Who's going to Lectures?

Raise your hand! :-)
  • heatheronthehill
    *raises hand* (but I think you already knew that!)
    by heatheronthehill at 01/10/12 2:22PM
  • sallyanne
    The kids and I are planning on it. Sadly we will most likely have to leave Jonathan behind because of the price of putting the dogs in a kennel and, even if we budgeted that in, he might still stay back if Jonathan II can't get the time off work. Either way, the girls and Josh and I will be there! Last year we took LOTS of FL trips since J II was there. This year. Zero. We haven't been there since lectures. So, though we'll be there, we'll be dividing time between attending the lectures and visting our family.

    Can't wait to see you there!
    by sallyanne at 01/10/12 2:23PM
  • nillabarr
    YAY! Can't wait to see all three of you!!
    by nillabarr at 01/10/12 3:23PM
  • bestill
    hand in the air here!
    by bestill at 01/10/12 4:14PM
  • MexicanJewel
    by MexicanJewel at 01/10/12 9:29PM
  • firebolt
    I wish! :)
    by firebolt at 01/10/12 9:29PM
  • she_seeks_wool
    we r not going to lectures...the last "pregnant Florida" trip is too fresh in my mind...bleh....and I rarely read my wall on FB...so any messages that folks write to me..I usually don't see for days..haha
    by she_seeks_wool at 01/11/12 10:07AM
  • she_seeks_wool
    ok, I found it on the Denver Mattress Co. website: http://www.furniturerow.com/DenverMattressCo/iComfort-Renewal-Refined-Mattress-Group/Serta-iComfort-Renewal-Refined-King-Mattress-Set/prod700413/

    It is squishy and soft, having both memory foam and gel...has a 20 year warranty I think, and has the right amount of support we both are looking for...Wes likes firmer and I like softer...it really molds just to your body...and it has the cooling factor, which is supposed to take heat away from your body. Wes is a hot sleeper, and he has really enjoyed this aspect. My body temp is up now too, and it is cooling to the touch.

    the first couple of pics look exactly like our new headboard. It is a sleigh bed with no footboard...LOVE it!! Wes picked it out too...LOL...he is a great furniture shopper!! Denver mattress treated us pretty good...we went to every furniture store in town and kept coming back...to us, nothing else compared to it.

    by she_seeks_wool at 01/12/12 3:57PM
  • crazy_mama
    I'm excited!!! I was just telling Frederic tonight that I can't think of anyone that I know that is coming to town. Oops...I was wrong!
    by crazy_mama at 01/25/12 1:29AM
  • she_seeks_wool
    When are u all thinking of coming up here this year??? or are you?? LOL
    by she_seeks_wool at 01/25/12 9:47AM
  • granny
    I wish . . .
    by granny at 02/01/12 2:53PM
  • crazy_mama
    What time and place? I would love to get together. I am helping host a bridal shower on Sunday night and I have a few things going on Monday but we'll see what I can do! I would love to see you.
    by crazy_mama at 02/03/12 9:44PM
  • heatheronthehill
    Not bad, actually! I was fairly comfortable during the ride home and I'm so thankful. I start doing ice and heat on my neck today.
    by heatheronthehill at 02/11/12 12:57PM
  • sallyanne
    Thank you!! We think of you often. That visit was just amazing! Love you!
    by sallyanne at 03/02/12 12:41AM

Thought provoking post...

My friend Kristin posted something very thought-provoking (and spared me the time of typing all this out myself ;-)), so I wanted to share. I'd love to read everyone's thoughts on it!

Read here: Pandora Opens Boxes
  • canardmom23
    As a Catholic many of that did not apply to me, simply not problems we have since meeting in a Church kinda takes out the worries of 'is my house clean enough'. But I can relate to those who contain their fellowship to a mere hour or so a week, it should be more than that.
    by canardmom23 at 11/10/11 10:27AM
  • pandora
    This is interesting, and actually I came over here to leave a completely different comment for Kristin but I saw your comment Canardmom23, and I thought I'd share this real quick-

    I think the fact that we as Christians expect everyone's houses to be "clean enough" for company is part of the problem, just one of the many barriers to our fellowship. Clean houses just aren't what true family and hospitality are about. One thing I would like to see 21'st century believers of all kinds do more of is be more accepting of "not clean enough." I have been in houses that were spotless where I felt awkward and unwelcomed, and I have been in some pretty messy places where I felt so much at home. If we would all learn to welcome one another with open arms whether or not our houses were clean, that would be a beautiful thing. :-)
    by pandora at 11/10/11 1:49PM
  • pandora
    Um, anyway. Sorry! lol. Kristin, I just wanted to tell you I'm excited you were encouraged by my posts and that you've been able to find true fellowship. I also have a review in my head of The Hunger Games, just haven't put it down yet. Two year olds being two year olds, you understand.
    by pandora at 11/10/11 1:51PM
  • jodimn
    I really loved meeting you at hscamp! Hopefully we'll see each other next year before it's time to leave :)
    by jodimn at 11/22/11 8:46AM

Homeschool Campout...

was amazingly AWESOME! I want to say more about it when I get a few minutes... busy now with re-organizing all the 10 loads of laundry (one of those was diapers) in order to re-pack for a trip to the beach!
  • homeschoolmomma23
    by homeschoolmomma23 at 10/06/11 12:11PM
  • crazy_mama
    I so wish we could have gone but seeing that we had a 2 day old baby it just didn't seem like a good time for us!! Maybe next year!!
    by crazy_mama at 10/06/11 1:21PM
  • canardmom23
    have fun
    by canardmom23 at 10/06/11 10:16PM
  • quiltedmama
    We were all very sad to miss it this year. The kids had been making plans of what to bring (swords and such) since last fall.
    by quiltedmama at 10/07/11 1:10PM
  • jenlew21
    LOL! Toady is my laundry day as well, still got 2 loads to do, I do try to do one a day and then just have the bedding as extra on the weekend/early week. Not so overwhelming then. :)
    by jenlew21 at 10/08/11 11:55AM
  • beavermom
    Wish we had known about it when our kids were still kids! Maybe we could come as counselors/singing instructors? ;)
    by beavermom at 10/09/11 6:13PM
  • she_seeks_wool
    yes I would love to hear A names from your kiddos...GIRL A names :)
    by she_seeks_wool at 10/23/11 9:03PM

Pleonast is slow.

I don't just mean that there is little activity. I mean it's been *moving* really slowly for me. You'd think it was BUZZING with activity the way it moves...

Anyone else having this issue?
  • crazy_mama
    No I'm not. It's nice to see you on here! But you are right...not too much activity going on around here!
    by crazy_mama at 08/31/11 2:05PM
  • flowerchild82
    Yep, I've been having that problem too.
    by flowerchild82 at 08/31/11 2:22PM
  • keithsluv
    Maybe its the hurricane? I know Facebook has had a lot of issues the past week
    by keithsluv at 08/31/11 9:57PM
  • keithsluv
    PS I hope the bloody noses are over, for now ;)
    by keithsluv at 08/31/11 9:57PM
  • be_with_me_lord
    No, it seems fine, knock on wood ;-)
    by be_with_me_lord at 08/31/11 10:38PM
  • MexicanJewel
    Yep, me too.
    by MexicanJewel at 08/31/11 10:59PM
  • kristindoula
    Kim, this has been an issue for me for WEEKS, if not months. Definitely not the hurricane. ;-)
    by kristindoula at 09/01/11 7:47AM
  • quiltedmama
    My computer is so slow, I wouldn't notice if Pleo was. :P But I'm making do with a several year old computer that is actually the kids' in an effort to save money for our European adventure!
    by quiltedmama at 09/01/11 10:01AM
  • beavermom
    Occasionally, but our internet is slow in general. I think it's time for you to post some new pics! ;)
    by beavermom at 09/01/11 4:17PM
  • canardmom23
    by canardmom23 at 09/07/11 11:23AM
  • jk
    Oops! Help, I accidentally left the crunchy moms group! I was trying to search entries and accidentally clicked too fast and left the group :) Can you invite me back please? :)
    by jk at 09/17/11 1:23PM
  • granny
    I read your comment on Wendy's blog and just wanted to tell you how glad I am you ended up enjoying the camp. I know my son and family surely do enjoy those times. Must be quite a challenge for you at times with a little one and older ones at a camp.
    by granny at 10/02/11 12:27AM
  • deputyheadmistress
    Yep, it's a black flip flop type slipper. And the towel did look older- at first I thought it was one of ours.=)
    Funny about the milk- I wondered, because it was skim, but none of the rest of us owned up to it, either, LOL.

    It really is hard to integrate yourself into what appears to be an established group when you are tethered by feisty little ones, wandering big ones (like my dad), or just anybody who requires you to give half your attention to them at all times (our Angel)- add exhaustion to that, and it can be really painful. Glad things got better for you.

    I loved getting a chance to meet you in person and visit.
    by deputyheadmistress at 10/02/11 8:58AM

Happy 11th Birthday, Micah Kenneth!

We Love You, Bubba!

  • she_seeks_wool
    Have a great day big boy!
    by she_seeks_wool at 06/23/11 3:02PM
  • jenlew21
    Happy B-day!! :)
    by jenlew21 at 06/24/11 10:24AM
  • sallyanne
    :) Happy Birthday!
    by sallyanne at 06/24/11 10:10PM
  • beavermom
    Happy birthday!
    by beavermom at 06/24/11 10:36PM
  • canardmom23
    Happy Birthday~
    by canardmom23 at 06/25/11 2:44PM
  • she_seeks_wool
    sorry to be so preoccupied...I keep meaning to ask about Levi's little arm. Hope it is recovering well. Are they going to xray it before they take the cast off???
    by she_seeks_wool at 07/27/11 10:20PM
  • keithsluv
    They xray'd Tessa's for progress of healing last week and Dr. said she will get hers off in 2 more weeks, but not sure if they will xray then, or not..would think so. I had forgot to ask about Levi too, but was sorry to hear about it for the poor lil guy...must be summer for broken bones :( My Sis broker her ankle & one of our library aids, as well as the librarian's son-also T's age- broke their arms as well.
    by keithsluv at 07/29/11 10:35PM
  • she_seeks_wool
    remind me again when u are coming...like the day...I have a terrible memory lately...are you thinking of stopping by HS camp...I think they would let you come just a day or two if you were able. Granny and Pop came last year for one night (they stayed with us) but we got it pre-approved for their meals n stuff !! It was fun too!!
    by she_seeks_wool at 08/01/11 4:34PM
  • she_seeks_wool
    might need to warn you about the HS reunion. I know you want to go, but mine was just held this past weekend...it was nothing but a bunch of drunk idiots and hangovers. Not the kind of people I would choose to hang around with. Maybe visit and leave early??
    by she_seeks_wool at 08/09/11 5:23AM
  • she_seeks_wool
    we are leaving that same weekend to head over to camp early this year. I am doing some crafts, and our reservations are for Sunday night. We thought about leaving on Sat...otherwise we may not see you all...but just Friday night. You HAVE to come to camp...even if it is for one day. It is so much fun!!!
    by she_seeks_wool at 08/09/11 5:24AM