i've been busy...

...and today we launched:

  • whipsmile
    i need to take some time to look through that. Seems very cool.
    by whipsmile at 03/02/15 12:47PM
  • ceoltoir
    When I click on Dot's name I get a message that says:


    heavy load


    we're under quite a heavy load right this second, please try again in a couple of minutes.

    This has been happening since last night, and as far as I can tell, only on Dot's page.
    by ceoltoir at 09/25/15 3:20PM


i just dropped off the remaining 137 tshirts at a goodwill donation center:

  • whipsmile
    by whipsmile at 12/16/13 10:03AM
  • ceoltoir
    Thanks for giving us another shot at these before you gave them away.
    by ceoltoir at 12/16/13 10:41AM
  • tgatzajr
    So sorry that they all didn't sell. Hopefully they can make for a decent tax write off.
    by tgatzajr at 12/17/13 2:13PM
  • grandmadiane
    Chickadee is being told her posts are spam and she is not allowed to post. Would you please fix? Thank you.
    by grandmadiane at 10/05/14 9:44PM

free tshirts

so i'm at my parents house right now and they reminded me that i still have a bunch of boxes of p3 tshirts sitting in one of their corners, so i decided to give them away for the cost of postage. i certainly misjudged the potential demand on those tshirts, which is a shame because they are really high quality and (IMHO) look pretty good.

anyway, click on the link up in the banner if you're interested!

in a few weeks i'll probably donate the rest to a homeless shelter or something similar.
  • tgatzajr
    Got mine about a year ago. Love It!
    by tgatzajr at 11/21/13 10:10PM
  • tgatzajr
    Just Bought Another!
    Tell mom and dad hi for me!
    by tgatzajr at 11/22/13 11:37AM
  • textilet
    Hey, do you still run this place? Or can you tell me who does? I'm trying to get rid of my gold status. Please help! Thanks!
    by textilet at 11/25/13 6:13AM
  • tu_madre
    i still have my P3 shirt! sorry you didn't sell a whole lot but glad that you liked them. i tried to put some extra love into printing them (-:
    by tu_madre at 12/04/13 9:40AM
  • monk
    I received my t-shirts in the mail last week.
    thanks for being so prompt!
    by monk at 12/11/13 5:07PM

checking in

so it's time for my yearly post! it's been a pretty busy year for us with a new child, another child reaching the terrible twos, new jobs, and all of the accompanying stress and joy that comes with all of the above. overall it's been a very good year, though!

how was your year, oh pleonast faithful? tell me all about it!

otherwise, have any of you found the strength to overcome the temptation of facebook and the like and returned to the bosom of a private community like pleonast where your data and privacy is taken seriously?

if you are still (or again!) an avid pleonast user, what would you like me to focus on here? i don't want to shake everything up for no reason (nobody needs a new design every year, despite what some websites think :-), but there are clearly parts here or there that i can modernize. what would you like to see here?

i don't want to become yet-another-photo-sharing-site, nor am i interested in implementing a million tiny notifications to alert you every time anyone you've ever known eats dinner, but how can i improve your pleonast experience?

many of you active users are already gold members, but if you are an active user but not a subscriber, what could i do to get you to subscribe? because i'm not selling your data or dependent on advertisements (ads are only shown here to non-subscribers), i don't need to be the next biggest site on the internet to survive, but it DOES cost me time and money to maintain pleonast, and so i'd love it if i could provide enough value to you, the user, that you felt it was worth it to support.

  • aleta
    Pleonast is still my favorite. Thank you for keeping it going. I really enjoy the gold features and have for some time.

    I'm still at a loss as to how to move my friends names around on the list. That feature stopped a couple of years ago. I loved the new way pleo 3 made it so easy, so I do know what to do, but it just doesn't work for me anymore.
    by aleta at 04/30/13 12:29PM
  • chickadee
    Congratulations on your new addition! I love pleonast. I'll have to think about your questions. Please, no notifications!
    by chickadee at 04/30/13 11:23PM
  • whipsmile
    Pleo is still def my favorite. The numbers are smaller but the conversations are just as deep and meaningful.
    by whipsmile at 05/01/13 9:39AM
  • friedaj
    Sounds like a great year. Ours has been rough. My son is looking for another kidney transplant and had open heart surgery last July but things are looking up. I enjoy some of the groups that are here and the support the people on pleo have for one another. Thank you for all you do.....
    by friedaj at 05/04/13 3:42PM
  • chickadee
    Frieda mentioned the groups and reminded me of my one suggestion. I don't know if that is even the right word. I am not sure what you could do, but so many of the groups have died. I used to so look forward to reading "Childrenisms". And the recipe exchange was wonderful. I know there are recipes everywhere, but it is just not the same. "Small world" was another favorite. The only group on my list that ever sees any action anymore is "caretakers". A great group. By the way, my daughter recently started talking to a young man on churchofchristsingles so I was doing my own little background check. I found him on here. He hasn't been on since 2008, but his posts were still here and no red flags. Thanks for your help!
    by chickadee at 05/09/13 12:04PM
  • monk
    i love pleo and check it many times a day.
    i like everything about the way it works, and am grateful that you give it the time and effort that you do.
    by monk at 05/10/13 10:26PM
  • kamille
    I like Pleo & don't do FB. Thank you for all you do.
    by kamille at 05/20/13 7:39PM
  • ward
    Not doing a ton here these days, but I'm still around.
    by ward at 05/21/13 3:19PM
  • navydoc
    I still check pleo every once in awhile to see what everyone is up to, but I don't post very often. Thanks for keeping Pleo alive.
    by navydoc at 05/27/13 11:48PM
  • anne
    I check Pleo a few times each day, and usually post weekly. I've recently noticed the "alert" numbers that someone has written a comment on my post. Is this really necessary? I liked it better when the little green number let me know there was a private message. I can scroll through the comments to see a new one without being alerted to it. Thanks for all you do!
    by anne at 05/28/13 3:22PM
  • ceoltoir
    ^I think there's a way to change your settings so your account works the way you're wanting.
    by ceoltoir at 05/28/13 3:32PM
  • split_rock
    Thank you for maintaining pleonast. While I do use Facebook, I appreciate the privacy of pleonast for more in-depth interactions than just the superficial hit-and-run of Facebook. As our rights in this country are being more and more eroded, I expect I will eventually abandon Facebook altogether. I'm glad to have pleo to retreat to and to continue to grow friendships that budded here.
    by split_rock at 06/06/13 1:27PM
  • textilet
    Help! I don't want to be gold anymore. What do I do?
    by textilet at 06/17/13 7:42PM
  • age_six_racer
    Kennon! I was wondering where you are these days?
    by age_six_racer at 07/09/13 5:58PM
  • fullofgrace
    i love you and i love pleonast.

    what would it take to make a pleonast phone app?
    phone friendly access would definitely boost the amount i could engage with the site
    and increase traffic.
    by fullofgrace at 07/12/13 8:20PM
  • tgatzajr
    As many others have stated, I do appreciate what you have put into this little community. F.B. is not a temptation to me. I prefer privacy when I want it and good friends who appreciate the same values as I do. I have yet to find trashy talk on Pleo. Guess what you get on F.B.!

    You can count on me doing my part at "keeping the lights on." I hope you keep Pleo around for many years to come!

    Now for a little brain storming!

    Things that might make Pleo better.

    1. Since Pleo requires knowing html to do many things, you need to actively promote using Firefox with the "Write Area" add on. When activated, it turns the Pleo entry fields into a WYSIWYG editor. I use it all the time. A better solution would be to have the CKEditor native to Pleo. But I am sure that would require a lot of work.

    2. For those who don't want to use Firefox, you might consider a button by your entry fields that would pop up a quick list of commonly used html codes that could be copied and pasted into the form fields.

    3. Pleo "help" and "How to" needs some serious rewriting and updating to make it usable. It is really bad! (Sorry for the criticism!). Show your users how to make Pleo really do it's stuff!. I just recently learned how to embed a PDF into Pleo. I didn't learn it here and this sort of thing could be useful for other users.

    4. You might consider moving the "news", "Gold" "T-shirts" etc, links from the footer to the header or at the bottom of each post. Where it is now, it is out of sight and out of mind. Want more  Gold users? Keep it where they can see it.

    5. Finally, I think you need to revamp your home page when people first come to Pleonast.com. It doesn't give the viewer a clue as to what the site is. Tell them what Pleo is all about and your commitment to privacy. And it also doesn't hurt to brag about the quality of the blogs. I have yet to see any trash, or derogatory post. It needs to be promoted as a family oriented site and doing so on the entry page could bring new users to the site. Don't be afraid to promote yourself!

    Anyway, hope these few things are useful and maybe give you a few things to think about. And thanks again for providing this outlet for so many good people that I have come to know.
    by tgatzajr at 08/24/13 2:02PM
  • kennon
    tgatzajr: thanks for the feedback! i'll see what i can do!
    by kennon at 09/05/13 6:43AM

how do you feel...

about privacy on the internet?

for those of you who use facebook, i'm not sure if you realize how much control they have over your personal data. even though they grudgingly offer a few privacy controls (if you can figure out what they all mean, and find your way through all of the various option screens), in the end *they* own your data and can with a whim change their privacy policy however they want.

it concerns me to see how much personal and private data so many people post willingly without even thinking about it on the internet.

most of the time if i ask people about it, they say something like "why would anyone care about my stuff? there are soooo many people on the internet". that's true, of course, but it's not so much about why people want to look at your data specifically, it's the simple fact that once your data has been posted, it is literally *impossible* to guarantee that it's completely gone. also, once it becomes a problem it can be difficult or even impossible to correct.

on pleonast i do my best to make it clear what information you post can be seen by whom, and try to keep the options simple and easy to use. i do this because the majority of you active users are subscribers, which directly pays for the site. i have no incentive to share your private information, because you're paying me to protect it.

facebook, however, and any other site you don't directly pay for, has a very strong incentive to share your information with advertisers. the more personal information they can share, the more directly they can target their ads to you.

i think it's perfectly reasonable to use free services as long as you keep very clearly in your mind what you are getting for what you are giving away. if the features provided by a service (like facebook) are worth you giving away some measure of privacy, then by all means use it, but most of all *think about it first*.

if you aren't paying for it, you aren't the customer, you're the product.
  • marmee
    Pleo is for me! I do not do FB. Lots of good reasons not to bother. By the way ... it was nice seeing you in March and meeting your wife and son. :)
    by marmee at 05/06/12 11:44AM
  • ceoltoir
    Here's an interesting, and perhaps enlightening, article about privacy and FB.

    by ceoltoir at 05/06/12 9:02PM
  • navydoc
    Thanks for the good insight, Kennon.
    by navydoc at 05/10/12 10:44PM
  • rose
    we were just talking about this around our table!!
    by rose at 05/11/12 12:43AM
  • tgatzajr
    "i have no incentive to share your private information, because you're paying me to protect it."

    This speaks volumes about your character as a business owner. I am inclined to think that other social site owners would still sell your information even if they charged you to use their site. To many people, greed has no bounds. So many people think that everyone on the internet is like themselves, honest and caring. It's what you don't see that is dangerous. I have an email that gets over 100 spam emails a day. I often wonder what else these unknown people know about me.

    Thanks Kennon, for what you do. I have enjoyed Pleo over the years and have made some good friends. Hopefully it is profitable for you as well as a labor of love.

    BTW... I'm also a proud owner of a Pleo T-Shirt! :-) Let me know when you start doing Pleo coffee cups!
    by tgatzajr at 05/16/12 9:34AM
  • tu_madre
    i just now noticed that i can resize my comment bar! love it!
    by tu_madre at 05/18/12 9:18AM
  • sarahpet
    I've met some incredible people here on Pleonast and will always be grateful for it. Thank you.
    by sarahpet at 05/22/12 7:22PM
  • anne
    Well said. Thank you, Kennon, for providing this service for us.
    by anne at 05/28/12 5:07PM
  • chickadeestill
    Thank you, Thank you, thank you!
    by chickadeestill at 11/27/12 4:25AM
  • ceoltoir
    Thank you for bringing back our chickadee.
    by ceoltoir at 11/27/12 8:30AM
  • lori_in_pa
    Re slow submission/acceptance of comments: It was so weird. IMMEDIATELY after I posted about it, my comments started being accepted quickly/normally. It was like that for a couple of days and then it was slow again. So I don't know either. It isn't a huge deal for me.
    by lori_in_pa at 01/23/13 5:25AM
  • lori_in_pa
    For the record: That ^^^ one took probably 30 seconds.
    by lori_in_pa at 01/23/13 5:26AM
  • lori_in_pa
    And that one ^^^ went instantly! :)
    by lori_in_pa at 01/23/13 5:26AM
  • kennon
    by kennon at 01/23/13 5:29AM
  • crystalized
    Pleonast is still my favorite. :-) But you do need a "like" button. ;-)
    by crystalized at 03/12/13 9:21PM
  • joc
    ^Mine, too! :) :) :) ^ Thank you.
    by joc at 03/14/13 1:46PM
  • marmee
    Hi Kennon ... what's with all these ads popping up in people's posts and comments? ... they are random and actually underlined and linked to a website. Have you noticed this? Or is it something you are having to do to keep pleo going? I don't really like it ... just sayin'.
    by marmee at 03/28/13 1:29PM
  • misssonja
    Hey Kennon, hate to "complain" but I have a very hard time seeing the new font. It's finer, not as bold, doesn't enlarge well. The other old ladies are whining, too, but I might be the blindest :P. Any chance you could revert? Thank you!
    by misssonja at 04/01/13 8:19PM
  • sarahpet
    I'm back but feel brand new. I need to "journalize" again. :-)
    by sarahpet at 05/22/13 6:01PM