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Hey Everyone!
I haven't been on here for awhile. I must admit I have been sucked into the world of FB.

Tonight we had singing night at church. There was a white board at the front of the auditorium so when you came in you could go put a song down to be led. One of our Elders got up to lead Blue Skies and Rainbows. He said, "Would any of the young men like to come up and help me lead it?" Matthew (age 10) went running up the aisle with his song book. The Elder said, "Would you like to stand off to the side?" "Do you need me to pitch it for you?" Matthew just got right up to the mike and started it himself. It was right on key the whole time and you could hear him through the mike. He wasn't shy at all.

Of course I could hardly sing. I was trying not to cry I was so proud! They grow up so fast!
  • stitchinmom
    That is so awesome, Karen!
    by stitchinmom at 01/31/10 10:23PM
  • txwhittlec
    That is so cute!
    by txwhittlec at 02/01/10 1:43PM
  • sallyanne
    That's so sweet!!
    by sallyanne at 02/01/10 4:04PM
  • sallyanne
    Thanks for the book tip!
    We definitely need prayers for wellness!!
    by sallyanne at 02/02/10 9:42AM


Well we've had quite an interesting week this week. And, if I've learned anything it is not to listen to the weather people. Sunday we woke up to about an inch of snow which is a mere dusting out here. So we drove the 30 miles to church. The sky was so dark that we ended up not staying in town for the second service and drove home to hole up before the big storm. Monday morning there was absolutely nothing. Tuesday the kids and I did our annual trip to see the Nutcracker. Thursday I got up, ready to go into town, and it was snowing profusely! Didn't hear anything about it from the weather man! It continued to snow and we accumulated about 8 inches. So, I've been stuck in the house since then which isn't too bad. It has just been so cold that the snow can't seem to melt and I can't get back up my hill with the snow/ice.

Waiting to see if we'll have a white Christmas...
  • stitchinmom
    Wow! Is this early for you? I really hope we have a white Christmas too!
    by stitchinmom at 12/05/09 3:18PM
  • txwhittlec
    I love snow and I love the Nutcracker! :) Hope we all have a white Christmas ( I won't hold my breath!). :) Stay warm!
    by txwhittlec at 12/05/09 4:03PM
  • sallyanne
    I love snow!!
    We are going to the Nutcracker on the 15th :).
    I hope you get your white Christmas!
    by sallyanne at 12/05/09 9:26PM
  • shawnsgirl1
    Sounds like fun! We saw some flurries a little over a week ago here in Texas. VERY unusual. We were able to make a snowball!
    by shawnsgirl1 at 12/14/09 5:18AM


It's hard to believe that it is November already! It has been beautiful out here. High 60's, low 70's. Soccer ended on a good note and now Matthew is already playing basketball. Sydney's waiting for a call from her coach. No hurry though! We are going to Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine, TX next week. I can't wait! It is such a great family vacation. We are going with two other families and one of my friends from high school is also going to book a night there.

Well just thought I'd check in and say hi!
  • stitchinmom
    Hi! Miss you guys!
    by stitchinmom at 11/09/09 10:31AM
  • txwhittlec
    How fun for you! We used to live close to the Wolf Lodge in Grapevine! :)
    by txwhittlec at 11/09/09 5:24PM
  • potatoprincess
    Hope you had a fun vacation!
    by potatoprincess at 12/01/09 9:37PM

Happy October!

Soccer is in full swing. Both of my kids teams have been doing very well.

Sydney was a very pretty flower girl. However, it was not the most enjoyable trip. It poured on us as we were driving for OK. I have never seen so much rain that we couldn't escape from! It was pretty rainy and humid when we got to TN. My dad acquired a cold and I needed a root canal. Needless to say we came back early. : ( That was a bummer because I didn't get to go and see my friend and I didn't get to drive up to the homeschool camp. I'll probably never be that close again!

Teeth woes: Back at my 6 mo. cleaning in July I was told that my amalgum fillings were cracking my teeth. So, I got two new composite fillings. I could not chew on either side of my mouth. I went back for 4 bite adjustments to no avail. (Let me just say at this point in the story that I am not a big fan of composite fillings.) At the fourth appointment I was told that my tooth was cracking and I needed a crown. No explanation for the other side. Other than being made to feel like I must be making the discomfort up because my dentist certainly did not mess it up. On my vacation my "crown" tooth started hurting and I was taking ibuprofin like crazy. Upon returning I have had a root canal and now have to get a crown. (By my friend's dentist mind you.) I guess my dentist was just going to give me a crown, then I'd still have had to get a root canal, and then another crown. My new dentist is going to replace my other composite filling which he says is, "no big deal to replace." Could've fooled me since my dentist acted like it was going to be a pain to have to replace it.

Well, I'm just very frustrated and sad. I had been going to that dentist for 11 years. Since before I had children. I am just very disappointed in his behavior and his unwillingness to admit his error and work with me. I do however like my new dentist and he nipped everything in the bud right away!

We're going to the Balloon Fiesta this week. Hope everyone is having a nice October!
  • txwhittlec
    I'm sorry that the old dentist treated you that way. Composit fillings can be sensitive for a while. Glad that you have found a better dentist, who will take care of you.
    The Balloon Fiesta sounds like fun! Hope you have a great time! :)
    by txwhittlec at 10/03/09 11:30PM
  • sallyanne
    Sorry about your dentist!!
    by sallyanne at 10/05/09 3:41PM


It has been so rainy here which is very strange for New Mexico. It rained all day yesterday and I actually had to go out and buy an umbrella. Yes, I actually did not own an umbrella until yesterday. Thank you Wal-mart for being so cheap and close to my house.

Last week my kids each had their first soccer games. They both scored goals so it was a great day all around. I'm not sure how it is going to be tomorrow because the fields will probably be really wet. We don't know how to do anything in the water here! : )

Sydney's eye checked out at 20/20 so that was great news. We only have to go back once a year now.

We are leaving for TN on Monday. Going to be a long drive. Sydney is going to be the flower girl in my cousins wedding. She is very excited. I'd like to drive up for a day at homeschool camp, but it is hard to think about a 3 hour drive knowing that I have an 18 hour one before me!

It's rainy here again today. Last week I tried out a homeschool choir. I'm not sure what I think about it. I just hate adding stuff to my schedule. It is only about about a half mile from my house and only 45 minutes long. I think their facility fee is kind of high though. So, I'll sit here and think about it.

Hope everyone is having a great September. Fall continues to fall here in NM!
  • scline
    I think the rain you are getting is from Texas! We have had rain here everyday now for a week. I'm ready for some sun! Have a safe trip!
    by scline at 09/18/09 2:10PM
  • stitchinmom
    I think it's been a strange season for many parts of the country. I have loved our summer. We haven't had TOO much rain or heat. We've played many soccer games on soaked fields, though. Bring towels for the car ride home!
    I'm so thankful about Sydney's eye!
    We've never tried out a choir here, because they always sing worship songs with accompaniment. :(
    by stitchinmom at 09/18/09 7:32PM
  • sallyanne
    Great news for Sydney! What a relief!
    by sallyanne at 09/19/09 11:24PM