Shine A Light On Slavery Day

February 27th is a day set aside by the End IT movement to bring awareness to the issue of human slavery. Despite what some may think, slavery today is not even remotely close to what you may have thought. It isn't voluntary service where the slave becomes a "part of the family." Here's a little info about slavery today:

Slavery occurs when one person completely controls another person, using violence or the threat of violence to maintain that control, exploits them economically, pays them nothing and they cannot walk away. When you think about slavery, if you think about slavery, you probably associate it with the sex trade. And for good reason. 8 of 10 human trafficking cases worldwide involve the sex industry in one way or another. The others involve labor trafficking, people being made to work in sub-human conditions in factories and farms and shadow businesses worldwide.

You may not know much about this right now, but that doesn't mean you can't do anything. Tomorrow, join me and thousands around the world as we try and shine a light on slavery. Put a Red X on your hand. When people ask you what that's for, tell your world that slavery still exists and YOU WON’T STAND FOR IT. Just use your influence any way you can to help us carry the message of FREEDOM so even more people know. Let’s make this SHINE A LIGHT ON SLAVERY DAY even brighter than ever.


Slavery still exists. I want every man, woman and child to know that there are 27 million men, women and children, just like them, living in the shadows. Working as slaves. In 161 countries. Including our own. Let's shine a light on slavery and END IT!

It's been way too long since I posted here and I can't remember how to link to a youtube video. Take the 2 minutes and 47 seconds and copy this link into your browser.
  • whipsmile
    no idea there was that much still around. I knew it wasn't gone completely, but this is eye opening.
    by whipsmile at 01/21/14 10:59AM
  • iamyourfather
    Sorry to be pessimistic, but there will always be slavery somewhere. As soon as it is stomped out in one area it will rear its ugly head elsewhere. And it really isn't our business to try to fix problems halfway around the world. Finally, the Bible doesn't teach us to try to eradicate slavery, but rather how to deal with it when it does come up. Owners treat their slaves as brothers and slaves being obedient to masters. That is not popular, but it is what the Bible says.

    I think it far more important that we work towards freeing people from slavery to sin than worrying about earthly slavery, which is, afterall, temporary. Slavery to sin has eternal consequences.
    by iamyourfather at 02/19/14 5:49PM
  • AlanL
    That is ridiculous! Most slavery today is part of the sex trade. Even if not, it is absolutely wrong, regardless of what the Bible says.

    The Bible also says it's okay to kill every male child and woman "who has known man" of a country that you conquer, and if you want, you can pick out a few virgins to bring home (Numbers 31), but today we call those actions "war crimes".
    by AlanL at 02/20/14 10:26AM
  • kevin
    All I can say is wow...
    by kevin at 02/22/14 11:20AM


Tomorrow I start my first experience leading an "adult" class. So far my teaching experience has been confined to "college age" and below. For the next 8 weeks I will try and direct a study of Jonah and Nahum. As I study these two minor prophets I am gaining a better understanding of the God we serve. While dubbed "minor" due to their length, the accounts written by these men are anything but minor in message.

Prayers for my confidence in speaking and receptive hearts by us all would be welcome.

  • 23_bravo_7
    Jonah, one of my favorite OT characters. You could spend a whole class just on the similarities between him and Jesus. Just as Jesus chose to go to the cross for our salvation, Jonah chose to be thrown overboard for the salvation of those on the ship. This is an opinion on my part, but just as Jesus knew He would rise from the dead, Jonah knew that he would survive and in a sense be "resurected" from the "grave" of the whale.
    by 23_bravo_7 at 05/08/12 4:07PM
  • 23_bravo_7
    Because I see a lot of myself in him. Not the good but much that I continue to fight to overcome.
    by 23_bravo_7 at 05/08/12 6:12PM
  • justg
    You will do great...success in all that you have attempted, class will be no different.
    YOU were Student of the Year! :)
    by justg at 05/08/12 8:57PM
  • tryphena
    No doubt, you'll do well!

    I find it so interesting that God sent prophets to nations other than Israel.
    by tryphena at 05/08/12 9:08PM
  • kevin
    That is one of the things I find fascinating as well. I'm pretty sure that he wasn't asking Assyria to all convert to Judaism so I'm curious the instructions that he gave them.
    by kevin at 05/08/12 9:53PM
  • ward
    Difference between Jonah and Jesus: the storm stopped when Jesus got in the boat.
    by ward at 05/13/12 2:25PM
  • iamyourfather
    Here's a thought: compare Jonah being sent to Assyria and what God might have expected with Melchizedek being a priest of God to a people we know nothing about. There were apparently believers in God who weren't a part of the lineage of Christ at least until Abhraham's day. And God never completely gave up on the Gentiles, expecting a certain level of morality from them, hence Jonah's mission. One wonders if there weren't small pockets of worshippers of the true God scattered around the world up until at least Jonah's day. Not following the Law of Moses, not being Israelites, but worshiping much the same way Noah worshipped God.
    by iamyourfather at 05/14/12 8:11PM
  • 23_bravo_7
    The lesson is that God has always extended the hand of salvation to all men, Jew and Gentile. The other lesson is one of rejection among both Jews and Gentiles.
    by 23_bravo_7 at 05/15/12 7:34AM
  • justg
    Kevin, thank you for the shout....we do feel like we are so blessed to be in this space right this minute. We guard that we will not become proud and satisfied. As you know...there is always someone who wouldn't allow it if we wanted too! :)
    Come see us ... thought we might see you this summer. Things just get hectic!
    by justg at 08/20/13 3:35PM


Today we are headed to FL to hop on a boat and head out into the Atlantic. Holly and I will be embarking on a 7-day cruise with stops at Nassau, St. Maarten and St. Thomas. Hope everyone has a great week. I know I will!
  • 23_bravo_7
    You'll love it, especailly the food. What port in FL?

    While you are there Pat and I will be on a Canadian cruise.
    by 23_bravo_7 at 10/07/11 9:39AM
  • kevin
    This time we are going out of Port Canaveral. I've been on two previous cruises from Tampa and Miami. We are going on Carnival's newest and biggest ship, The Dream. Cruises are the perfect vacation in my opinion because you can do as little or as much as you want.
    by kevin at 10/07/11 10:29AM
  • tryphena
    Ah, what a good time! Bon Voy-ah-gie, as Bugs Bunny would say.
    by tryphena at 10/07/11 1:30PM
  • whipsmile
    have fun!
    by whipsmile at 10/15/11 7:39PM
  • iamyourfather

    As far as the SEC goes, I say put both new teams in the West and move Alabama and Auburn to the East. This also preserves the longest standing rivalries. The longest standing rivalry in the SEC? Auburn vs Georgia. That would be saved, they both would be in the East. The oldest rivalry for Alabama? Vs. Tennessee, and again they both would be in the East. And, of course, there is Roll Tide vs. War Eagle, and they would both be in the East. Have nine conference games a year (six versus your division foes and three rotating home and home series with teams from the other division) and all is well. And geographically sensible. And cheaper! Missouri's travel costs in having to play each of the other six Eastern teams would be much higher than if they were put in the West, which is where they belong
    by iamyourfather at 11/04/11 12:34PM
  • justpeachy
    So Sorry about your Tuesday! It's a hard row to hoe during this recovery.
    by justpeachy at 11/17/11 11:27AM
  • justpeachy
    Checking on you!
    by justpeachy at 11/21/11 5:34PM
  • ambiguous_username
    Thanks! Sorry to hear it's taking a while but, as you said; all part of God's plan. I pray things will go well with you and Holly there as well.
    by ambiguous_username at 12/06/11 5:09PM
  • justg
    Totally counts!
    by justg at 01/12/12 4:09PM


About to head toChicago via Indianapolis to see the Cardinals take on the Cubs at Wrigley Field. I am so excited to witness one of sport's most historic rivalries. Thanks to my awesome wife for an amazing anniversary present.
  • dragonwriter
    Awesome! I've only been to Wrigley once and what a great experience!
    by dragonwriter at 08/18/11 3:32PM
  • justg
    by justg at 08/18/11 4:45PM
  • aaronw
    Very cool. You could stay in Indy and find Peyton Manning :)
    by aaronw at 08/18/11 5:05PM
  • tryphena
    enjoy! Hope the Cubbies win!
    by tryphena at 08/19/11 8:23AM
  • whipsmile
    You passed through my neck of the woods to my family's neck of the woods.
    by whipsmile at 08/22/11 10:13AM