Stupid Global Climate Change

For the first time in 25 years we got flooded. Luckily it wasn't too bad (mainly the carpets and so on), but we were only saved by the fact it stopped raining after a few minutes. We do live in a town with a history of flooding, but our house is up the hill and well away from the river. This was a combination of (un-seasonal) torrential rain and inadequate drainage. In fact the water even pushed up a manhole cover and part of the road.

I also got to see my cousins kids which was excellent as always and I held baby Dylan for a while (though he was a bit grumpy with colic).

  • matts
    There you go the problem is shown in the second picture, you left the front door open ;-)
    by matts at 08/24/04 12:28PM
  • lilspikey
    by lilspikey at 08/25/04 10:09AM
  • sacapuntas
    by sacapuntas at 08/26/04 3:31PM