I'm Still Alive

Hey I know it's been a long time. I need to update my picture also it's like 15 years old. Anyway things are going very well for me for the most part. Since the last time I updated alot of things have happened. First of all I had a great thanksgiving and I hope you all did as well. I brought like to big bags of food and drinks back with me.lol My dad as most of you know was baptized earlier this year and he's doing really well. I got to see him wait on the table and it was something I'll always remember.

My dad had surgery on his stomach in late August. He had some torn cartilage that they had to get but he's doing just fine now. I got to fly in an airplane. It was really cool, one of the elders at the church flies them and he flew me one Saturday mornig and we had breakfast. My car died on me while going back down to Alabama. It happened at the worst time. I was 2 hrs away from Murfreesboro but also 2 hours away from my parents house. Luckily I was able to get to my parents house. I had to get a new car.

It's a 2008 5 speed Toyota Corolla and I really like it. It is weird how I now take random trips. I woke up at like 5 in the morning a couple weeks ago, couldn't sleep and just decided to drive to Indy to see my family members. In the last few months I've driven to KY a few times(don't know why there's nothing there) Alabama a few times, Illinois once and Indiana. I'm not sure where I'll go next. I just bought a house that I'm moving into on Dec. 21, right before Christmas, so that means I'm not moving back to Bama, at least not for now.

It's out in the country and I like the house alot. To show you how country it is you can look out the front window and get a good look at the cows.lol I really only have one rule for my house and I don't think it's that bad. All eating and drinking must be done in the kitchen, unless it's a clear liquid. So remember that guys.lol I'm also thinking of going back to school. My employer will pay for me to go back to school so I'm thinking of going back and getting a certificate or degree in Information Technology or Information Systems.

I'm really happy right now, with the exception of all the drama (those of you who live here know what I'm saying) that's going on around here my life couldn't be better. Well I hope everyone is doing well!

Your brother,


P.S. "The bcs is the most ridiculous thing I've seen in my life and after experiencing some crazy customers calling in from Iowa on my job I've come to the conclusion that Iowa stands for Idiots Out Wandering Around."
  • bama_nanny
    Glad to hear from you. Where are you living? I thought that you were moving back to AL--guess that shows how out of the loop I am. That is also great about your dad. Your Mom and Your hard work at being great examples really paid off in the last couple of years, huh??? Great news!
    by bama_nanny at 12/02/07 11:19PM
  • phoenixsong
    A stomach contains cartilage? I did not know that!

    Sounds like things are rolling along pretty well for you these days! Can't wait till I bump into you again, brother!
    by phoenixsong at 12/03/07 11:13AM
  • bekka
    hey, sounds like things are going great with you, A house WOW! I don't blame you about food only in the kitchen, I try to stick with that rule as well. If your travles bring you up to Huron ohio, besure and look us up.
    by bekka at 12/03/07 4:05PM
  • on_eagles_wings
    LOL on the IOWA thing!
    by on_eagles_wings at 12/04/07 1:27AM
  • marchmadness
    Sounds like things are going really well for you! I am so glad to hear about your dad, I didn't know! Also, congrats on the new house and car! Hope to see ya soon.
    by marchmadness at 12/04/07 12:17PM
  • belle
    So, where are you? :) Tennessee? A house out in the country sounds *wonderful*! Wanna trade? ;) You should post pictures! Glad life is going well for you...and SO awesome to hear that your dad became a Christian!! How encouraging! I'm so happy! Have a great holiday!
    by belle at 12/04/07 9:08PM
  • sararschick
    Great to see you update and glad things are going well for you! :)
    by sararschick at 12/09/07 11:29PM
  • makingusmile
    What do you think of handmade cards? :)
    by makingusmile at 12/12/07 12:35PM
  • just2seeusmile
    cause I'm going to begin making them and bead jewelry now as a home business (until my book gets done) :D
    by just2seeusmile at 12/17/07 6:50AM
  • just2seeusmile
    Here is a great way to show a pleo friend you care, without all the hassle :D
    by just2seeusmile at 12/18/07 8:10AM
  • austinator
    Congrats on buying the house. Glad you are staying in the boro
    by austinator at 12/27/07 6:38PM
  • voice_of_truth
    Carl, it's great to hear from you again. I, too, am in TN now. Come on one of your trips to see us!
    by voice_of_truth at 01/30/08 10:47PM
  • just2seeusmile
    by just2seeusmile at 02/23/08 12:40AM
  • markolinux
    Root beer is clear, right? You can see through it. Everything is reddish-brown, but it's still visible.
    by markolinux at 04/01/08 1:23AM
  • just2seeusmile
    Please read my blog carefully-- if you respond it will help me in the long run. Who couldn't love Mary Kay?
    by just2seeusmile at 05/07/08 11:05PM
  • southernpoet87
    A Hoosier, by definition, is a Mountaineer..The reason why the people of Indiana adopted this name is because many of the Kentuckian Mountaineers moved to Indiana. :P
    by southernpoet87 at 08/18/08 10:40PM
  • lol_smile456
    CARL!!!!! IT'S RACHEL!! :)
    by lol_smile456 at 12/04/08 1:43PM
  • ninja_penguin
    Hey, Carl! How have you been, man? Thanks for your comments. It's good to know you're still alive. :)
    by ninja_penguin at 04/30/09 11:19AM
  • markolinux
    Carl. Are you still making a presence in these parts?? Stop on over and say hi if you are.
    by markolinux at 07/10/09 8:28PM

Bama Bound

Hey everyone, hope everyone is doing well. I've decided I'm moving back to Alabama, hopefully the Birmingham area. I'll probably be moving in late August or sometime in September. I'm moving back for different reasons, one being that I need to be closer to my family. I have a couple of funny stories that happened recently.

We had this woman called us one day and at the end of the call she's like I think my husband has a question hold on. He screams out in the background there's a woodpecker on the side of the house, like it's a big emergency.lol I think the guy was serious. She's like nevermind and hangs up the phone.

One night a group of us were spending the night over someone's house and I get this big bucket of water and pour it on this guy while he's sleep.lol The guy doesn't even move, it makes no sense for someone to sleep that hard.lol He wakes up 10 minutes later and he's like have I been sweating.lol

Well I g2g, hope everyone is having a great summer. I have to go now but I will post on your blogs later.

In Him,

Carl Devell Martin Jr.

P.S. I was thinking can you give a homeless kid homework?
  • i_am_a_sheep
    haha funny stories! hope that you have a safe move to Alabama:)
    by i_am_a_sheep at 07/26/07 2:34PM
  • bama_nanny
    Glad you're headed back this way!! Let us know when you get here-maybe we can go out to eat or something!!!
    by bama_nanny at 07/26/07 2:51PM
  • belle
    Too funny! :) Wow - you're moving back! Good luck with that..hope to see you soon!
    by belle at 07/26/07 2:58PM
  • southernpoet87
    haha! :)
    Good luck with your move! Nothing feels like home, does it?
    by southernpoet87 at 07/26/07 7:09PM
  • sarahpet
    you can if he is only homeless and not schoolless.

    maybe you should have used ice water. The water must have been too warm.
    by sarahpet at 08/01/07 7:32AM
  • sarahpet
    It is a shame now-a-days that anyone has to move far away from their family UNLESS they really want to. Wish there were more jobs in every city.
    by sarahpet at 08/01/07 7:33AM
  • sararschick
    Thanks for the laughs! :D Hope you have a safe move back to AL.
    by sararschick at 08/19/07 12:23PM
  • isaacgholman
    by isaacgholman at 08/20/07 10:03PM
  • marchmadness
    What part of Birmingham? Yes, you can give a homeless kid homework; but will they do it???? ;) You will love the question I got the other day regarding our homeschooling? Do you set up you kitchen like a cafeteria and let the kids bring their trays and get what they want? You know I do. (he he he)
    by marchmadness at 08/23/07 9:20AM
  • phoenixsong
    It was good to catch up with you tonight! I wasn't aware you were going back to Alabama! I understand the reasoning-- it's why I moved back to TN, even though I loved Lexington, KY! I wish you the best! Take good care, Carl!
    by phoenixsong at 08/23/07 11:00PM
  • on_eagles_wings
    Hey Carl! This is Dan and Sam's mom! I always enjoyed it when you visited with us at Brinkley Road. We will miss you, and we hope you visit when you are in the area. Hope things go well for you in Birmingham. I have fond memories of that town....I spent half my honeymoon there by chance! :)
    by on_eagles_wings at 08/23/07 11:29PM
  • big_azn_man_07
    This is what happened to Ted Ginn Jr! ( Stupid Roy Hall # 8) Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
    by big_azn_man_07 at 09/14/07 1:46AM
  • voice_of_truth
    Hey Carl! Let me know when you're back and where. We look forward to it!
    by voice_of_truth at 09/26/07 9:51PM
  • lizard85boy
    i go to the west end church.it is really awesome. give me a call if you come up, my number is (850)326-0010.
    by lizard85boy at 10/10/07 6:33PM
  • marchmadness
    by marchmadness at 10/11/07 1:24PM
  • markolinux
    Oh my....funny stories! How in the world does one get a bucket of water poured on them and not wake up??? Hope you are doing well!
    by markolinux at 10/13/07 8:40PM
  • lizard85boy
    i man, i saw a couple people you go to church with last week at a singing.you should come up here sometime!
    by lizard85boy at 11/13/07 11:11AM

I Know, It's Been A Long Time

Hey! I know it's hard to believe but I'm actually updating. I'm in Sweet Home Alabama. I miss home and it's good to be back for a couple of days. TN is ok, I like it ok so far but I'm not sure if I'll want to spend the rest of my life there. It's funny how Bama gets such a bad rap and people make fun of it when they find out that's where I'm from. Honestly it's one of the better states I've been to, especially when you count the "important" things, not saying that we don't have our issues.

My apartment is coming along nicely. I'm getting more and more furniture little by little. My bedroom is complete, I have a kitchen table, couch, coffee table. I have a t.v. now if I can get one more t.v. I should be good to go, for a while at least. My job is going well so far, and oh yea if your not a Verizon Wireless customer you should become one. lol We get a lot of funny calls from people like, "I just dropped my phone in the swimming pool and I was wondering if I could put it in the dryer and dry it off." lol Or someone will dial in to me just to ask me how to dial from that phone. lol The cool thing about work is that they actually have a gym, so lately I've really been working out a lot trying to get stronger and more into shape.

Since moving to TN the church members up there have gotten me into playing tennis. Talk about an adventure.lol We play at this tennis court that is fenced in. The problem is it sets right by a main road. Everytime we play tennis someone ends up hitting a tennis ball over the fence, onto the street and into all that traffic. The other night we probably hit like 4 maybe 5 tennis balls over the fence into traffic. lol I'm afraid we're going to cause an accident or another road rage episode one of these days or something.

We actually have this girl that attends church in TN, and she's tall like 6'0. Anyway she plays college b-ball and me and her kind of got into a little trash talking incident Sunday evening over who was the better basketball player. So now we're playing 1 on 1 against each other on June 17 at a park. All the young people from church are coming to watch and cheer for whomever they decide to cheer for. It was hilarious, there were people in church picking sides and predicting who was going to win. I better start practicing, honestly I'm a little scared I might lose, although I'd never admit it to her, so don't tell her that. lol

That's enough for now, hopefully I'll be able to update soon. My parents just got a new computer and I'm taking the old one back with me so hopefully I can update on here more often. After all I know u all just set anxiously at your desk waiting for my updates.lol Well my dad is in the process of cooking me my first home cooked meal in over a month so I'm about to go check on the food, and then go out for a little while. Talk to you soon, love you all!

Carl Devell Martin Jr.
aka MasterShake (long story)

  • i_am_a_sheep
    hey!! sound slike your keeping busy:)
    by i_am_a_sheep at 06/06/07 9:51AM
  • i_am_a_sheep
    by i_am_a_sheep at 06/06/07 9:51AM
  • dr_funkypants
    don't forget to get Larry's watch back to him! it was a gift from his son...
    by dr_funkypants at 06/06/07 9:58AM
  • just2seeusmile
    Hey! It was awesome to see your comment to me!! *happniness* I'm doing awesome now hehe, how are you doin?
    by just2seeusmile at 06/06/07 11:53AM
  • belle
    Oh, thanks Carl! :) I searched for that red for a long time...I ended up having the paint people at Sherwin Williams color match a red I saw in a Pottery Barn magazine. :) Decorating is fun...but certianly not cheap! Sounds like you're doing great! I'm so happy to hear that. Good luck on your 1-on-1 game! Come visit!!
    by belle at 06/06/07 1:50PM
  • i_am_a_sheep
    hey!! not much!! just enjoying summer.how about you and haha nice friend name for eme:) and no you don't look likeone really....
    by i_am_a_sheep at 06/06/07 3:17PM
  • i_am_a_sheep
    like one*
    by i_am_a_sheep at 06/06/07 3:17PM
  • sjbgurl
    Hey! Yay, finally! haha I'm doing good! Been keeping busy :) I work at Tic Toc, an ice cream parlor not too far from my house. (you saw my house..haha). I don't know if I can hook you up though. I can't give out free ice cream :/ But you can still come buy and I'll make you a delicious Sundae! ;)
    by sjbgurl at 06/06/07 4:30PM
  • bekka
    Good to hear from you. sounds like everything is going good for you. what part of Tn. do you live in?
    by bekka at 06/06/07 4:59PM
  • junebug84
    Hey everyone I have some great news. My dad, was baptized into Christ tonight. Please pray for him that he'll continue the faith and pray for all of us. This is a night of rejoicing, I'm so glad that I happened to come home to witness this great event. Praise be to God!!!
    by junebug84 at 06/06/07 9:12PM
  • pleopoet
    Glad you like the poem! Things are going fine.
    by pleopoet at 06/08/07 8:23AM
  • ivykisses
    i'm doin' well. I posted the pix you should take a peek :p How are you doing well besides what you wrote up there ????
    by ivykisses at 06/09/07 6:24PM
  • lizard85boy
    thats awesome about you dad! and if elizabeth can beat you in basketball you might not wanna show up to play this girl, haha, jk. when are you gonna come up to bowling green for a visit?
    by lizard85boy at 06/10/07 6:30AM
  • tramellite
    WOO-HOO!!!! I am THRILLED about your dad!!! Are they up worshipping at Moundville? What did he say was his "turning point" or whatever you want to call it? Oh, I am so happy for your family! I will keep you all in my prayers, especially that your dad will continue to grow and work hard in his role in Christ! :) Miss you all SOO much...you need to visit some time!! :) Tell your family I said hello...and give your mom and Denise a hug for me! :)
    by tramellite at 06/10/07 7:18PM
  • tramellite
    Ooh, and good luck with your game! :)
    by tramellite at 06/10/07 7:18PM
  • sararschick
    GREAT news about your dad! :) Praise the Lord! You'll have to let us know how the basketball 1 on 1 thing goes!
    That's hilarious about the customers you get... btw, I am a Verizon Wireless customer too! :)
    by sararschick at 06/16/07 8:16PM
  • sarahpet
    how tall are you?
    by sarahpet at 07/02/07 12:16AM
  • sarahpet
    I like Alabama though I've neve been there. also I am a verizon customer..Your sister said hi to me one time in a message on myspace but that was it. does she still get on?
    by sarahpet at 07/02/07 12:19AM

TN Here I Come

Well I've found a job. It's in Murfreesboro, TN. My first day is Monday and the first six weeks is training. It's a decent paying job with really good benefits. I moved all my things into my apartment yesterday and I'll be up there for good on Saturday. I didn't realize Murfreesboro had so many mexicans. Da boro is a nice place, the only down side that I noticed was that traffic can get pretty thick at times. My apartments is within 5 1/2 miles of my job, a shopping mall a faithful church, a few banks, a couple hospitals, and a couple of grocery stores, yep very gas sufficient and conveinent. I had to make sure to get the bachelor things, since I am a bachelor. Microwave, George Foreman Grill, Toaster, you know all that stuff.lol I see what my farther means about good credit. My electricity deposit got cut in half because I had good credit. With all this great news there is some bad. My uncle passed away this week and his funeral is this Saturday. He truly was a nice man. Everyone wish me luck on my new job, and the great thing is that it's only like 3 1/2 to 4 hours away from home. Talk to you soon

In Christ,

Carl Devell Martin Jr.
  • sarahpet
    wow hope all goes well onyour move. This is exciting.
    I am sorry about your uncle.
    by sarahpet at 03/15/07 5:56AM
  • lizard85boy
    hey, murfreesburo is only like an hour and a half from bowling green.you should come and visit sometime.
    by lizard85boy at 03/15/07 6:01AM
  • bama_nanny
    Be careful, Carl. Congrats on your job. Be sure to let me know when you're coming back this way!!
    by bama_nanny at 03/15/07 7:31AM
  • bekka
    Yeah!!!! on your new job. There aare some good churches there in Murfreesboro. Good luck on your move and new job.
    by bekka at 03/15/07 7:47AM
  • colton
    congratulations bro
    by colton at 03/15/07 9:53PM
  • southernpoet87
    That's awesome
    by southernpoet87 at 03/19/07 9:09PM
  • southernpoet87
    by southernpoet87 at 03/19/07 9:10PM
  • sararschick
    Congrats on your job! How has your first few days been going? I'm sorry to hear of your uncle's passing. May you be able to remember the good times to help you through. How is your heart doing?
    by sararschick at 03/20/07 8:52PM
  • just2seeusmile
    *~Altho i'm always away from my comp you're always still in my heart, I had to come tell you that :) ~*
    by just2seeusmile at 03/21/07 8:54AM
  • tonluvsdave
    We are missing you so much. Hope you are doing well.
    by tonluvsdave at 03/23/07 1:22PM
  • markolinux
    Sorry about your uncle. And don't forget a real popular addition to a bachelor pad - a variety of selections from the Little Debbie food product line.
    by markolinux at 03/27/07 7:58PM
  • belle
    Carl! How exciting!! Happy for you! Will we still see you at R's studies? You better bring a carload with you! :) I'm sorry about your uncle. Praying for you!
    by belle at 03/28/07 6:53PM
  • sarahpet
    How are you liking things in TN?
    by sarahpet at 04/07/07 8:30AM
  • elise
    hey sorry it took so long to write back! I got a razor, i like it a lot! Im real excited about the new baby. They are going to name him Tennison Bryce. I think that is so cute! we are down to about 7 weeks i think, but we are sure he is coming early. Im sorry you dont get to move to TX. It is a wonderful state to live in! I would never live anywhere else! BUt i hope all things work out for you what ever you plan on doing. I plan on going to TJC for my first year and a half after graduating. I have so many credits already that i thought going to a junior college would be good for me. I want to major in Nursing. So i hope things work out for your family, i am very sorry about your uncle. We have had a bunch of young teens in my area die and been killed lately from various reasons so i know it is tough. You are in my prayers.
    by elise at 04/13/07 8:45AM
  • pleopoet
    by pleopoet at 05/01/07 9:19AM
  • ivykisses
    yay for moving...always a trip no matter where you go. hope you are taking your loss well, sorry!! yay for new jobs too expecially cause they come with money. :p hope everything is going great! randomness
    by ivykisses at 05/04/07 3:40AM
  • specter
    dude grde, you're in a great part of TN!
    by specter at 05/12/07 8:16AM
  • just2seeusmile
    hows work goin?
    by just2seeusmile at 05/24/07 1:04PM
  • sjbgurl
    Hey! I found you! Now get on! :)P
    by sjbgurl at 05/30/07 10:03PM
  • i_am_a_sheep
    hey!! found you too!! this is Libby Barnes:)
    by i_am_a_sheep at 05/31/07 10:49PM

Atrial Fibrillation or Afib

I've been diagnosed with a mild case of atrial fibrillation or afib. It's just a medical term referring to the illregular rhythm or heartbeat of the heart. It's where the upper part of the heart beats faster than the lower part. This past Sunday was very scary for me. I got home from Sunday morning services and got a bite to eat and then took a nap. Upon waking up from my nap that evening to get ready for the evening service I took a sip of water and the water was hot. So I then said I'm going to walk up to the kitchen to get a fresh, cold cup of water out the frig.

So while I'm in the kitchen all of a sudden I start to get really warm and my heart starts beating really fast, like it was about to pop out my chest, and I started getting very dizzy. Feeling as if I'm about to faint I say forget the water I'm just going to try to make it to the couch. The last thing I remember is me trying to make it to the couch. The next thing I know my dad is waking me up off the floor, I don't even remember passing out. For this reason my sister wanted me to name this blog "Help I've Fallen and I Can't Get Up."lol When I first regained consciousness I was still dizzy so my dad told me to lay there on the floor for a second. After I was able to get up my dad took me to Med South while my mom and sister went to the evening church service.

They called me back there and they did this heart test on me called an ecogram(ecg) or something like that. Well that test showed that I had an illregular heartbeat which totally shooked me up, I wasn't expecting that, especially since I'm only 23. They told us to go immediately to DCH hospital and that they'll already have a room ready for me. I stayed at DCH hospital from Sunday night until yesterday evening when they released me. During that time they ran several test on me. I had blood taken from me 5 times and had an IV in my arm the entire time. They had me hooked up to a heart monitor the entire time and made me drink this potassium stuff since my postassium was a little low. They kept an eye on my bloodpressure as well, which was borderline basically the entire time I was at the hospital. The hosptial said that I didn't have an illregular heartbeat the time that I was there but that I did have one Sunday evening when I past out.

They concluded that I have a mild case of Afib. The doctor told me to stay away from caffine or high energy drinks, exercise without equipment, don't overexert myself, and be weary of taking certain kind of cold medicines that may have too much caffine. I also have these prescription pills called cardizem that I have to take indefinitely. There's only two ways to cure Afib. You can do this precedure where they put a hole in your groin area and insert a wire from there up to your heart and do some things to your heart.

The doctor said I'll have to go to Birmingham if I want that or we could try the medication. We opted for the medication in hopes that that'll keep my illregullar heartbeat under control. The doctor said that as long as I take that medicine and stay away from the things he told me I should be fine since it's only a mild case. I have to go back in two weeks to see if it's working.

Before yesterday I had never heard of afib but after this I'll never forget it. The doctor said that the good thing for me is that it's only a mild case and we discovered it while I was very young. Had it never been discovered then when I got up in my 50's it could've led to strokes or even heartattacks. People with afib are 5 to 6 times more likely to have a stroke.

The doctor said that I can live a long, normal life as long as I do those few things that he said so it's no big deal. I honestly wouldn't even call it a condition or problem. I can still do what I've been doing and no one can tell unless I tell them. Alhtough Afib can be serious it's not in my case because I don't have a severe case of it, praise the lord for that. The doctor isn't sure what caused me to have afib but he said more than likely I probably have some cells in my heart that has been damaged and at this point the cells are just scar tissue.

Since I don't drink or do drugs he said the damaged cells may have been hereditary or some virus that I had that went undetected that may have damaged the cells. Sometimes when we're young we have the habit of taking life for granite. The funny thing is this past Sunday morning I told my boss that I didn't need medical insurance because, well I was on my dad's, but also because I was so young and my health was fine and then that evening I passed out. I just want to encourage everyone to thank the lord for each day he gives us, for our health, and take advantage of the opportunity while we can to do good to others. It's funny how I was thinking, while laying in the hospital bed, of the people I had had arguments with in the past or those I didn't get along with so well and how trivial those things seemed at that time. So tell people that you love them, do good to others and let Christ shine through you while it is still today!

Hope everyone has a blest day! I love you all!

In Christ,

Carl Devell Martin Jr.

  • tramellite
    Oh, Carl!! I thank God you are okay!!!! Now...to celebrate having "afib" you need to come to Atlanta!!! ;) You and Steven can not drink caffine together! :) I love you and am SO GLAD you're okay!!! :)
    by tramellite at 02/21/07 1:00PM
  • just2seeusmile
    Goodmorning.. I wanted to come see how you're doing and allt he sudden I read this.. oh my! I'm so glad that you're okay and I do hope the medicine helps your heartbeat get back on the right path. If I see you online today I'm gonna instant message and check up on you. Do take care Carl... you're a very dear and special friend to me.. you really are brother bug! *hugs* Take care of yourself.. dont make me have to come do it myself ;P ;) ((hehe))
    by just2seeusmile at 02/22/07 5:08AM
  • marchmadness
    We are soooooo sensitive aren't we. Okay, check out your new name. Love and ta ta
    by marchmadness at 02/22/07 1:40PM
  • marchmadness
    I just read your post. I am really glad you are okay. You are so sweet and a great guy. You can turn anything into a positive. My post (if it would have been me) would be more on the whiny side. Actually, my post would be blank because I would not have posted yet. Love ya
    by marchmadness at 02/22/07 1:43PM
  • tiffany
    i'm sorry about that but i am glad it's nothing serious! take care buddy! :) hope to see ya at ryan and jennifer's next study!
    by tiffany at 02/22/07 4:34PM
  • sararschick
    Oh wow. :( Your optimism is quite admirable... it takes a lot of contentment to see through the ugly for the good. Prayers going up for you, Carl!
    by sararschick at 02/22/07 5:06PM
  • donnajo
    Glad you had that heart thing diagnosed. Also, thankful for medicine and doctors, aren't we?
    We are all doing good. Both Laurie and Pami have full time "grown-up" jobs now. Laurie is a bank teller and Pami is a "technical assistant" in an insurance office that handles worker's comp stuff. Good pay, good benefits for both so now shopping is fun...they pull out their checkbooks to pay...lol! It is an adjustment for me though, not having them around here all day. I really miss 'em.
    by donnajo at 02/23/07 12:32PM
  • colton
    dang dude. Thats bad bad to hear. I'll be praying for you. I hope this wont interfere with your football career
    by colton at 02/26/07 7:53AM
  • sarahpet
    Amen..teh Lord gives us each day and I am glad that this warning/a fib episode has alerted you and you are going to do all that you can to improve your health. I am sorry for all this and how much it scared everyone in your family and I will pray that there are no continuing problems for you.
    by sarahpet at 02/26/07 6:13PM
  • elise
    no i did not do too mcuh for my b-day. My grandad made steaks and some other things. My parents got me a new phone which was really good because my old one was being held together at the mercy of ductape, i think thats how you spell it....lol. Anyway how are things going with you?
    by elise at 02/28/07 9:33AM
  • elise
    ok maybe i should have read your post before i asked that question! Lol, im sorry that happened. I hope things get better for you!
    by elise at 02/28/07 9:35AM
  • mrfrodo
    dude! that's not good! don't die! that would be stupid! i'll be praying for you, brotha winslow...
    by mrfrodo at 02/28/07 4:39PM
  • isaacgholman
    wow, i'm sorry to hear about your incident and your hospital visit. i'm glad you found out what caused you to pass out, though! take care, man!!!
    by isaacgholman at 03/01/07 9:48PM
  • singsangsung
    I am sorry you had to go through that, but I am very glad they detected this early. Did you get to see your heart? Once I had a heart scan and I got to see my heart and it was pretty cool. I love you and miss you. Maybe I will make it to Ryan's this next meeting, will you be there?
    by singsangsung at 03/04/07 12:08AM
  • watakasibakadesu
    Dude, buddy, you had better stay ok. The only good news i got from all of that is that maybe at Ryan's I'll finally be able to take you in some basketball. Honestly though, I'll be praying for you.
    by watakasibakadesu at 03/12/07 9:19PM
  • just2seeusmile
    Thanks for being so sweet!
    by just2seeusmile at 03/13/07 12:49PM
  • isaacgholman
    hey, carl! i would try cason lane church of Christ. i have several friends who worship there. let me know if you need anything else! i hope we get to hang out sometime when you move!!!
    by isaacgholman at 03/14/07 9:53PM