It has been a while

It has been quite a while since I posted here on pleo. To be honest, I don't know for sure why I stopped. I plan to return to posting here from time to time though.

I maintain my facebook page, but it will be good to keep up with brethren here as well.

So, hello again to you all!
  • preacherdavetx
    It's been such a while I forgot you were even on here! Hope your Tyler trip is going well.
    by preacherdavetx at 08/07/10 10:26AM

Friend's site

I want to invite any and all to

This is a site that was created by a consiberal friend of mine, and it contains many Bible study helps.

Also, it contains numerous discussion forums which are open to discuss Bible topics. He also is posting a copy of the Garner-Jones Debate on church sponsored social meals.

I think it would be a good idea to get some sound brethren there who may have an influence upon those who may be seeking the truth.
  • preacherdavetx
    Thanks for the heads up.
    by preacherdavetx at 01/21/09 9:15PM
  • aggieman
    hahahaha that comment really cracked me up
    by aggieman at 02/11/09 9:00PM
  • preacherdavetx
    Of course :)
    by preacherdavetx at 02/12/09 10:11PM
  • ethan
    Taylor hu not bad
    by ethan at 02/16/09 9:48PM
  • preacherdavetx
    Will do. I caught word of that plot a few weeks back. I'll be sure and deliver a really "special" lesson Friday night.
    by preacherdavetx at 02/20/09 11:43AM
  • leprechaun_preacher
    Kurt, I will never leave you or forsake you.
    by leprechaun_preacher at 02/21/09 12:44AM

Garner-Jones Debate

I have posted my response to Brother Garner, including the charts. Feel free to peruse the debate and let me know what you think. What do I need to add, or say differently? Also any other general comments.
  • preacherdavetx
    by preacherdavetx at 11/27/08 9:45AM
  • preacherdavetx
    I did read the debate also. You did a fine job. We've been discussing some of those same topics in our classes recently.
    by preacherdavetx at 01/11/09 10:17PM

The Dumas City Commission

This is the last straw. The city commission of Dumas is ridiculous. In the time I have lived here they have:

1.Voted to put the families of Dumas at risk by voting to put a drug rehab center in a residential area- Lowering property values of the homes in the general vicinity.

2. Turned several streets in the city including the street in front of my house into a one-way street- Lowering property values on all the homes on those streets.

3. They voted to allow a low income govt. subsidized housing complex in the west end of town, which substantially lowered property values of homes there.

4. An now are planning to violate my, and other citizen's property rights. They want an ordinance that will tell people they can not store their travel trailers in their front lawns, and that that people cannot work on cars in view of the open public. And I guarantee you Their excuse will be that they don't want to lower property values! why in the world do we all the sudden care about property values?

"The very Idea!"

Rest assured, if they pass this I will do all that I can to see each and every one of them defeated in up coming elections, even if it means me running myself.

I'm opposed to the ordinance, but if they want to pass it, at least send it to a referendum!
  • ninja_penguin
    Run for office. We need Christians in positions of power.
    by ninja_penguin at 10/23/08 1:51PM
  • shaft
    Travel trailers in the front lawn is one thing, but working on your car in front of the house is a Texas tradition.
    by shaft at 10/23/08 2:32PM
  • kurtgjones
    I know that's right Bryan!
    by kurtgjones at 10/23/08 2:34PM
  • preacherdavetx
    KJ For City Commish!!!!!
    by preacherdavetx at 10/23/08 3:30PM
  • kurtgjones
    Yep! That's it
    by kurtgjones at 10/23/08 5:12PM
  • aggieman
    I'd vote for you
    by aggieman at 10/23/08 9:50PM
  • kurtgjones
    Oh I'm sure they will pass it, and probably unanamously. I doubt they consider sending it to a Referendum. But Rest assured that I will be ready to remind folks of all of their nonsene in May
    by kurtgjones at 10/27/08 3:19PM
  • kurtgjones
    Oh, and Mike's ok...I just think some of the things they have done are stupid. The funny thing is, I used to never care about city Government, until I became a homeoner myself.
    by kurtgjones at 10/27/08 3:21PM
  • kim_boo i didn't make it. we actually found it at Target. He has a very contagious smile..
    by kim_boo at 11/03/08 11:03AM
  • preacherdavetx
    Hey Kurt. If you get some time today, stop by and vote for this guy! It's a vote that is worth your time. God Bless!
    by preacherdavetx at 11/04/08 2:29PM

David's First Negative

Hey folks,

The Debate continues and David has posted his first negative. I have begun writing my response, but feel free to email me with comments or things that sick out and need to be addressed. Also, if you have any ideas of how to answer or word arguments I will welcome those also.

Anyhow, thanks for following the Debate.
  • shaft
    Kurt, I have a question in regards to Bro. Garner's comments. He wrote "...Kurt agrees that it is okay to have a potluck (where the members bring the food) in the building., yet I never saw you write anything close to that matter. I hope you are planning a response to that.
    by shaft at 10/23/08 2:49PM
  • kurtgjones
    Indeed I have responded in my next article. He has added words to my mouth, and even though I pointed out in my first article that I was opposed the the church, planning, funding, or otherwise supporting the meal for social purposes
    by kurtgjones at 10/23/08 5:45PM