LED lego men

Well it's only a few weeks till halloween, so thought I might as well start getting into the spirit.

Monday turned out to be the last day of Jury service, so I'm now having a bit of a holiday for the rest of the week. So far I've been to see The Departed (pretty good, but I'd like to watch the original now) and made two more ginger cakes.

After one week of Jury service

Finding Jury service rather tiring. On my second case (which hopefully will finish this Monday) and you really have to pay attention in court. It's just hard work, as everything seems to take forever and you end up hearing about the same things many many times. It's not an entirely terrible experience, but I am very glad that I am not trying to do work in the evenings.

Oh yeah and nearly forgotten - new Battlestar series was awesome.
  • illumina
    Eh? You can't have seen the third series already?! Can you?
    by illumina at 10/08/06 2:46PM
  • lilspikey
    not of all of it - just the first two episodes.
    by lilspikey at 10/08/06 3:55PM
  • illumina
    Ah right.
    by illumina at 10/09/06 2:51AM

ginger cake and jury service

Annual ginger cake baking at the weekend.

Currently on day two of jury service. This time I was actually on a case, though it was quite nice yesterday to have a chance to read and play the DS in the waiting room. Hopefully I might actually finish The System of the World some time soon this way.

So far this jury service is better than the last time I did it (up in Worcester), as there is a window in the waiting room.
  • psemmusa
    Good luck with jury service, I can almost smell the yummy ginger cake from here :) I really enjoyed System of the World, so much that I promptly re-read Cryptonomicon after I had finished.
    by psemmusa at 10/05/06 9:33AM
  • lilspikey
    I think I might also have to re-read Cryptonomicon soon. System of the World is good, but Cryptonomicon was far easier to read...
    by lilspikey at 10/08/06 1:16PM

fractal cushions

Sadly not the two combined, but another cushion finished and a continuation of my series of screencasts (this time covering making a mandelbrot fractal applet).

Saw Children of Men last Tuesday at a preview screening in the Odeon. I thoroughly recommend it. Quite dark, but with a good touch of humour.
  • illumina
    Hopefully going to see it this week - I like the idea.
    by illumina at 09/26/06 11:08AM
  • lilspikey
    Gladto hear it. Has some very poignant parts too, but I won't spoil it by mentioning them here.
    by lilspikey at 09/26/06 11:16AM
  • illumina
    Seen this?
    by illumina at 09/27/06 2:20PM
  • illumina
    BTW, have you managed to see those Battlestar Galactica webisodes yet? I tried to watch em today, but it wasn't working for some reason.
    by illumina at 10/02/06 1:40PM
  • lilspikey
    I had to watch them on youtube in the end - though I'm behind by a couple (might go watch them now)
    by lilspikey at 10/02/06 2:08PM
  • lilspikey
    (I think the scifi channel website blocks viewing of them in the UK)
    by lilspikey at 10/02/06 2:08PM
  • illumina
    by illumina at 10/08/06 2:45PM
  • illumina
    You couldn't send me the links for them could you? I can only seem to find 8, 9 and 10 on youtube.
    by illumina at 10/08/06 2:49PM
  • lilspikey
    Yeah, I went looking for them afterwards and it seems sci-fi cracked down on them.

    Best bet is mininova.org and bittorrent.
    by lilspikey at 10/08/06 6:29PM
  • illumina
    by illumina at 10/09/06 2:52AM

Drawing Lesson 10

So Tuesday was the last lesson in my drawing course. Consequentially we paid a bit extra to get a life model. Lots of practice sketches in the first hour (which helped get over the initial slight oddness of having a disrobed person in the room), then an hour spent working on a final piece. Very happy with how mine came out - just a shame I didn't have a bit longer to actually finish off the face and feet.
  • illumina
    It looks pretty cool with the feet just trailing off like that.. but yeah the face looks a bit odd blank.
    by illumina at 09/14/06 1:32PM