So it's been a little while...

Those of you on Facebook know that life has NOT slowed down for me since the wedding.. But thats a good thing as many say it keeps me out of trouble ;).

I've been sick with a bad cold or case of the flu (I belive I've had a fever and so thats why I am pretty sure it was the flu). I stayed home from work on Monday and did a half day on Tuesday. Its been a long week!!! It is very difficult to sleep when you can't breathe!!! Add a Charley horse on Wednesday night (that is still slightly tight and not completely gone away) and it makes it very difficult to sleep!!! This weekend I am planning to do nothing but rest!!! (Scott is always telling me to take a break because he knew I would get sick like this.... sometimes he knows whats best for me ;-) ). So I figured since I am doing nothing tonight (except watch Christmas movies!) that I would give a little update.

I was lucky to take a Special Education Teaching Assistant position as a Job Coach for a program called P-STEP this year. (I started working there in September) I absolutely love working with this group of students. They are 18-22 years old but still qualify for services. We teach them job skills in the Workshop where I work. They spend part of their day learning life skills such as budgeting, grocery shopping, making and planning meals, and attending various community trips at another school and half their day with us! I was lucky enough to have a field experience with the life skills portion a few years back and fell in love with the program. I've learned a lot and am taking notes for when I hopefully have my own classroom! The hardest part of it is that when they turn 22 they have to stop coming, we've had two students "age out" so far and one more will over Christmas break and so they will not return. I am very sad about our next one, as the student has been an absolute blast to work with!!!

I also was lucky, in that the school I work at is Plainfield North and my former bowling coach (from Freshman year of high school) is the athletic director there. He recommended that I apply for the open girls bowling coaching positions at Plainfield East, and so this year I am also the Girls Assitant Bowling coach! It has been a crazy ride but I am enjoying it!
In my free time I babysit for a few families nearby and sometimes I watch my niece! I am looking forward to having two weeks off from the workshop, (but we have three bowling tournaments and four days of practice over break so I won't be having too much down time)

In the meantime I continue to "lurk" on facebook and pleonast, not really posting much but always following everyone else!!!
  • whipsmile
    I didn't know you were the ads bowling coach! Cool.
    by whipsmile at 12/14/12 6:37PM
  • nchantment4u
    Let us know if you're coming out to DeKalb for a tournament!
    by nchantment4u at 12/14/12 6:45PM
  • nchantment4u
    Four Seasons Bowling alley or Mardi Gras Lanes?
    by nchantment4u at 12/15/12 7:27PM
  • kimbrena
    Thank you!! I hope you have an amazing year as well! :) Sounds like you have been busy!
    by kimbrena at 01/11/13 8:00PM
  • nchantment4u
    remind me again when you are coming to DeKalb!
    by nchantment4u at 01/13/13 2:57PM
  • nchantment4u
    Me too!! There will be 330 guests so please feel free to come tap me on the shoulder in case i don't find you!! :-)
    by nchantment4u at 06/05/13 10:36PM

Yes I owe an update...

But I haven't had time yet..


I wanted to make sure I'm not crazy, in our town house we have a spare bedroom. This will one day become a baby room (And I can't wait for that day but it's not yet!). In the room for now is the spare bed and his dresser (trying to keep our room nice and spacious) and the extra TV (long story there). Anyways, he was shocked the other day when I mentioned that when a baby comes along we will have to move the extra tv to our room. (Also long story short, I don't want our room to be the TV watching room, I wanted it to be a nice cozy place to read and just cuddle before bed without alot of TV time). So for now his old tv (because we got a deal with DirectTV so he found a deal on a new big TV that went in the living room and his old tv went in the spare room). Anyways, the point is that I can't believe he thought that the TV would stay in the babys room! I know he hasn't been around alot of kids, but I guess it was just normal that you don't put tv's (especially a large one like this that will be taking up valuable space for baby things) in the babys room! We have plenty of time to figure it out but I had never heard of that idea before so it really surprised me. Of course, there aren't alot of things that don't surprise me as we get used to living together :)

So am I going crazy in that I will want to move the extra TV or am I crazy that my husband thought the TV would stay there?

** Speaking of little kids, Scott successfully put his first baby to sleep yesterday during church! We recently traded Zoe back to Lauren for Mark, hehe that sounds funny, and so when we came up from Bible class I handed Mark to Scott so I could hold Zoe for a few minutes while her mama grabbed some diapers. He then proceeded to keep the little guy and rocked him to sleep! Scott quickly learned that holding sleeping babies is hard work! :) He was very proud of himself which was pretty cool to see!
  • kattath
    TVs are not typical decor items for nurseries... This might be a sign ya'll need to wait a while so he can learn a little more about children... ;)
    by kattath at 07/23/12 10:45AM
  • srching4trth
    by srching4trth at 07/23/12 3:02PM
  • whipsmile
    Way to go Scott!
    by whipsmile at 07/29/12 3:07PM


I had typed a new update, but then got distracted at work with a visitor (was typing on my break) and then my coworker came and updated some things and restarted my computer.. hence the update is lost! But i'll type something soon!
  • whipsmile
    i'm sure it was amazing.
    by whipsmile at 07/09/12 8:50PM
  • tab
    Miss you! Can't wait to see you, going to be in Joliet in a couple of weeks :)
    by tab at 07/10/12 8:59AM
  • kattath
    Hey there married lady! Can't wait to hear about it...
    by kattath at 07/10/12 9:18AM

Peace out! Ireland here we come!!

I will be leaving my laptop at home and tomorrow we are staying at the hotel and running what seems like a Bazillion errands and last minute details for the wedding!

Be back June 25th! :)
  • tab
    by tab at 06/13/12 11:41PM
  • wifelet
    You're leaving your laptop at home? But, how will you change your fb status to "married"?? ;-)

    Love y'all, and can't wait to see you all gussied up tomorrow! :)
    by wifelet at 06/14/12 2:11PM
  • srching4trth
    She has a smartphone ;)
    by srching4trth at 06/14/12 6:37PM
  • whipsmile
    Have a blast!!!!!!
    by whipsmile at 06/16/12 11:47AM

9 DAYS!!!


So exciting!

Please pray that Scott will be able to close on the townhouse we are buying before the wedding! :)
  • wifelet
    Wheeeee! :) If you need any last minute help with anything, let me know!
    by wifelet at 06/06/12 9:10AM
  • tab
    Days are flying by!! See you Friday! :)
    by tab at 06/06/12 9:45PM
  • kattath
    I'm so excited for you dear!
    by kattath at 06/07/12 4:30PM