah no kidding im jonesing hardcore. haha maybe we should come in at 9 on monday ... would it be worth it for SSB?
    by kennon at 01/22/04 4:31PM
  • lilspikey
    Well I'd have to leave the house by 7:30 to get there in time, but it just might be worth it.
    by lilspikey at 01/23/04 4:09AM
  • kennon
    dumb university, packing lectures into the lecture rooms all the time. you'd think they could leave them unoccupied for us. i mean i paid alot to go here.
    by kennon at 01/23/04 1:45PM
  • dwboyd
    Concerning Enders Game: Kennon, it is on the USMC reading list. Lilspikey, it could be an awesome movie if done right. As for using children actors, that doesn't necessarily mean it has to be a children's movie. Lord of the Flies used children without turning into a kids movie. Still, it would take an artistic and original mind to put that book on the big screen in a convincing way.
    by dwboyd at 01/25/04 1:55AM
  • lilspikey
    I definitely agree that the presence of child actors doesn't have to make it a childrens movie, but i am concerned that the studios might panic about the fact that there is a certain element of violence between the children. I doubt Lord of the Flies would get remade today (at least in Hollywood), for that very reason.
    by lilspikey at 01/25/04 6:25AM
  • lilspikey
    It's also why I'd doubt that Battle Royale would be remade, unlike the Ring.
    by lilspikey at 01/25/04 6:26AM
  • lilspikey
    So on the subject of (virtual) violence, this monday morning for SSB? Or should we arrive a bit earlier this monday (to see if the room _is_ empty at that time) and then play the monday after?
    by lilspikey at 01/25/04 6:28AM
  • kennon
    McE G42 has our lecture at 10, another at 11, but then nothing until 2 :):):) lets get our SSB on at 12 on monday ... actually, are you coming in on thursday? its free from 12-1pm ...
    by kennon at 01/27/04 4:04PM
  • lilspikey
    Schweet!! I have a lecture at 12-1pm on thursday, but 12-2 on monday sounds like a master plan. Have to see if anyone else is up for a go too (lambs to the slaughter).
    by lilspikey at 01/27/04 4:28PM
  • kennon
    muahahaha indeed. i kind of wish we hadn't been playing it up because now no one will want to play us. sad.
    by kennon at 01/27/04 5:25PM

Pretending to be an arty type

Burnt Sienna ink, mixing pallet and a water colour block (no Bristol Board apparently) - clearly the right side of my brain is trying to reclaim my head. Must fight it for a further nine months at least, until I finish my MSc. Hmmm, wonder if they'll let me draw a comic for my next mini-project report...
  • kennon
    hehe. i do calligraphy, myself. i wonder if they would let me hand calligraph my report? that would be totally sweet. i'm learning the elvish alphabet, although so far all i know how to do is my name. its a bit tricky since there isnt a direct mapping to english so you have to kind of phonetically transliterate it.
    by kennon at 01/19/04 3:35PM
  • lilspikey
    Yeah, I wonder if Dr Hancox noticed that signature. I sense a php script for phonetic transliteration brewing...
    by lilspikey at 01/19/04 4:36PM