I'm making a new cushion

and it's going to a good home.

Radio Paradise

Just discovered Radio Paradise. It's already made me buy a couple of songs off iTunes. Nice to have a way to discover music I like again. Plus there's no adverts and usually four or five songs played in a row, before the DJ says anything (which usually isn't very much).

House warming went well, but that's all I'm saying for now.
  • kennon
    //listening now
    by kennon at 01/30/07 5:23AM
  • kennon
    thanks for the tip! i've been listening to it pretty much constantly since you put me on to it.

    i love the mix.
    by kennon at 01/31/07 1:20PM
  • lilspikey
    It's good isn't it. Think I'll be buying much more music now...
    by lilspikey at 02/01/07 3:57AM

Sofa. Snow.

Yesterday I was asleep on the sofa (in a tr
  • psemmusa
    Congratulations on house warming :) I camped out in my new abode for the first time last night. New digs are groovy, although a little gnarly at the same time (but that's probably just me, as I'm plumb skeered)....
    by psemmusa at 01/25/07 11:20AM

'tis a new year

  • amy
    Ummmm.... Happy New Year...
    by amy at 02/23/07 1:24AM

New House

So I've moved into my new house now. It's (so far at least) the best house I've occupied in Brighton. Three floors, big bedroom, garden, etc etc. I could go on for quite some time, but I won't.

Currently setting up a mail redirect for the old place (can still pop in and grab mail from there for a bit). Also won't have the interweb till the new year, but I'm off to Mum's in a day or two anyway.
  • kennon
    O holy altar of modern culture,
    lead us to thy gleaming shelves,
    full-laden with thy luscious fruits,
    let us suckle upon the errant drops,
    parceled out to us, the waiting masses,
    as if from a many-teated breast,
    the teats of corporate manufacture.
    by kennon at 12/19/06 9:40AM
  • fran
    What? Better than Roundhill Crescent? Next you'll be telling me that the ceilings are secure and there's no plague of inbred mice.
    by fran at 12/28/06 8:36AM