2017 yearly checkin (live from BGKY!)

hello again, pleonast!

my family and i moved to bowling green, kentucky a few months ago and i've been enjoying meeting lots of people "in the wild" who enjoyed pleonast in their past (i didn't meet too many pleonast users in germany :-)

as before, i honestly don't use any social media at all, so that's my excuse for not posting, but i really do always enjoy hearing from you (on here and in person) how much pleonast means/has meant to you.

so, my yearly question: what does pleonast mean to you these days? do you still use it? anything you'd like me to change (preferably without too much effort :-)?

and by the way: those of you who still pay for a gold subscription (and have paid over the years) are the reason i've kept and will continue to keep the lights on here. if i had chosen to go with an ad-based business model, i would have turned things off years ago. but as long as you still want to support an ad-free, non-invasive, privacy-respecting social network, i'll keep it running!

i'm looking forward to hearing from you!
  • ceoltoir
    I'm still here and enjoying my friendships on here. I've met a number of my pleo friends in person, which has been a wonderful experience. Most recently, my boys and I went to Texas to help a pleo friend with flood clean-up. We would never have known this family or been blessed with the opportunity to help without pleonast. Thank you for keeping the lights on!
    by ceoltoir at 09/20/17 1:50PM
  • joc
    There are some wonderful people on Pleonast that I most likely would never have met. Thank you so much for all the effort you have put into creating a place that I look forward to coming.
    by joc at 09/20/17 10:21PM
  • meditationis
    Hi!!! Still here!
    by meditationis at 09/21/17 5:34PM
  • split_rock
    I keep up with several friends on pleo that haven't yet fallen into the Facebook hole. I am willing to share so much more with my pleo friends than in the more public venue of Facebook. I have made fast friends with some whom I would not have ever met; and, happily, I have met new friends in person from our pleo introduction. I do not post as often as I used to because of time and routine restrictions that have occurred since our move to Bowling Green last year, but I still follow my friends daily and comment regularly on their posts. Thank you for maintaining the site.
    by split_rock at 09/23/17 8:00AM
  • marmee
    I'm still here and hope to continue! Even my gold payment went through without a hitch this month. ;) And Welcome Home!
    by marmee at 09/23/17 9:44AM
  • chickadee
    I am still here also. Facebook is cool. Pleo is GREAT!!! (That is my short answer. There is a much longer version that I can hopefully share later.)
    by chickadee at 09/29/17 8:39AM
  • tgatzajr
    Soooo......What does the angry turnip do other than hang from the top of the screen?
    by tgatzajr at 10/03/17 11:32AM
  • chickadee
    I really miss the groups. Just to see what would happen, I tried posting in Childrenisms, my favorite. The comment posted was not lit up there or on my page. Most of the original creators are long gone, I am sure, but would starting new groups be possible?
    by chickadee at 10/04/17 4:18PM
  • misssonja
    Hi Kennon! I must thank you for some of my dearest friendships which I would never have met without Pleonast. The prayer, encouragement, insights, & love I've received: Priceless!
    by misssonja at 10/05/17 8:55AM
  • friend2all
    I love being on pleonast.
    by friend2all at 10/05/17 2:22PM
  • kamille
    I'm still here & enjoy it. Thanks for all your work; I appreciate it. I don't do Facebook. Would love to meet you when I'm in the Bowling Green area. I'm right up I 65.
    by kamille at 10/05/17 4:26PM
  • misssonja
    by misssonja at 10/05/17 7:58PM
  • tryphena
    I'm here and plan to be gold for as long as you're willing. What does Pleonast mean to me? A place of comfort and safety amidst the crazy chaos of the world (and Facebook in particular). There may be relatively few on Pleo these days but they are more than friends to me--they are family! People who I would never have met otherwise and with whom I still keep in touch, including some of those who have come and gone.

    Thank you for keeping it going! I'm in Indianapolis; maybe our paths will cross someday.
    by tryphena at 10/05/17 8:33PM
  • tgatzajr
    Well I see that misssonja beat me to it. She ask that I send you my last post. I’ll tell you one thing, pleonast has introduced me to some of the finest people in this country and you are to be thanked for that. If it wasn’t for you and keeping this place going I never would have known and met them. Thanks Kennon, you have enriched my life!

    by tgatzajr at 10/05/17 8:57PM
  • sjean
    Hi. I miss many who have moved on, but have met new friends. Because of the closed nature of the group we can share things here that we wouldn't share on fecebook. I would like to check messaged even when I don't have a new message. (maybe a tab on the top) When I don't have a new message I don't believe there is any way to open messages.
    by sjean at 10/07/17 8:03PM
  • ginnyann
    I love pleo.....I don’t do the other social media sites so this is my safe haven and I love all the nice people I have met on this site.
    Thank you for keeping it going. I’m not a gold subscriber but I would do that if it keeps you going!!
    This offers a way to meet new friends and share our lives with others who care.
    by ginnyann at 10/09/17 5:02PM
  • squeaky
    I want to pay for Gold and can't figure out how. My credit card changed and they wouldn't pay and they didn't know how. Why do things have to be so complicated. Should just be able to click on gold and then pay. Please help?????
    by squeaky at 11/21/17 5:58PM

pleonast in 2016

hello again, it's been a long time.

if you are still inhabiting these dark pages, drop me a line and let me know who you are and what you're doing!

i'm still committed to maintaing pleonast as long as y'all are here, i just haven't really used any form of social media for several years now.

what is pleonast's purpose in 2016?
  • kerrigan
    I still check in to see who's posting.
    by kerrigan at 08/15/16 10:02PM
  • lovescats
    I still use it some. My original group of friends when I joined are no longer on here. Their name may be, but I don't think they post! I've met some folks I first "met" on Pleo, and that's been a blessing.

    I really do wish it were easier to post pictures. I am on the "other" social media, and it is a breeze to post pictures. I wish we could click, go to our pictures, click on the pictures, and their be on Pleo. And I wish I knew how to tag also - to make that link if someone wanted to click on a person's name and go to their page.

    I am very computer illiterate and need easy, easy, easy, step by step instructions!

    Thank you for what you do. Have a nice day!
    by lovescats at 08/16/16 8:16AM
  • this_old_man
    I still use it to check on folks that are afraid of facebook. :)
    by this_old_man at 08/16/16 8:27PM
  • deusvitae
    by deusvitae at 08/17/16 9:08PM
  • joc
    Oh yes, I am here and enjoying my interactions with other pleonasters. Thank you for what you do.
    by joc at 08/18/16 6:59PM
  • Anubis_Rising
    wow....I didn't think anyone still existed. I thought this was nothing more than the remnants of an ancient site
    by Anubis_Rising at 08/22/16 1:16AM
  • tgatzajr
    Still here! Glad you're still here! Glad Pleo's hard drive is still going round and a round! :-)

    Like a small town boy, Pleo suits my needs just fine. Wonderful community of friends. For me it's never been about the quantity of friends, but the quality! I never have to worry about trash showing up on my post, or having to "de-friend" someone because of immoral immaturity.

    I know from a business standpoint, Pleo is not a big generator of revenue for your maintenance cost and administrative upkeep and that makes me sad. You do provide a great product and service for us and I am glad that I can at least return the favour by being a gold member.

    So what is Pleo's purpose for 2016 (or maybe 2017 now the year's almost over?) Continue to provide the "coffee shop" atmosphere vs. the "football stadium" noise and crowd that can be had elsewhere.

    Thanks Kennon, we do indeed "owe you one!"
    by tgatzajr at 08/22/16 8:28AM
  • wifelet
    I'm still here - and it's nice to see all the other folks who are! :) Thank you for your work in maintaining Pleo for us - I use it regularly! :)
    by wifelet at 08/22/16 8:37PM
  • jimmybuck
    I think Pleonast might become the anti-Facebook. My eyes just relaxed looking at it versus all the busyness of embedded videos, Web 2.0, etc. I only use Pleonast to post our monthly report, but perhaps it provides some encouragement.
    by jimmybuck at 08/22/16 10:41PM
  • kennon
    tgatzajr: you're very welcome, and thank YOU for being a gold member! don't forget that you can gift gold memberships to others, and there are a few people who post regularly but choose not to subscribe, so feel free to engolden them if you'd like to :-)
    by kennon at 08/23/16 8:35AM
  • tgatzajr
    ^Who knows. Christmas is just around the corner!
    by tgatzajr at 08/23/16 3:45PM
  • grandmadiane
    I am here. Pleo is a record of my life and the encouragement I have drawn from others through Pleo. While I look at Facebook as somewhat of a newspaper where I get a quick tidbit of info, Pleo is a diary of a friend I am allowed to enjoy and write among its pages. Thank you so very much for your hard work and patients with us oldtimers! I continue to encourage the young folks to visit the homestead but you know how kids are!
    by grandmadiane at 08/23/16 7:32PM
  • nickkrumrei
    Nick Krumrei from Dry Creek Camp. Oh yes, I have Pleo friends that aren't anywhere else. Thank you for your creation. Fond memories of you and Marla, whom I do keep up on with FB.
    God bless you and stay true to His word.
    by nickkrumrei at 08/27/16 3:39PM
  • bonnyswan
    i still check in from time to time. it was my first time to build relationships with people i knew only online. i still have many of those relationships.
    by bonnyswan at 09/23/16 8:54AM
  • amy
    Love the sky diving? Picture!
    by amy at 09/23/16 10:27PM
  • ceoltoir
    I'm still here and participating! I've formed several close friendships here. We would probably never have met were it not for pleo. To date I have spent face-to-face time with 10 new friends I met here. This is a special place and I hope you keep it going. If ever the time comes that you want to shut it down, please give us a warning because some of us might want to retrieve our posts. I've chronicled a decade of my family's life here.
    by ceoltoir at 11/24/16 12:24AM
  • sarahpet
    check in at times
    by sarahpet at 11/27/16 6:28PM
  • tu_madre
    I've gotten less wordy but I'm still creepin'!
    by tu_madre at 11/30/16 10:07AM
  • raifhaus
    Now in Philadelphia, PA. Not on Pleo as regularly, but appreciate the community formed here. 3
    by raifhaus at 02/05/17 8:47AM
  • leahhallnoats
    Thank you, Kennon, for creating such a tight-knit community on this website. I don't know if you still get on here a year later, but I was wondering if there was a way to obtain entries that I have deleted and regret deleting? Please let me know. [email protected] That would reinvigorate my desire to use this site!
    by leahhallnoats at 07/21/17 9:17AM

i've been busy...

...and today we launched:

  • whipsmile
    i need to take some time to look through that. Seems very cool.
    by whipsmile at 03/02/15 12:47PM
  • ceoltoir
    When I click on Dot's name I get a message that says:


    heavy load


    we're under quite a heavy load right this second, please try again in a couple of minutes.

    This has been happening since last night, and as far as I can tell, only on Dot's page.
    by ceoltoir at 09/25/15 3:20PM
  • sarahpet
    Hi! I'm a nurse working at a pain clinic in Louisville, KY. I should blog again, it has been a long time!
    by sarahpet at 10/18/16 3:15PM


i just dropped off the remaining 137 tshirts at a goodwill donation center:

  • whipsmile
    by whipsmile at 12/16/13 10:03AM
  • ceoltoir
    Thanks for giving us another shot at these before you gave them away.
    by ceoltoir at 12/16/13 10:41AM
  • tgatzajr
    So sorry that they all didn't sell. Hopefully they can make for a decent tax write off.
    by tgatzajr at 12/17/13 2:13PM
  • grandmadiane
    Chickadee is being told her posts are spam and she is not allowed to post. Would you please fix? Thank you.
    by grandmadiane at 10/05/14 9:44PM

free tshirts

so i'm at my parents house right now and they reminded me that i still have a bunch of boxes of p3 tshirts sitting in one of their corners, so i decided to give them away for the cost of postage. i certainly misjudged the potential demand on those tshirts, which is a shame because they are really high quality and (IMHO) look pretty good.

anyway, click on the link up in the banner if you're interested!

in a few weeks i'll probably donate the rest to a homeless shelter or something similar.
  • tgatzajr
    Got mine about a year ago. Love It!
    by tgatzajr at 11/21/13 10:10PM
  • tgatzajr
    Just Bought Another!
    Tell mom and dad hi for me!
    by tgatzajr at 11/22/13 11:37AM
  • textilet
    Hey, do you still run this place? Or can you tell me who does? I'm trying to get rid of my gold status. Please help! Thanks!
    by textilet at 11/25/13 6:13AM
  • tu_madre
    i still have my P3 shirt! sorry you didn't sell a whole lot but glad that you liked them. i tried to put some extra love into printing them (-:
    by tu_madre at 12/04/13 9:40AM
  • monk
    I received my t-shirts in the mail last week.
    thanks for being so prompt!
    by monk at 12/11/13 5:07PM