Roll Tide!

Alabama rolled over Texas last night (37-21). We are pleased with the win but living in Texas of course we are in the minority - but then what is new:)
  • quincysmom
    ROLL TIDE!! We learned when we lived in Texas that there was NO other state in the US. Of course we loved living there. Love your profile picture!
    by quincysmom at 01/08/10 11:56AM
  • sharbyheart
    A lot of Texas A&M Aggies were on your side last night...I saw plenty of "Roll Tide!" on my friends' pleo and fb pages...just join the Aggies and you have plenty of friends here in Texas ;-)
    by sharbyheart at 01/08/10 2:01PM
  • kimhazelrigg
    We figured y'all were having a blast! :) I love the picture of Kennedy.
    by kimhazelrigg at 01/09/10 4:42AM

It's snowing in Houston!

I moved from Illinois to get away from this kind of weather!
  • cbonk should have stayed! : )
    by cbonk at 12/04/09 2:09PM
  • hmjmom
    Enjoy a little bit of snow. I miss snow!
    by hmjmom at 12/04/09 2:40PM
  • curlie
    by curlie at 12/04/09 9:38PM
  • the_mom
    We had a "dusting" at our house yesterday (Saturday) morning.
    by the_mom at 12/06/09 10:37AM

Prayers Please

Our granddaughter Kennedy (almost 5 months old) has the swine flu. Please pray for her quick and complete recovery but also for her mom and dad - that they can stay well.

Update: Little Bit is doing better - no fever and she is smiling again. Thanks for your prayers and concern. So far mom and dad are well too!
  • hmjmom
    by hmjmom at 10/10/09 7:18PM
  • sharbyheart
    Saying prayers...
    by sharbyheart at 10/10/09 8:39PM
  • tangsoodotpm
    So sorry to hear that. She'll be in my prayers.
    by tangsoodotpm at 10/10/09 9:36PM
  • quincysmom
    Hugs and prayers!
    by quincysmom at 10/10/09 10:10PM
  • onelittlecandle
    Aww, will do!
    by onelittlecandle at 10/12/09 6:59AM
  • kimhazelrigg
    How is she doing today?
    by kimhazelrigg at 10/13/09 7:17PM
  • onelittlecandle
    How is she doing now?
    by onelittlecandle at 10/14/09 7:23AM
  • hmjmom
    So glad she is doing better!
    by hmjmom at 10/14/09 4:20PM
  • quincysmom
    That is great about Kennedy! Do you remember Marlene Belcher. She just found out she has lung cancer. She goes tomorrow for a Petscan. If it hasn't grown then they will remove part of her lung.
    by quincysmom at 10/14/09 4:32PM
  • lovnprayers
    I have been praying for her. I'm glad she's doing better. I hope we can see you all after we get moved to Texas. We are moving to Fort Worth area. Your granddaughter is adorable.
    by lovnprayers at 10/22/09 12:20AM
  • worker_at_home
    Thankful for prayers answered. God is good.
    by worker_at_home at 10/26/09 10:48PM

Our Little Girl is Growing!

Kennedy is 8 weeks old today and is growing like a weed. They came to visit us two weeks ago and we had a blast. Here are a few pictures of her lately!

Photobucket Photobucket

Photobucket Photobucket
  • quincysmom
    So sweet! She could pass for your daughter!
    by quincysmom at 07/09/09 11:52AM
  • gracie03
    Adorable! :)
    by gracie03 at 07/09/09 1:48PM
  • hmjmom
    What a beautiful baby!
    by hmjmom at 07/09/09 3:53PM
  • holly_ann
    Precious! I can't believe she is 8 weeks already. Wow!
    by holly_ann at 07/11/09 5:20PM
  • sharbyheart
    Kennedy is just adorable...she's going to be beautiful like her mom and Nana!
    We didn't end up going to the graveside, but she had told me she planned to have them do that! She was a character ;-)
    by sharbyheart at 07/18/09 6:27PM
  • mamap
    how precious!! I can't wait! :)
    by mamap at 07/26/09 1:30AM
  • barkleybb
    Yes, I have an embroidery machine. I have really enjoyed using it. I have made several things for the girls with it plus other things. I'm looking forward to our day together. Hope to have many more. Of course, Lauren wants to make something also. Kennedy is so cute. You'll enjoy her very much.
    by barkleybb at 07/30/09 1:00PM
  • quincysmom
    by quincysmom at 08/21/09 6:19AM


Here is one of my favorite pics from the week.

  • hmjmom
    So sweet! Grandbabies are so special!
    by hmjmom at 05/23/09 9:28AM
  • turtle_girl
    by turtle_girl at 05/23/09 12:47PM
  • butterflyhomerachel
    Awe! Cute!
    by butterflyhomerachel at 05/23/09 6:07PM
  • quincysmom
    by quincysmom at 05/24/09 7:35AM
  • the_mom
    How many grandchildren do you have?
    by the_mom at 05/24/09 9:31AM
  • the_mom
    She is gorgeous!
    by the_mom at 05/24/09 9:32AM
  • lovnprayers
    So precious. Isn't it great being a grandma?
    by lovnprayers at 05/24/09 2:02PM
  • kimhazelrigg
    very pretty!
    by kimhazelrigg at 05/25/09 7:08AM
  • jerzgirl
    That is a beautiful picture of a beautiful baby girl! Congrats to ALL of you.
    by jerzgirl at 05/25/09 7:46AM
  • bekka
    How precious!
    by bekka at 05/25/09 5:58PM
  • holly_ann
    I love her headband! My mom used to put those on my sister a lot. They are adorable.
    by holly_ann at 05/26/09 10:43AM