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it's official!!!! i'm certifiable. :)

I stood in line outside in the sun for 10 hours and 10 minutes yesterday. The reason? To audition for "Deal or No Deal". There were thousands of people-literally! They were having open auditions in Nashville at Opry Mills. We filled out an application that had questions about our most interesting qualities, our most embarrassing moments, etc.,... Then, when we finally got inside, we had 20 seconds to "sell ourselves". They had said on the news that there would still be people in line at 3:00 am. Can you imagine those poor people-the interviewers and hopefuls at 3:00?

There were some really nice people behind us and some crazies in front of us!! :) We had a college age Hooters girl in front of us with her 47 year old boyfriend. yikes! We saw way more of her than we wanted to all day!!! She was proud of her plastic surgeon. :) We also had a weird couple in front of them that would for no apparent reason intermittently yell "No Deal" at the top of her lungs! It was kind of disconcerting. :) And they kept trying to pick fights with other people in line. Then there were also Elvis impersonators, Santa Claus, and various other "characters"!

I did tell them that I'd locked Charles Barclay out of my car in the parking lot of a gas station once thinking he was a drug dealer. I'll save that story for another post later. So, if I hear from this I'll let you all know, but don't hold your breath!

After we had finished with all the hoopla, we went inside the mall and ate dinner. While we were waiting to be seated, we saw Dan King and his beautiful wife Kelly. They had their two cute kids with them! I have a picture of them I'll post of them when/if I have time and figure out how.
  • matermagistra
    My best friend from high school and her husband went up there to try out for that also. Maybe you saw them...
    by matermagistra at 04/30/07 1:07AM
  • bzyabsma
    Did you see Rhonda Andrews there? I heard her telling about her "20 seconds". Too funny.
    by bzyabsma at 04/30/07 6:45AM
  • neentothebean
    I can just imagine all you saw:) A day you will never forget:) That is too funny!! I hope you get on:)
    by neentothebean at 04/30/07 6:54AM
  • acurtis
    What a great story. Adam and I (well, really he did it just for me) went to Wheel of Fortune try outs a few years ago. Some crazies there too!
    by acurtis at 04/30/07 9:52AM
  • bridgetteh
    What fun! I would have loved just watching the people!:-) Hope you get on!!
    by bridgetteh at 04/30/07 10:50AM
  • bzyabsma
    We don't play Randolph much in anything anymore. Their record is comparable to ours this year, and they are 3A now, I believe. Wish us luck!!
    by bzyabsma at 05/01/07 1:55PM
  • bzyabsma
    Wait, you already did wish us luck! ha ha! Anyway, we're excited!
    by bzyabsma at 05/01/07 1:55PM
  • bama_momma_prezz
    Hey...Just wanted to say hi...I'm on pleo now...wonders never cease.... Love ya..Jennifer P.
    by bama_momma_prezz at 05/01/07 3:15PM
  • mreid72
    I didn't know John Haley married y'all! How did you him before your wedding?
    by mreid72 at 05/01/07 4:56PM
  • bzyabsma
    I've been seeing Delores a few times lately. She's helping give a banquet or something with the Ardmore Chamber of Commerce and they borrowed some of ABS' china and glassware for it, so she's been up there counting, sorting and loading it up to take to it tonight.
    by bzyabsma at 05/01/07 5:20PM
  • scline
    Good luck! I would love to watch you playing this game. Aaron and family on the side cheering you on! So much fun!
    by scline at 05/01/07 8:00PM
  • julied93
    I would LOVE to see you "selling yourself" in 20 seconds... too funny!
    by julied93 at 05/02/07 8:37AM
  • 71lespaulcustom
    Happy Birthday (from a random visitor)
    by 71lespaulcustom at 05/02/07 1:29PM
  • bama_momma_prezz
    Hey Sister ~ We can get together whenever it is good for you. The ball's in your court. You have MUCH more to schedule around with 3 small children than I do. We hope to visit at the meeting some next week too. David is a great speaker. Oh..and I am ALL ABOUT "Deal or No Deal". I could SOOO do that. I hope you get on.
    by bama_momma_prezz at 05/03/07 12:09PM
  • bridgetteh
    They did and to start off neither really cared about going! I got to thinking that I didn't even talk to you. I'm SO sorry! I was there, but had a million things on my mind!
    by bridgetteh at 05/03/07 11:22PM
  • julied93
    You DO have a b-day coming up, don't you? (5/9, correct?)
    by julied93 at 05/03/07 11:29PM
  • bridgetteh
    We are staying at All Star Sports. It's fine for no longer than we're actually in the rooms and we're doing the dining plan so I'll take a little less in room to make up for that!:-)
    by bridgetteh at 05/04/07 9:27AM
  • bridgetteh
    Would love to get together sometime!
    by bridgetteh at 05/04/07 9:28AM
  • bridgetteh
    So when is your b'day? Is it the 9th?
    by bridgetteh at 05/04/07 9:29AM
  • bridgetteh
    Well, happy 'early' birthday! Our anniversary is the 8th. It's just our family going this time.:-( We BEGGED my parents and Robin and Tony to go, but no luck. I'm so going to miss them! I told someone yesterday that's one advantage of not living so near family - you don't miss them that much when your gone! We're going to be gone almost two weeks so I really wish they were going!
    by bridgetteh at 05/04/07 12:04PM

Doing a Happy Dance! :)

I'm so excited!! We finished Natalie's schoolwork today and are now done for the summer! Woohoo!! She's had a great year and has worked hard (most of the time :) ). She's excited that she gets to go with Daddy to work tomorrow for a belated "Take your Daughter to Work Day". She'll see more ears than any other seven year old girl will ! :) She's been watching the calendar for weeks.

Now, it's time to work on our garden! Are you having a garden this year and if so, what are you planting? We are planning to have corn, green beans, squash, cucumbers, tomatoes, watermelons, cantaloupe and okra. We are also planning on having a few flowers in the garden too-- probably lots of zinnias. I LOVE to have a garden. The kids have really enjoyed it too. They love having all the time in the dirt! :)
  • julied93
    I can just see you doing the "moonwalk" right now! ;-) Your talk of zinnias reminds me of going to your grandmother's house to get wild flowers from her garden for my wedding. She had a lot of zinnias & I love them! As for a garden make sure you plant enough, so when I come to Athens I can stop by the "Johnson Market" & pick up my produce! ;-D
    by julied93 at 04/26/07 1:12PM
  • julied93
    I know you're glad to be done with school. Congrats!!
    by julied93 at 04/26/07 1:13PM
  • mreid72
    That garden sounds awesome. I wish we could have a garden, but alas, no place for it where we currently live. I would love for our next home to have some land so we could do one!
    by mreid72 at 04/26/07 1:40PM
  • bzyabsma
    I really want a garden this year, it hasn't been too successful in the past other than tomatoes (which I love, so that's good) and herbs (which I also love) - but I would love a salad garden, as well as a couple of bean plants and squash. I like to have flowers in there, too. YAY for school being out! (we only have 3 1/2 weeks)
    by bzyabsma at 04/26/07 4:35PM
  • hsv_hoot
    I kill everything. I adore people who can garden. I would love to learn someday... but, if it requires watering everyday, I am afraid the plants would not make it. :o)
    by hsv_hoot at 04/26/07 5:13PM
  • bridgetteh
    LUCKY YOU and NATALIE!:-) Blair is definitely on the 'countdown'. I can at see the light at the end of the tunnel. David has been done for about a month now and that's been great! Enjoy your new free time!
    by bridgetteh at 04/26/07 5:40PM
  • julied93
    I'll only be in Athens Tuesday. The girls have a dentist appt. on Monday afternoon, so I'll leave after that & come back to Fayetteville on Wed. If your in town on Tues. maybe we could get together. A little visit is better than none to me!
    by julied93 at 04/26/07 8:22PM
  • julied93
    That's Tuesday May 22 BTW.
    by julied93 at 04/26/07 8:22PM
  • bridgetteh
    Summer is looking better and better with each passing day!:-)
    by bridgetteh at 04/27/07 12:48AM
  • neentothebean
    We are basically done with school too!! We are just doing some piddly work right now. Yeah!!!! I've got to get the garden planned out asap!!!
    by neentothebean at 04/27/07 2:16PM
  • rolltide14
    a garden is great we have cucumbers, squash and tomatoes. How is softball going? I hope she is having fun!
    by rolltide14 at 04/27/07 6:41PM
  • heatherdan
    it was great seeing you Monday night. I'm so glad you were taking photos. Did Jill Duke order or get me several of Rhett? We had to leave as soon as it was ove... cranky toddler at home! You must have decided to home school Natalie since she's already out- how's that worked out for you? We have 2 more years until Elijah starts but that will be here before we know it. We're planning on sending the kids to Bible School.
    by heatherdan at 04/27/07 10:40PM
  • mamap
    Well???? How did it go??????
    by mamap at 04/28/07 10:56PM

Lydia :)

I was thinking that I never post anything cute that Lydia says or does which is odd because she's soo funny! :) She turned two in January.

She was praying at bedtime/naptime (can't remember which) and was thanking God for mama, daddy, and a big list. She stopped abruptly and said, "Mmmm, not talk 'a God anymore". :)

He is one of her favorite people! She follows him around calling him "Fwockie". (his name is rocky for those who don't know him) She also loves his girlfriend!!

Lydia is fun, talkative, an instigator, an accomplice and a wonderful daughter! :) She still hasn't stopped surprising us and I doubt she will for a long time yet. ;)
  • beep_girl
    How cute!
    by beep_girl at 04/21/07 7:14PM
  • amyjane72
    taking photos of coach stallings is awesome! i wish i could go to that as well. have a wonderful time and give him a hearty roll tide for me! :)
    by amyjane72 at 04/22/07 9:45PM
  • txwhittlec
    very sweet. :)
    by txwhittlec at 04/23/07 10:32AM
  • jhagan
    Your message to Truitt has been sent.
    by jhagan at 04/23/07 12:28PM
  • bamagirl89
    aww :) i love lydia. she's so funny. i had a great time hanging out with your kids the other day too.
    by bamagirl89 at 04/23/07 4:07PM
  • daroc
    I love that little punk.
    by daroc at 04/24/07 10:31PM
  • mamap
    She is SUCH a cutie! It just melts my heart when she proclaims, "Hi Nancy!"
    by mamap at 04/25/07 12:19AM
  • amyjane72
    i bet coach stallings was awesome! i can't wait to see your photos.
    by amyjane72 at 04/25/07 7:31AM
  • jesspico
    How sweet!! :)
    by jesspico at 04/26/07 8:15AM

Random Spring Things...

I absolutely love spring!!! The kids and I bought azaleas and flowers to plant. Does anyone else feel the need to buy out the garden center at Lowe's during Spring?

Here is a poem that my Natalie (age 7) wrote for our Homeschool Celebration to recite. This is her first poem and I think she did very well. This talent did not come from me! :)

Oh Spring (by Natalie Johnson)
The daffodils are blooming,
The sun is so bright,
Oh, what a joy it is ,
It is springtime alright.

I can smell the spring air.
It is such a joy to me,
The trees are flowering,
Oh, what a sight to see.

I'll try to post some pictures of my kids in their Easter duds. I made the girls' outfits and thankfully you won't be close enough to see the flaws! :)

Have a great weekend!
  • acurtis
    What a sweet poem. I LOVE spring so much. Luckily I held off on planting any spring flowers, but everything else is dead because it got I am really ready for spring! Can't wait to see pictures.
    by acurtis at 04/13/07 7:17AM
  • mreid72
    Wow...7 years old writing that? That's great. Yes, I love spring too. It's probably my favorite season because of all the flowers and trees blooming. There's such a renewal of everything and it's beautiful. One of the reasons I didn't like living in Florida very much was there was no contrast between "winter" and spring. You couldn't really tell much of a difference, especially with flowers and trees.
    by mreid72 at 04/13/07 7:57AM
  • julied93
    Sounds like a "budding" little poet you've got there! ;-)
    by julied93 at 04/13/07 9:28AM
  • scline
    Cute poem! Yes I am love to spend time in the garden area at Lowe's or Home Depot. We planted a few flowers already but I want to plant more!
    by scline at 04/13/07 9:50AM
  • txwhittlec
    Great job on the poem, Natalie...much better than I can do! :) I love spring too...the flowers are so beautiful! We had a garden last year and I loved it! But we are too busy for that this year with a new baby and all. Happy Spring to you! :)
    by txwhittlec at 04/13/07 11:20AM
  • rolltide14
    she did so good on the poem.
    by rolltide14 at 04/13/07 11:21PM
  • mamap
    She also did a GREAT job reciting it! No fear in that child! ;)
    by mamap at 04/14/07 1:48AM
  • hsv_hoot
    Hey, Paula is a grazer. She just reads up on everyone. I have tried to encourage her to get on, but, I have not succeeded.

    BTW: Natalie wrote a very good poem. So thoughtful
    by hsv_hoot at 04/14/07 10:35AM
  • neentothebean
    Thank you so much for your birthday wishes!!!

    and WOW!!! Natalie did such an awesome job!!! Great poem!! She is definetely talented:)
    by neentothebean at 04/15/07 2:54PM
  • bzyabsma
    Good to see you today. And I meant it when I said I think you look good as you are. :) I'll probably see you next Monday, too (I'm workin' at the fun fun)
    by bzyabsma at 04/16/07 5:00PM
  • bluebonnetmom
    I am glad you liked the taco soup. One of the college guys was commenting Sunday how much he "loved" the soup. He then mentioned that he "hated" tomatoes ... The funny thing is that I had put an extra can of tomatoes in at the last minute to "stretch it further" ... He ate 3+ bowls -- tomatoes and all.
    by bluebonnetmom at 04/17/07 2:02PM
  • bridgetteh
    Hey Laurie! Just going to let you know that I'm making her recipe that she posted tonight for dinner. Don't know if you've had a chance to try it yet, but just in case, I can already tell that it's going to be YUMMY!:-)
    by bridgetteh at 04/17/07 3:15PM
  • bridgetteh
    I saw your post in "What's for Dinner" after I had posted to you!:-) You're right, it does smell good! Hope you enjoy yours too!
    by bridgetteh at 04/17/07 4:40PM
  • bzyabsma
    Yes, you can come see the kittens, I wish you could have one!
    by bzyabsma at 04/17/07 8:56PM
  • kpavlicek are ya?
    by kpavlicek at 04/18/07 7:24AM
  • sarahsmile
    I love love love carrot cake!
    by sarahsmile at 04/18/07 11:07AM
  • hsv_hoot
    Hey, it was good to see you too! You looked so pretty!
    by hsv_hoot at 04/19/07 3:49PM
  • bridgetteh
    We enjoyed it too! Will we see you on Friday? We've got a year 'under our belts' now! Not quite as scary as this time last year!:-)
    by bridgetteh at 04/20/07 12:53AM
  • beep_girl
    Thank you!! Yeah, it's tough but rewarding. I got my degree in Special Education so this is my "field of study". It's just that the school is really different and I'm having a difficult time "fitting in". We'll see! I will also get you the lessons from our gospel meeting this week!
    by beep_girl at 04/21/07 2:14PM
  • bluebonnetmom
    sleeping in was great!!!!!
    by bluebonnetmom at 04/21/07 2:27PM