Another year has started...

Well I GRADUATED in 2008! WHAT A GREAT FEELING! I majored in Accounting and minored in Finance. Now onto the CPA exam...probably one of the hardest tests to pass! 5 months of torture and hopefully I will be done. Whatever the Lord WIlls. Prayers about that please!

A lot happened in 2008. Lots of laughs, cries, happy times, and heartaches. But I made it through. God has blessed me spiritually and physically. I don't think we thank God enough for the MANY and EVERY blessing He gives us. Remember Who's you are!

Hope all have wonderful 2009! Take care everyone!
  • aj1210
    You updated! Love ya!
    by aj1210 at 01/02/09 5:31PM
  • sherbear
    Congrats on graduating!!! Lost River is sad to lose you. Good luck!!
    by sherbear at 01/08/09 8:51PM
  • shellbell
    YOU GRADUATED!?!?!?! I didn't know that!!!! :) jk!!!!!
    by shellbell at 01/10/09 8:44PM
  • narey_kay
    HA hA....I found you. You need to update! :)
    by narey_kay at 04/20/09 12:23PM

My yearly updates!

So it has been ages and ages since I have updated. I think it's a once a year kind of thing.

I finished my last Spring Semster of college. Only one more semester and I'm DONE!!!! Oh boy....can't wait!!!!

This summer...WEDDINGS!!! It's already started. Either going to or helping with weddings! But hey, I enjoy it! I love weddings!

Well my roommates have left me after 2 years. Oh what fun we had!! It is sad here at my one to talk to. No fear, I have a new roommate coming soon. Let's just say it's going to be crazy for the next month and then in about 2 1/2 more months. Keeps me busy!

Well that is a quick and short update.

Take care everyone!

  • lol_smile456
    good luck w/ all the craziness! :D
    by lol_smile456 at 05/20/08 4:39PM

04/07/07 2:18PM

Ok six wierd things about me: hope your ready for this.....
1. I eat ketchup with practically every kind of meat. (Many already know that)

2. I love to run! (Try it sometime, you'll feel better once you do-maybe:))

3. I drank wool-lite when I was in high school. If you want to know the story, ask me and maybe I'll tell you, in person that is because it's too much to type.

4. I'm REALLY short, but I don't care!

5. I eat bananas like crazy!

6. I get cold when I eat.

Tag Renee your it---

Take care and SMILE!!!!!!
  • desi
    You drank Woollite? I think that's the most unique things I've seen on one of these things yet. :) Hope you are doing well and not freezing! :)
    by desi at 04/07/07 4:21PM
  • torque_fxfa
    ketchup rules! i'm going to have to ask you about the wool lite thing at church
    by torque_fxfa at 04/07/07 5:39PM
  • billiam
    I remember when you drank Wool-lite...hilarious!
    by billiam at 04/07/07 11:20PM
  • torque_fxfa
    i'll be waiting for the full story to be on here...i'm watching
    by torque_fxfa at 04/08/07 2:42PM
  • neenee
    The wool-lite story is really funny. :) I'm glad I got to hear that one in person. :)
    by neenee at 04/08/07 7:47PM
  • fiddle_girl994
    by fiddle_girl994 at 04/09/07 3:40PM
  • hannahrunswithendurance
    next time i see you i'll know what to ask about... wow.. :)
    by hannahrunswithendurance at 04/14/07 12:19AM
  • lilsis
    hey! I FINALLY listed 6 weird characteristics... now that you know what I'm REALLY like, you'll probaby never want to talk to me again ;-P
    by lilsis at 04/21/07 3:09PM
  • lil_earthquake
    Do you have Emelia's email address? I am going over to Romania in a month and I lost her old email address.
    by lil_earthquake at 05/13/07 2:23PM
  • tomboy_in_tennessee
    Hey Emily (Emily Bane is so insane) this is Katie Thorpe you sat with me at supper Friday night at Kamp ever since camp ended I`ve been finding kampers here right and left :)
    by tomboy_in_tennessee at 07/07/07 10:08PM
  • tomboy_in_tennessee
    sorry I ment BAIN not BANE
    by tomboy_in_tennessee at 07/07/07 10:10PM
  • shellbell
    aww....but we just saw each other Friday night, all day saturday, and last night
    by shellbell at 07/16/07 9:33AM
  • shellbell
    ok so I didn't get to finish what I was saying and some how I posted that I think 6 times!...not sure what I did....anyways...we will just have to make more shelley/emily hang out times!! :)
    by shellbell at 07/16/07 9:35AM
  • lol_smile456
    Hey Emily!! it's Rachel!! hopefully the only Rachel you know!! :)
    by lol_smile456 at 03/18/08 5:06PM

Time for an update, don't ya think....

so it's about time to update my blog.....not much to say
- School is busy.....why Accounting? Don't ask....
- cooking every once in a while, that's always fun!!!
- talking to my chicas in the apartment
- talking to other wonderful friends out there (whether male or female....since people got "upset" about those who were not included)
- visiting with members from Lost River, including my sister Megan
- studying God's Word and praying
- laughing and smiling....that's a surprise huh?
- and probably other stuff but unsure what to say

That's all for the update! Have A Great Day everyone. Thank God that you have clothes on your back and food to eat and a place to live! Take care everyone and don't forget to............SMILE!!!!!!
  • shellbell
    oh so what about us chicas who aren't in your apartment?...huh huh????
    by shellbell at 02/21/07 1:20PM
  • torque_fxfa
    what about people who aren't chicas?
    by torque_fxfa at 02/21/07 4:50PM
  • desi
    Sounds like a busy semester. Hope you are doing well!
    by desi at 02/21/07 11:45PM
  • lilbain
    by lilbain at 02/23/07 9:28AM
  • shellbell
    MUCH BETTER!! :)
    by shellbell at 02/23/07 9:59AM
  • amandochka have a relative that is a preacher :D
    by amandochka at 02/23/07 3:31PM
  • kels_chey_port
    hey emily!
    by kels_chey_port at 02/24/07 11:35AM
  • shellbell
    thanks!!!! I'm SOOOOO happy too!!!! hopefully I will be good at this and not drop a lot of plates full of food :\
    by shellbell at 02/26/07 10:07PM
  • torque_fxfa
    i didn't mean you couldn't type what you typed, i was just wondering if you were being sexist
    by torque_fxfa at 02/28/07 11:11PM
  • kaylamarie
    i miss you...ALOT!!!
    by kaylamarie at 03/04/07 4:09PM
  • kaylamarie
    for like a day and a half....
    by kaylamarie at 03/07/07 6:09PM
  • kaylamarie
    me and my mom are going to atl. then im flying to jacksonville to stay at tk's
    by kaylamarie at 03/07/07 6:09PM
  • happinessisthelord
    Hi Emily! (starla here) Thought I'd say hey. I saw your folks a few wknds back; they're the sweetest. Your dad taught the kiddos' studies at my Aunt's. I really enjoyed seeing Maria at an age (10) I vividly remember. I'm not ready for her to grow up (!!!), but I'm glad she's surrounded by good people that love the Lord. :)
    by happinessisthelord at 04/06/07 11:47AM

Over the break....

After a long winter break, I'm ready to get back to school. Over the break I:
-visited family and friends for the holidays
-saw many F.C. friends and other friends
-went to BG to shop, clean, and let someone special into our apartment
-spent a lot of time with mom and dad
-saw Bill and Julie
-went shopping
-went to Winter Kamp 2006
-learned a lot about relationships at Winter Kamp
-visited the church where mom and dad attend
-went to a UT Vols game
-missed my friends in BG
-and much much more...

But now it's time to get back to a school schedule! Oh BOY!!
Take care everyone and SMILE!!!
  • torque_fxfa
    sounds like you kept busy...but why would anyone be ready to get back to school?
    by torque_fxfa at 01/17/07 3:21PM
  • sunshinelove05
    Yo, I hear you're coming to Tampa for Homecoming! :) YAH!
    by sunshinelove05 at 01/24/07 5:34PM
  • wilbur
    What UT Vols game did you go to?
    by wilbur at 01/31/07 10:42AM
  • shellbell
    NO :(
    by shellbell at 02/15/07 8:53AM
  • onh91891
    *giggles* relationships at kamp? what?!
    by onh91891 at 02/16/07 8:54AM