Great Time in Ohio

Jason is holding a meeting in Kentucky so I've been in Ohio helping Shelly with the girls. I hope by now you've all seen their wonderful news!!! It was awesome seeing that little heart beating - we could faintly hear it too!! We were in tears and thanking God for this wonderful blessing.

I took McDonalds to school on Monday and ate with Chloe. After lunch we went out on the playground - it's too hot for old ladies like me to be on the playground!! We got in trouble because I was teaching Chloe and her best friend, Destiny, to play tether ball. The school aide came over and said first graders are not allowed to play tether ball - so we had to quit. Chloe and Destiny jumped rope and I took pictures of them sliding down the slide. It was great fun!!

It had only been a few weeks, but Jadyn is talking so much more than the last time we were there. She has quite the personality!

I came home to Richard bent over frontward and crooked to the side in a lot of pain. He bent over to tie his shoes and his back went out. He has had a lot of back trouble since his fall out of the tree. He has been to the chiropractor two days in a row now - hope it helps!!

Hope things are well with all of you!!

Making a Change...

Most of you know that I accidentally made two screen names for myself here on Pleo when I first started doing this in 2005. I almost never look at this one and never update it so I am going to try to delete lcummins. So if you only have me on your friends list as Lcummins please change me over to Mimi.

I hope everyone has been enjoying the snow. Looks like warmer days are on their way!

  • pinelape
    changing it
    by pinelape at 03/06/07 5:21PM

Family Watchdog

Last night on the news there was a story about child molesters. There is a website that will tell you of any convicted child molesters in your area. The address is It was so busy last night after the story I couldn't get on. Once you are at their site,you enter your address and a map comes up showing your house and any child molesters in the area. It can also give you information about the child molester. I think this is a good tool for all parents. Just thought I would pass it along. Have a great day.
  • funsahm
    I'm sure that's true!
    by funsahm at 08/27/05 10:30PM
  • pooky
    I miss you guys... I hope you are doing well. We are praying every day for your new grandbaby!
    by pooky at 09/29/05 4:32PM
  • ektustin
    We miss hearing from you, too!
    by ektustin at 09/29/05 7:17PM
  • angieprice
    Be sure to tell Shelly that I hope that she feels better. Maybe getting extra rest at her mommas will help?
    by angieprice at 10/04/05 12:43PM
  • pooky
    I hope that my parents get to see our new baby as often as you get to see Chloe (although I am sure that you wish you could see her more)!
    by pooky at 10/06/05 8:54PM
  • pooky
    I got your message and forwarded it on to Alfred. As soon as he lets me know anything, I'll be sure to pass it on to you! :)
    by pooky at 10/12/05 12:00PM
  • deusvitae
    It was good to get to meet you at Higher Ground, and I was sorry to hear that you and Shelly and the girls had to leave early. I hope Jadyn is doing better. :)
    by deusvitae at 06/17/06 9:58PM
  • angieprice
    It was great seeing you this past week. I always love chattin' with you! Give Richard a big hug for me. :)
    by angieprice at 06/19/06 12:19PM
  • lordswife
    Hi Mimi, I miss you!!!
    by lordswife at 08/08/06 12:55AM
  • rissaj
    Hello, it's Carissa. Just wanted to say hello.
    by rissaj at 08/14/06 11:43PM
  • pinelape
    Hi Mimi this is Jessica from HG :)
    by pinelape at 08/25/06 10:54PM
  • quilter40
    Hey, Loretta, it's Laura Barker. Ashlyn was on pleo and told me that Jason and Shelly were on here and then she found you too. How are you all doing? We're all doing well. Daniel will graduate in May and Ashlyn is a Freshman this year. Boy, does time FLY!! How's Richard's health? Love to hear from you all. Take care.
    by quilter40 at 10/13/06 1:56PM
  • lordswife
    Mimi - praying for you guys!
    by lordswife at 12/21/06 3:43PM
  • deusvitae
    Hope you have a happy holiday season and a good new year. :)
    by deusvitae at 12/23/06 9:42AM
  • marie
    So very sorry to hear of the passing of Richard's father. A great comfort to know that he was a child of God.
    by marie at 12/28/06 7:05AM
  • lordswife
    Hey there mimi, I am sorry I did not get to say goodbye to you before you left. I thought you would be there Sunday night to hang with us. I am glad you made it back safetly! When we pulled into the driveway Austin said "where's Mimi?" I think he is taken with you and understandably so!
    by lordswife at 01/03/07 10:22PM
  • shel6y
    I love that you too have lost your identity....You are no longer Loretta or Shelly's are MIMI!!!! :)
    by shel6y at 02/01/07 11:34PM
  • mimi
    I LOVE being MiMi - it's the best identity a woman can have!!! I bet you wish you had soooo much to say and sooo many friends you had to have 2 web sites :)
    by mimi at 02/05/07 12:57PM
  • shel6y
    ha ha
    by shel6y at 02/05/07 4:11PM
  • shel6y
    Mom...Cassidy and her Nana (Wanda) are on here now!
    by shel6y at 02/06/07 2:24PM

Why am I so lucky?

Because he's so good at Madden '06...he stomps everyone that stands in his daughter is so lucky...
  • hardin
    who would EVER stoop so low as to do such a thing?
    by hardin at 08/19/05 11:45PM
  • becfie
    someone with too much time on his/her hands, I guess.
    by becfie at 08/20/05 12:48PM
  • funsahm
    not even Loretta could give Hardin this many compliments!
    by funsahm at 08/20/05 12:51PM
  • shel6y
    He is her favorite Son-in-law.
    by shel6y at 08/20/05 11:03PM
  • becfie
    He is her ONLY son-in-law. Not much competition.
    by becfie at 08/21/05 7:31AM
  • shel6y
    True, but they love him all the same!
    by shel6y at 08/21/05 4:00PM
  • lcummins
    OK Who has been using my blog for self-gratification!! I do love Jason the best - even if he is the only son-in-law we have!!
    by lcummins at 08/21/05 4:12PM
  • lcummins
    Shelby - are you working on our goal for November?? hummmm
    by lcummins at 08/21/05 4:13PM
  • ektustin
    I'd make sure you change your password so he can't continue posing as someone else.
    by ektustin at 08/22/05 8:13PM
  • lcummins
    He isn't very trustworthy! You're right - I better change my password.
    by lcummins at 08/22/05 8:59PM
  • shel6y
    That is awesome...Mom, you figured it out...Jason thougth he was so funny when he did this hack job. He was doubled over laughing. Yes I am slowly working on our November goal, slow but sure.
    by shel6y at 08/22/05 9:07PM
  • becfie
    ok, I will bite. What is the November goal? You can't talk about it on here and not expect me to wonder!!!
    by becfie at 08/22/05 11:50PM
  • hardin
    i have no recollection of doing any such thing, and quite frankly, I'm offended even at the suggestion
    by hardin at 08/23/05 12:23AM
  • becfie
    liar, liar, pants on fire
    by becfie at 08/23/05 6:57AM
  • lcummins
    He has no recollection - the mind is the first to go!
    by lcummins at 08/23/05 7:51AM
  • angieprice
    lol...I can't believe that you would do that your MIL, after all she does for you. Wow, that's bad!
    by angieprice at 08/23/05 8:14AM
  • hardin
    ok...let's just SAY, for the kicks and giggles, that I WOULD stoop to such a's pretty funny that you and you fell for it...but of course, there's no fooling bekfy...she thinks...IF I would stoop to such a stunt...just for kicks and giggles
    by hardin at 08/23/05 10:11AM
  • shel6y
    Yeah, a big IF there.
    by shel6y at 08/23/05 10:15PM
  • angieprice
    I can see you getting loads of 'kicks and giggles' (as you refer to it) about having the power to deceive us and to make us THINK that she was writing all of this! :) It was kinda funny, though.
    by angieprice at 08/24/05 8:15AM
  • hoose
    And what's the November goal? I'm curious!!!
    by hoose at 08/26/05 3:40PM

Why am I so lucky?

Because he's so daughter is so lucky...
  • hardin
    wow...thanks for the great compliments
    by hardin at 08/18/05 11:04AM
  • angieprice
    Hey Loretta, so glad that you are joining the group of addicts, too! :) Miss you...
    by angieprice at 08/18/05 1:02PM