We have a local cupcakery that I love! I went to an event they did at a local outdoor mall, after they won Cupcake Wars on Food Network! I've gotten to know the family and they are SUPER sweet. They are having a contest right now, and I am neck in neck with another girl, trying to win 100 dollars worth of cupcakes!!!

PLEASE take a second and help me! Ask your husband, friends, post to your status, whatever you can do to help!
Thankyou SO Much!!


GO to Suite 106 Cupcakery on Facebook and tell them Sarah D referred you!!

Every referral helps! The contest ends Saturday at noon. If you want me to put in a plug for your business or whatever, I'm
happy to do it!

p.s. They ship all over the US
  • amyleigh
    Done. Mmmm...Cupcakes! What a worthy cause! :)
    by amyleigh at 12/17/10 3:42AM
  • kiss_the_rain
    Thanks amy!
    by kiss_the_rain at 12/17/10 11:30AM
  • bdoc
    Food Wars is hosted by my sister's former drama student.
    by bdoc at 12/17/10 6:31PM
  • kiss_the_rain
    That's cool Bryan!!
    by kiss_the_rain at 12/18/10 3:03AM
  • robynbobm
    Try the papaya enzymes! I have found them helpful, and they are more natural than Tums. :)
    by robynbobm at 04/05/11 4:41PM
  • kristindoula
    RAW ALMONDS for heartburn!!!
    by kristindoula at 04/09/11 10:01PM
  • tab
    Yep! Did you not see my comment? :)
    by tab at 04/27/11 10:07PM
  • mrs_worm
    I got the elephant centers yesterday for a bow for little girl! now to decide which color elephant, pink, darker pink, purple, teal, black??
    by mrs_worm at 06/03/11 10:46AM
  • robynbobm
    Hugs and love, Sarah.
    by robynbobm at 06/20/11 2:40PM
  • be_with_me_lord
    Happy Anniversary!
    by be_with_me_lord at 07/07/11 12:49PM
  • mrs_worm
    he's wearing a Sunbaby diaper in that picture, by the way!
    by mrs_worm at 09/10/11 8:26PM
  • split_rock
    Sorry -- I didn't think you were ever on pleo!
    by split_rock at 10/03/11 5:15PM
  • be_with_me_lord
    Happy First Mother's Day!
    by be_with_me_lord at 05/11/12 11:35AM
  • two
    by two at 09/18/12 10:09AM
  • two
    I was on fb for awhile, but it's too... something. I dunno.
    by two at 11/14/12 11:04AM
  • markolinux
    I've been trying to get back on here again, and away from facebook. Like he said... it's too..... something. Hard to say. It leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Or my eyes. Or something.

    I hope things are well with you. You were one of the early people here to welcome me. And you always brought smiles to whomever's blog you posted on!
    by markolinux at 02/22/14 7:42PM
  • two
    Your name lit up.
    by two at 07/10/16 2:54PM

02/18/10 12:18PM

Go buy some of Lehia's fabulous jewelry !!!

01/01/10 4:47PM

Happy New Year!!

I'm psyched for "Twenty Ten"- Last year was trying for many of us, so 2010 has to be better!
Heres to new challenges, new blessings, and much growth in the Lord in 2010!!

  • aleta
    Happy New Year to you and your hubby!
    by aleta at 01/01/10 5:31PM
  • 3rd_down
    amen sis!
    by 3rd_down at 01/01/10 7:46PM
  • momster
    Yes, praying for a much better year in 2010....Happy New Year to you and your hubby!!
    by momster at 01/02/10 8:22AM
  • AlanL
    Happy new year, Sarah!
    by AlanL at 01/02/10 9:41AM
  • crysi
    Happy New Year!
    by crysi at 01/04/10 9:59AM
  • preachersimon
    I pretty much beat the mono, but the day after Christmas my truck jumped out of gear and smashed my calf between the bumper and a brick wall. I may end up needing surgery!
    by preachersimon at 01/12/10 9:36AM
  • homeschoolmomma23
    We did not make it to in and out burger but we have heard tons about it. My BIL from Cali says its the best. I think he goes to the closest one as soon as he gets off the plane.
    by homeschoolmomma23 at 01/16/10 3:42PM
  • DessertDiva
    I think of the little clippies as more baby size then the other bows would probably work best in a toddler's hair, although many people buy the headbands taht you can clip alligator clip bows to and use those on their babies. I plan to model some of them on kids/babies soon if I can. :)
    by DessertDiva at 01/16/10 4:33PM
  • tu_madre
    i just pick easy ones, i guess (-: and expensive ones......
    by tu_madre at 02/07/10 4:27PM
  • mmswife
    Yay! Thank you!
    by mmswife at 02/18/10 1:12PM
  • cmvermont
    sarah, it looks like your pleo account got hacked..

    lol j/k ;)
    by cmvermont at 02/18/10 4:12PM
  • moe
    i agree
    by moe at 02/19/10 9:00AM
  • homeschoolmomma23
    Happy Birthday!
    by homeschoolmomma23 at 02/24/10 8:09AM
  • split_rock
    Happy Birthday, Sarah!
    by split_rock at 02/24/10 8:25AM
  • the_dow_dad
    Happy Birthday to my favorite daughter-in-law!!! I hope you have a wonderful day.
    by the_dow_dad at 02/24/10 10:08AM
  • alp1926
    Happy Birthday!!!
    by alp1926 at 02/24/10 9:21PM
  • AlanL
    Happy birthday, very late! :-)
    by AlanL at 03/01/10 10:00AM
  • WomensDevotional
    check me out if you get a chance... see what you think!
    by WomensDevotional at 03/18/10 1:14PM

11/27/09 4:44AM

I'm up for some Black Friday shopping!!

Target is the important one today, then Kohls. We will also hit Ulta..who's with me? :-)

Swag Bucks

Search & Win

I'm usually not a fan of stuff like this. However, this is totally different! You do very little work for actual payoff- no junk mail or hours spent for nothing. By using SwagBucks, you can get giftcards to, restaurant giftcards, electronics, baby stuff, clothes, music, airline miles and more. Its free, and requires very little effort to use.

You get "Swagbucks" by simply searching on the web. Sign up, download the toolbar (it attaches to your current browser's search), and start getting points. You can also gain points by finding codes on SB's blog, facebook page, and by looking around on

Even if you're a doubter, sign up to help me! Then you can decide if you want to go for some free giftcards and prizes.. :-)
It really works! If you do nothing else, using their search engine gets you SwagBucks.

Use the banner above to sign up, or click here!
*make sure the referral code stays in when you sign up- if you have to redo the form, it seems to erase it*

I have been doing this for a little over a week, and I already have enough Swag Bucks for a Giftcard + - that was about 15 minutes/day spent on this.
If you are online and use a search engine, you will get SwagBucks. Its that simple.

Search & Win
  • mrs_worm
    I've been using swags for a while. I often forget to use it to search since I have bookmarked most of my sites ... but... I have received 2 gift cards from it... so that's good!
    by mrs_worm at 11/13/09 11:10PM
  • mmswife
    Told you it was awesome!
    by mmswife at 11/14/09 12:07AM
  • firebolt
    Yeah, I was totally skeptical of swagbucks too --- now I have nearly 50 dollars in Amazon giftcards...haha. :D
    by firebolt at 11/14/09 7:48AM
  • dixiedawn
    I love Swagbucks! I've made a total of $80 off of it so far!!
    by dixiedawn at 11/14/09 8:26PM
  • christina
    by christina at 11/15/09 9:34AM
  • joeduren
    Shannon has been doing this too.
    by joeduren at 11/17/09 10:31AM
  • the_dow_dad
    Happy Thanksgiving 2009
    Miss You.
    by the_dow_dad at 11/26/09 2:50PM
  • desi
    We went to Kohl's and Target, too. Found some good stuff...
    by desi at 11/27/09 7:34PM
  • momster
    Went to Penneys, WalMart, and then they were packed...but we had fun.
    by momster at 11/27/09 9:50PM
  • be_with_me_lord
    Our trip was a success! Fun once again :)
    by be_with_me_lord at 11/28/09 1:01AM
  • crysi
    Not I. I hope you had fun shopping. Didn't get into any fights did ya?
    by crysi at 11/28/09 9:04AM
  • tu_madre
    i hit up target, best buy, dunham's and kohl's. and made a sonic run for my wife who had to work
    by tu_madre at 11/29/09 1:36PM
  • mrs_worm
    one of these days I'll get up early to do black friday again.... I guess it's been since Caden was just a year old that I went out.
    by mrs_worm at 11/29/09 2:08PM
  • sharon
    kohls was madness...but walmart was worse. target was perfect!
    by sharon at 12/03/09 5:08PM
  • snugglebug
    I'm using it now, my friend earned a free computer with swagbucks
    by snugglebug at 12/05/09 10:35AM
  • homeschoolmomma23
    We generally buy a bunch of our apple stuff from the referb store. I got my desktop from there.
    by homeschoolmomma23 at 12/11/09 2:44PM
  • two
    by two at 12/17/09 1:34PM
  • the_dow_dad
    Merry Christmas!
    Miss You!
    by the_dow_dad at 12/24/09 10:18AM