We are drowning down here ....

Not complaining .... we'll just keep swimming!

All good with The Lloyd's ...

Five years out from diagnosis! A milestone. A relief and extreme gratitude.

Summertime is here and the livin' is easy ....

Stay prayerful and be a helper to others.

  • tryphena
    Has it really been five years? SO thankful to celebrate that milestone with you, in spirit if not in person :-)

    by tryphena at 06/08/17 8:59AM
  • misssonja
    I thought I wrote something earlier but apparently not... I can't believe it is five years already but WOW, that feels good!!! I remember too well being so worried about you and so thankful for every good report. You are a blessing to many so I guess God ain't done with you yet! Woohooties!!!
    by misssonja at 06/14/17 10:12PM