I am dealing with distrust

Did you ever trust someone who you thought was your sister not in christ but, family and then have them stab you in the back?
If it were not for my church family I do not think I could ever confide in anyone EVER AGAIN!!
  • lauressa
    Thank you so much I really do appreciate it:) I think for now I am just gonna hang out here though I really do like my job and I need something to keep my mind off of things.
    by lauressa at 05/27/08 6:25PM
  • lauressa
    Danny will not be at church this Sunday i didn't know if he told you, he will not be back until the weekend after this weekend the 7th of june witch is infact is his B-Day
    by lauressa at 05/27/08 6:28PM
  • lauressa
    Andrea is picking me up for church tommorrow so I will see u then
    by lauressa at 05/27/08 6:31PM
  • bekka
    I do understand how you fell, I am currently dealing with this is my family I try not to think about it, because it nothing I can fix, but none the less it still hurts and I guess it always will.
    by bekka at 05/28/08 8:30AM
  • bekka
    Is there anything I can do? I'm always will to listen.
    by bekka at 05/28/08 8:31AM
  • indiansgothedistance
    I am very sorry about that. I do know how that can be it has happened to a lot of people. I am just sorry it had to happen to you.
    by indiansgothedistance at 08/07/08 7:58AM

Hoping I can cope with absente Husband

I headed into this trying to be positive but, it is
so hard to keep that mentality. I really am doing ok I guess.I have had some off days but, I guess that will be expected until I get used to him being gone.
I think what I miss the most is just knowing that he is lying next to me every night when I go to sleep. Keeping me warm
and cozy. I do not really get scared, being alone just lonley.
I think to much when I am by myself. I try to keep busy though but, I have this bad habbit of staying up to late when by myself. I used to have to have Danny make me go to bed with him or if I went to bed before him I was alright. But, if he fell asleep before me I would stay up all night. I know it sounds crazy:0 Oh well I hope I can adjust with God all things are possible right!
  • curlie
    I felt that way when Ethan was away. Keeping busy really does help. Let's get together and take the kids to the park or something sometime. Nights are harder, but if you're working on a hobby or trying to do something for yourself (paint your nails or something after the kids go to bed ;)), it can make it go by more quickly.
    by curlie at 05/06/08 10:15AM
  • bekka
    Henry traveled alot when our kids was little, so I was by myself most every week, it does get lonely, but keep yourself busy, find a hobby , watch a move, read a book, any thing to keep your mind off of being alone. and remember you have friends.
    by bekka at 05/06/08 12:52PM
  • lauressa
    Ty guys I guess I just needed to feel like it is ok that I do miss him and that it will be a major adjustment for me.
    by lauressa at 05/06/08 4:53PM
  • lovestheocean
    Lets get together.
    by lovestheocean at 05/09/08 7:43PM
  • curlie
    by curlie at 05/10/08 6:41PM

I have been very encouraged this week

This week is our lectchure ship. Mark has done a great job:) I have been inspired this week, I only hope and pray that we reach someone who has not yet obeyed the gospel.I know there are many who have been revived though and this is a very good thing.
See those of you from Norwalk Church Of Christ and all those who will be visiting tommorow night.