New Niece

Kristy and Stephen had their baby. She was born at 2:17 a.m. today.All are doing well.She weighed 8lbs.and 3oz.Her name is Allie Elaine,and her aunt got to hold her this afternoon and it was wonderful.I am glad to have a new little one to play with and spoil again.
  • tweedledee
    by tweedledee at 08/02/10 10:34PM
  • acurtis
    She's lucky to have you =) Congrats Kerrie!!! Miss you guys so much too. I can't believe how grown your kids are!!!
    by acurtis at 08/03/10 8:11AM
  • lindseymarie
    So exciting!
    by lindseymarie at 08/03/10 10:28PM

Pray Without Ceasing !!

  • grandmadiane
    yes mam
    by grandmadiane at 01/08/10 7:05PM
  • lol_smile456
    Heard you were sick..Feel Better!!!!! ♥
    by lol_smile456 at 01/10/10 3:58PM
  • snickers63
    I'm not going to let them win!!!! (said the old woman as the men in white coat carried her out)
    by snickers63 at 02/12/10 10:58AM

10/14/09 9:32AM

Love the Lord your God with all your heart,all your soul,and all your might.
  • lindseymarie
    Love the verses. Hope you are feeling better! We missed you last night.
    by lindseymarie at 10/15/09 8:43AM

The Agony of Defeat

Well Taylor's team (the Giants) lost their first football game tonight, it was so close 6-2.Oh well maybe next time.They play Thursday night at 6:00,make-up game from all the rain.Hope everyone is well.
  • grandmadiane
    So sorry :( Maybe we can make a game this season :)
    by grandmadiane at 09/21/09 11:00PM
  • lol_smile456
    hope they win :)
    by lol_smile456 at 09/22/09 10:39PM
  • mattmanua
    What's really funny to me is him poking fun at someone for being short.
    by mattmanua at 09/23/09 8:40PM
  • boromom
    Missed you all too! She is still in the hospital. Some better as far as her digestion problems. Her heart is still the big issue.
    She is still very weak. Her Dr. was out of town this weekend so won't know anything about her progress till later today.
    Thanks for asking, hope all is well at the Wilson house. :-)
    by boromom at 09/28/09 7:26AM
  • boromom
    Mom was able to be move to the rehab floor today. Each day she seems to be making small improvements. We understand
    how busy the weeks can be. Hopefully we will see you on Sunday!
    by boromom at 09/29/09 9:13PM
  • boromom
    Well, we will miss you! Have a fun and safe trip. :)
    by boromom at 09/30/09 1:15AM

3 Day Weekend

Hope everyone has a great labor day weekend,ours will involve,hamburgers and hot dogs,homemade ice cream and lots of pool time;end of summer fun.
  • snickers63
    Ours did not involve any of the above. It involved lots of labor, but sometimes that is what the doctor calls for and this was one of those times. So it was a good weekend. Saw you have had a headache... this weather is probably not helping that any. Are you better??
    by snickers63 at 09/10/09 3:36PM
  • snickers63
    We are well.... but rather busy. But who isn't???
    by snickers63 at 09/11/09 11:57PM