I love Ethereal

"Hmmm" I was thinking "how am I going to send a fake SMS to the WTK emulator". Googling turned up the fact that the WMA Console (a GUI app thing with no apparant command line options) use UDP datagrams to allow emulators to send "SMS" messages to each other, but I couldn't find any hints about how this all worked beyond that.

Enter Ethereal*. Run it. Send a message via the WMA console, then examine the contents of the packets sent, yielding:

Text-Encoding: gsm7bit
Content-Type: text
Content-Length: 4
Segments: 1
SenderAddress: sms://+5550001
Address: sms://+5550000:40079
Date: 1112737410992

Most excellent. Should be very easy to write some normal Java app to generate those sorts of messages for me.

This is obviously only useful during development, but having to copy and paste code between two programs to simulate a network seems a bit pointless.

Can't believe I just wasted about 2 hours trying to figure that out...

* and yay for apt-get making it so easy to install
  • cognitivelink
    apt-get and emerge and yum make me want to go back to linux. my unsupported usb wireless adapter makes me want to stay where I am...
    by cognitivelink at 04/05/05 11:20PM
  • kennon
    so are you using ubuntu? is it any good? the debian-ness makes me go yumm but the gnomishness makes me skeptical, although i guess thats unfair since i havent used gnome in about 5 years. do they have an ubuntu live cd?
    by kennon at 04/06/05 1:31AM
  • kennon
    cognitivelink: then write your own driver. it's the Linux Way!
    by kennon at 04/06/05 1:31AM
  • lilspikey
    yeah I installed Ubuntu on my laptop about a month ago now. It's pretty nice. The most important being that it "feels" nice. There are still some issues (suspend doesn't play very well with new processes), but these should get fixed with the new release (Hoary). Also my laptop now boots in far less time than it used to with SuSE.
    by lilspikey at 04/06/05 7:38AM
  • lilspikey
    There do appear to be live cds available. Ubuntu's Gnome desktop is actually very slick and relatively responsive on a 500Mhz Thinkpad, so it'll probably be closer to what you are after now...
    by lilspikey at 04/06/05 7:39AM
  • lilspikey
    cognitivelink: you could always pick up a new wireless adapter that is supported - they can't be much more than
    by lilspikey at 04/06/05 7:43AM