08/01/07 10:34PM

yeeeah... i've had this pleonasty site for a long time and i figure it's about time i actually got on here and did something! i'm not really sure what to do, though... more later.

  • tacticalpreacher
    by tacticalpreacher at 08/02/07 8:01AM
  • wilbur
    Yeah yeah yeah!
    by wilbur at 08/20/07 11:23PM
  • rosemary
    just talk; it's all ya can do! happy day!
    by rosemary at 08/22/07 3:28PM
  • acurtis
    we can't figure out who you are...help please =)
    by acurtis at 08/28/07 4:01PM
  • kaylamarie
    by kaylamarie at 04/05/08 2:22AM
  • silly_nickel
    Lol it took me a minute to figure out who this was. Hey Kyle.:)
    by silly_nickel at 05/28/08 1:04PM