Post Irma ...

Well, she finally arrived...

With so many of our brethren living out of Gainesville, the decision was made to cancel our assembly on Sunday morning. We have all of our family plus the Robertson's for Bible study and brunch/lunch. Around 2:00 everyone left for their homes to watch the t.v. and the action going on outside. Gusts of wind and rain happened all day ... around 1:30 on Monday a.m., things got pretty rough. Although Irma had been downgraded to a CAT 1, she sure packed a punch. When we were finally able to see outside Monday morning .. our yard looked like a disaster. Limbs, scrub, moss the usual debris. Fortunately for us, we lost no trees. Nothing untoward fell on our house. Our neighbors and the rest of the street (Millhopper Road deemed scenic drive) did not fare as well. Gigantic trees fell across the roads, power lines everywhere. Quite the sight.

Our power went out around midnight on Sunday, it returned on Tuesday night. There are many in our congregation that still have no power. It will take weeks before all of the debris is picked up and disposed of. Thankfully, no fatalities .... everyone safe, albeit uncomfortable. We do not own a generator. Old school ... flashlights, candles, ice and plenty o' water. All good.

Power outages. A time for focus, meditation and prayer.

We are thankful that everyone is safe .... hurricanes. There is just something special about a hurricane. :)

  • tryphena
    I am so glad to hear the report of no injuries and no damage to your home. I like "old school," even if it is uncomfortable. I have only had long power outages rarely in my life, but they were sure memorable!
    by tryphena at 09/13/17 5:16PM
  • misssonja
    So glad that you & yours are safe! So many of our friends who were in harm's way have escaped unscathed -- I believe because we had sufficient warning to pray fervently, and we prayed all the more so knowing what happened in Houston (awful!). Very thankful for God's mercy.
    by misssonja at 09/14/17 1:38AM

We are ready ...

Looks like Irma is coming our way. She's a beast!
Living in Gainesville, we are not in immediate danger, but, we will have strong winds, lots of rain and possible flooding in the area.
We always prepare for the worst (some people laugh at my over-preparing-that's ok, I always think of those 10 virgins) and pray for the best.
When Charlie came through, we were w/out power for 5 days.
We are battened down. Feeders are down, yard is cleared of projectiles, car is gassed, water is in (we are on a well, when the power goes, it goes).
Food is in - I'll cook it up today. Ice will be in the gigantic cooler.
We've done all we can do .
Praying that there will be a sharp turn and the worst case scenario will not become a reality.
Bring her on!
  • misssonja
    We are praying for Florida & points north!
    by misssonja at 09/08/17 7:03AM
  • tryphena
    Good job of prepping--I think there is no way to be over-prepared for this one. It would have to be a VERY sharp turn for Florida to avoid at least some of the fallout. I cannot believe how massive and powerful Irma is! Watching Jose, following closely on her coattails. :-/

    This hurricane season seems like a before-and-after event for a lot of people. "My" island is destroyed--so far, we haven't been able to see many pics from St. John, but it isn't looking good. Our new favorite spot, Coral Bay, is further off the grid than the rest of the island and I've seen no direct information from there at all.
    by tryphena at 09/08/17 7:59AM
  • justpeachy
    I have an aunt in Homestead, a sister in Apopka, the kids in Tampa and Gainesville, and the brethren. The prayers are many. Since Alan went from the easy side to the "uh-oh" side overnight, you can imagine the deepening of prayers. I'm sure you will triumph through this, managing to use this time to deepen the family ties,
    by justpeachy at 09/09/17 7:09PM
  • misssonja
    I'm sure you are wet but I hope unharmed -- let us know!
    by misssonja at 09/11/17 11:09AM