Warning: Burnination ahead

  • marla
    Hey John! It was fantastic meeting you and Heather - I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to say goodbye. Will just have to visit the UK sometime... :) Hope y'all had a good flight home!
    by marla at 05/26/08 3:38AM

PAKA: flogging a dead horse

I saw a robotic horse today. Ah, the joys of the brighton festival.
  • lilspikey
    (bad camera phone picture)
    by lilspikey at 05/11/07 7:48AM

Psychic Origami

Psychic Origami is probably going to be a slightly more active blog than this. I'm going to more or less limit it to techy and art/crafts stuff. It'll be where I go on (and on) about projects I've been working on. A place to talk about things I'm "making", as if I was battling localised entropy. Or something like that.

In other news: I'm leaving my current job to pursue other opportunities. Entirely of my own choosing. This might mean I have more of a chance to bake.
  • kennon
    oooo baking. what will you bake?
    by kennon at 04/24/07 2:10PM
  • lilspikey
    well there will probably be the inevitable ginger cake. also I made a (surprisingly) good gluten-free banana bread last week. I think I shall take the time to expand my repertoire.
    by lilspikey at 04/25/07 3:53AM
  • kennon
    first sewing, now baking ... you're fast becoming a right proper housewife!
    by kennon at 04/25/07 5:25AM
  • bereanatheart
    Good game. Hey, I was wondering, is there anyway to offer a draw? Also, is it possible to do en passant in on there?
    by bereanatheart at 05/04/07 1:21PM
  • lilspikey
    You played much better than I did, but still good game. Currently no way to offer a draw. I'll add it in the future, just need to find a nice way to do it.

    En passant should be in there already. You should simply have the ability to do it when the opportunity arises (immediately after they moved their pawn, before any other piece is moved). Of course I may have a bug and it might not be working...
    by lilspikey at 05/05/07 11:53AM
  • kennon
    in one of our games i had the option to capture en passant and the square behind the pawn was highlighted properly (although i didn't do it)
    by kennon at 05/07/07 8:35PM
  • kennon
    man, john, you let him checkmate you! how come you always resign in our games and never give me the satisfaction?
    by kennon at 05/07/07 8:42PM
  • kennon
    i think a useful feature would be to be able to choose an open invitation, so you don't have to have a key to join.
    by kennon at 05/07/07 8:47PM
  • bereanatheart
    Yeah, I really like that last idea. Oh, and I didn't come across any bug or anything, I was just wanting to know if you had already taken care of that rule.
    by bereanatheart at 05/08/07 2:05AM
  • lilspikey
    I think open invitations will be one of the next things I do. Initially I wanted it to be just for games between people who know each other in some fashion, but I think it makes sense to let people just play anyone.

    Now that I've got a separate page for making a new game there's an obvious place to put settings like that.
    by lilspikey at 05/08/07 3:40AM

XKCD just gets better.

Ender's Game. Nuff said.
  • psemmusa
    Oh that's terrible, just groan at loud at my desk at work terrible....
    by psemmusa at 03/28/07 12:15PM
  • bereanatheart
    Hey, I think your Chrss thing is an excellent idea. I love how simple it is. I used to play correspondence chess over email, but then I always had to have a board set up and all of that hassle. Thanks!
    by bereanatheart at 04/14/07 11:04AM
  • lilspikey
    glad you like it - simplicity is definitely what I'm aiming for.
    by lilspikey at 04/15/07 4:36PM

chrss : chess by rss

[chrss](http://psychicorigami.com/chrss/) is my current pet project. It's a correspondence chess server where you get the moves by an rss feed (so you don't have to check the site all the time). Currently in **alpha**, so expect things to be occasionally flakey/odd/not finished, but as a proof of concept it seems to work.

An example of a feature that is needed is the ability to resign a game. Something I badly need to able to do in this [game against kennon](http://psychicorigami.com/chrss/2)...