and to those who sit along the fire...

revenge is a dish best served cold
-spanish proverb
  • fullofgrace
    that's a klingon proverb.
    by fullofgrace at 05/29/07 12:37AM

you're the truth... not i

les amants et l'amour qu'il a eu la
parfois Dieu semble dire au revoir
gardez nez votre a la mer
et vous trouverez...
le monde etiez attende juste
  • curlie
    San Diego? Hope you're doing well! :)
    by curlie at 04/10/07 8:32AM
  • pinelape
    hi :)
    by pinelape at 04/10/07 10:07AM
  • pinelape
    by the way thank you for those beautiful words :) you are Jeremiah from camp Noah ? right
    by pinelape at 04/10/07 10:11AM
  • emilitta
    Jeremiah!!!! Oh man, I have missed you so so much!!
    Email me soon at
    [email protected]
    Soon SOON!
    by emilitta at 04/10/07 6:15PM
  • ladymustang_08
    um no hable french? lol
    by ladymustang_08 at 04/10/07 10:23PM
  • abrahamp
    Can i get a translation....plz?
    by abrahamp at 04/28/07 5:38PM
  • turtle_girl
    P.S. Dieu ne dit jamais au revoir....
    by turtle_girl at 05/07/07 4:10PM

well this is another fine mess you've gotten us into

"I didn't mean to Ollie!" :-(

-poor Stan
  • ladymustang_08
    well at least we've FINALLY heard from you.. sheesh you sure have alot of us worried! be safe! Jason elmore is out there in California with the Airforce. how ironic!
    by ladymustang_08 at 04/07/07 12:55AM

wouldn't ya know

it's been awhile since i even had the remote interest to get on the computer, but since i was here thought i would change a thing or two, will be posting more in the near future, but for now, to the few who might still be checking this page, this is hello from an old friend... on the fifth of april in the year two-thousand and seven, i am currently in san diego california, in the united states navy and life has me in it's headlights,the world is my oyster, watch me
  • abrahamp
    Hey Jeremiah glad to hear from ya. Glad to see ur spirits are high. God bless you man. Have fun in Califronia!!!!
    by abrahamp at 04/05/07 9:52PM

parasitical anecdote

where are the true men dead?
in the heart or in the head?
  • fullofgrace
    minnie driver.

    grosse point blank.
    by fullofgrace at 01/31/06 4:15PM
  • mischief_mayhem_soap
    by mischief_mayhem_soap at 01/31/06 4:47PM
  • fullofgrace
    the pleasures of love only last for a moment...but the sorrows of love last for all time/life?...protect me from my desires...

    french REALLY isn't my thing....
    by fullofgrace at 01/31/06 10:24PM
  • abrahamp
    Man i wish i could come and c u
    by abrahamp at 02/02/06 10:46PM