Change of #

So the wonderful gentleman from the post before changed or disconnected his phone... Great no way to get ahold of him. At first I thought maybe he just blocked Randy's number so we used my phone because we hadn't called him from it so he wouldn't have my number... but it was the same message. Urg.
  • friedaj
    Maybe take a police report to your insurance company and let them track him down
    by friedaj at 03/10/11 2:55PM
  • friedaj
    no but possibly compensating for the arthritis in all his joints including the one that was replaced
    by friedaj at 05/19/11 7:22PM

The easy way out?

I hear you about the snow... we were on our way out to go and sit with Bobbie at the hospital yesterday. Randy headed out to dig the car out and a guy stopped with a bobcat and said that he would do the drive for ten bucks... we thought atleast this way we would get out a lot faster and figured that wasn't a bad price.

So as the man was doing this for us he broke our grauge door! the dented, creased, and pushed off the track the bottom 2 pannels. Somehow I think this is going to end up costing us more than 10 bucks. We exchanged phone numbers. He thought that he had just knocked it off the track, but after he left and randy and I took a good look at it we realized what really happened. It is so damaged that we can even see the senor eye thing (you know the one that tells you if a child or pet is under the door) from the outside. We ended up stopping by the police department to see if they thought we needed to make a report or something just so that he can't come back and say he didn't do it. The police officer and the disbatcher thought that was a good idea. We have called the insurance man to see if any of this will be covered, but of course he will not be open again until Monday. Our insurance guys is a good man and is well worth the wait... but we were just hoping for some advise from him and not have to sit and think about it.

I was kinda affended when the guy said well this has happened before at expensive houses anf fancy houses and he has fixed it and that we shouldn't worry. I know we live in a humble house it is not in a really fancy neighborhood, but it is not trashy and we love our little house... and its not even that tiny... I don't know it was kinda like a insalt to injury. I just would not say something like that to anyone... let alone someone who I may have just caused thousands of dollars to. Now a days, people are really blessed if they own or live in a home... I just have to let it roll off my shoulders.

We really didn't wanna take it that far... making the police report... insurance company... but we were afraid that the guy would try and put it back and hurt himself and then we would be introuble or he wouldn't fix it at all. So I am hoping that we don't have to wipe out the police report or anything, that this guy will just be honest and right the wrong... we understand it was an accedent, but there is no way that the door will even go up.

So, lesson learned...we will either pay the neighborhood boys that come around and do it with a shovel or Randy will do it himself... no more easy way out... so much for it taking less time and thinking it would be easier... instead I am afraid it may end up being a huge headache.
  • friedaj
    I hope things work out well for you guys.
    by friedaj at 02/27/11 4:08PM
  • rockymtnslover
    Sounds like if it has happened before to him, he should have known better and be more cautious. :) It'll all work out. Hope you don't get too stressed about it, though, I'm sure it is such an annoyance.
    by rockymtnslover at 02/28/11 11:06AM

Good News

I was so happy when I went to the doctor today. Yesterday my arthritis in my eyes flared up. I started the drops that I have every two hours all night long. The good news is that the doctor said I did the right thing. The good news is that I should gain back all my vision that I lost from the inflamation from this time. I am so happy that I may have headed it off at the pass and may only need to do the drops for like 2 or 3 weeks.

Randy pointed out to me that my eye looked red. I hadn't looked at the mirror for awhile and I just thought I was having a horrible headache in my eyes until I looked in the mirror and added up all of the symptoms.

I thanked God today that He allows me to be so intune with my body and for a wonderful husband that was not afraid to point out to me that my eye looked red.
  • friedaj
    Hope you have "nipped it in the bud" so to speak
    I also have a pyrex pie pan that belongs to you that I need to return. It had ended up in the dishwasher the night you and Randy came over and made dinner for us.
    Love you.
    by friedaj at 12/11/10 2:59PM
  • pauline
    I'm so glad you and Randy caught this in time. Praise God! Love ya
    by pauline at 12/14/10 5:50AM
  • funsahm
    Yuck! So are you coming to visit us this month?
    by funsahm at 01/04/11 5:59PM


Facing some difficult decisions about my medical care right now. Please pray that we make the right decisions, that we don't regret the decisions we make, and that those around us can help us, be supportive, and are understanding.
  • curlie
    by curlie at 11/18/10 11:15PM
  • split_rock
    Decisions are hard. Prayers for wisdom and peace of mind.
    by split_rock at 11/19/10 4:05AM
  • marie
    We are here for you in whatever way you need us to be. Will be praying as you make these difficult decisions.
    by marie at 11/19/10 11:33AM
  • mimi71
    by mimi71 at 11/20/10 8:13AM
  • lilah
    Praying, right decision will be made and all will be well!
    by lilah at 11/20/10 8:05PM
  • rissaj
    thinking of you often.
    by rissaj at 11/23/10 11:32AM


we are leaving for 1000 voices! It only helps that it is like 30 degrees warmer down there! Let me tell you how I am bringing lots of flip flops to wear!
  • curlie
    I was wondering if you guys were going to get to go! Have fun!!! :)
    by curlie at 11/04/10 3:32PM
  • friedaj
    What you guys did for us was wonderful and I thank you so much.
    by friedaj at 11/12/10 5:26PM