Mrs. stegall tagged me!

Here are 8 things about me!

1. I love "I Spy" books.
2. I like all kinds of weapons but I love swords!
3. I sleep with two Webkins.
One is a cat and the other is a monkey.
4. I like most kinds of jelly but only on my toast.
5. My favorite ice cream is mint chocolate chip.
6. My favorite show is "Cyberchase" on PBS.
7. I like baths more than showers.
8. I love peanut butter on my waffles but no syrup.

Now I tag~


  • my3sons
    And you only like peanut butter on your jelly!
    by my3sons at 09/23/08 8:19PM
  • dadmcpherson
    Wow, you are a lot like me. I love spy books, swords, jelly, baths, and all that the same. Cool.
    by dadmcpherson at 09/25/08 5:27PM
  • valleryy911
    I like I SPY books, and so does KATE.
    by valleryy911 at 09/25/08 6:09PM
  • 5ofusisgr8
    Luke and Ty really love swords, too.
    by 5ofusisgr8 at 09/26/08 9:55PM
  • lorileigh
    Cameron and Kyle love swords, too.
    by lorileigh at 09/30/08 6:23AM
  • cindymarie1970
    Hi Ethan!!!! This is Aunt Cindy! I LOVE YA!!
    by cindymarie1970 at 10/09/08 10:36AM
  • valleryy911
    by valleryy911 at 11/27/08 7:07AM
  • valleryy911
    by valleryy911 at 12/31/08 7:36AM
  • valleryy911
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY ETHAN!!! (one day late)
    by valleryy911 at 05/19/09 4:48PM


I hope everyone who knows me will be able to find me here.

I really love Legos! I build all sorts of things like knights, castles,outer space things,and all kinds of vehicles.

I also love Bionicles! My favorite Bionicles are the Toas! They always fight Makuta.

I like to play Zoo Tycoon and Lemonade Tycoon,too. I think I'd like to buy Zoo Tycoon 2 and Rollercoaster Tycoon next.

Tell me what computer or video games you like to play!

  • mattdevore
    by mattdevore at 09/19/08 9:52PM
  • lindseyb
    Hi Ethan!
    by lindseyb at 09/19/08 10:34PM
  • cascadingharmony
    Hey Ethan!
    by cascadingharmony at 09/19/08 11:28PM
  • valleryy911
    Hi little man!!!! I have Rollercoaster tycoon and I love it, I got the second more advanced one too but I think only Kate has played it. I like it old school! When I went to the fair in Ohio recently, I got a hankering to play rollercoaster tycoon but didn't. Now I will have to break it out and play. Aren't there like some Lego starwars games that are pretty fun? I've never played but they look fun.
    by valleryy911 at 09/20/08 5:10AM
  • rachelandra
    Hi, Ethan! I wondered when you would get on here, too. Hope you enjoyed the Sea World vacation and riding the airplane home.
    by rachelandra at 09/20/08 9:05AM
  • lorileigh
    Hi, Ethan! :)
    by lorileigh at 09/20/08 9:37AM
  • basil60
    Hello Ethan Meyer! Good to see you on here!
    by basil60 at 09/20/08 9:54AM
  • 5ofusisgr8
    Hi Ethan!
    by 5ofusisgr8 at 09/20/08 10:44AM
  • angiemann73
    Hi Ethan! This is Abby and Becca's mom! I hope you are having fun in Texas - we sure miss you here in Virginia. I bet you loved San Antonio - I lived there when I was your age (from Kindergarten to 3rd grade!)
    by angiemann73 at 09/20/08 11:20AM
  • alp1926
    Hey, Ethan. Glad to see you on here. Now I can get to know you better!! Glad you survived that hurricane. Would you believe we had winds last Sunday with tropical storm force. Unbelieveable!! Come visit my blog any time.
    by alp1926 at 09/20/08 1:55PM
  • aikenape
    Hi the Ethan! Glad to see you've joined up on Pleo. Are you enjoying Texas? Take care of your mom!
    by aikenape at 09/20/08 5:27PM
  • shutterfly
    Hi Ethan!! Hope you had fun in San Antonio last week
    by shutterfly at 09/20/08 6:03PM
  • shutterfly
    Maybe someday we will meet again!!
    by shutterfly at 09/20/08 6:04PM
  • betsys
    Hello Ethan! This is Mrs. Del~Betsy! I like the name you chose for yourself! I bet you have grown a lot since you moved to Texas.
    by betsys at 09/20/08 6:10PM
  • heidiw
    Hello, Ethan!!! I am very happy to find you on here!!! I hope that you are doing well! Love you!
    by heidiw at 09/20/08 9:13PM