to my oldest and goldest friend:


i hope you have a wonderful day! i miss you and i love you!

  • iheartshoes
    Thank you my dear! I love you too! :D
    by iheartshoes at 06/11/09 11:28AM
  • iheartshoes
    Lippo nice they named it twice!
    by iheartshoes at 06/11/09 11:30AM
  • rica5219
    hahaha. you know me too well! :) I love you and I really miss you!
    by rica5219 at 06/13/09 10:09AM
  • yakattack
    you need to come visit soon. Joel and I were talking about you to our friend Adam Wilcoxon. Just some funny memories about your word play game and Joel calling you remarkable. Miss you.
    by yakattack at 06/18/09 1:23PM
  • rachel_jeanne
    thanks :] i enjoyed spending time with you this weekend, too!
    by rachel_jeanne at 06/22/09 8:45AM
  • naturesensei
    It's ok to cry!
    by naturesensei at 06/24/09 2:17PM
  • alex
    Happy Birthday Julie!!!
    by alex at 07/16/09 11:52AM
  • cathymoore
    Well.... Miss Julie maybe it's because you are a busy little bee these days!
    by cathymoore at 08/27/09 2:55PM
  • joelmoore
    You're the biggest pleonast creeper out there.
    by joelmoore at 03/30/10 8:48PM
  • iheartshoes
    It is time for a new post Julie Mae!!
    by iheartshoes at 05/25/10 10:41AM
  • skidget
    it's almost been a year since you posted!
    by skidget at 06/03/10 11:01AM

02/10/09 4:22PM

so...its been a while since my last post. sorry but im a busy little girl.

Registered for my WREB(clinical board) and National board( written part) a couple of weeks ago. thats about 1200 dollars that i hope is worth it! This semester is just flying by. i know its still february but still. national boards are next month the week after spring break. and then we've got easter break in april...then WREB and then finals...and FINALLY graduation! im just so excited to be done with school and not have to study. i know i will still be busy but it will be a different kind of busy. i wont have to come home and wonder what quizzed i've got the next day and what test i have to study for next. i cant wait not not have stress in my life...well, school stress anyway.

I'm still not fully decided on what i'm doing after graduation. i think i want to work in general dentistry. but i little tiny part of me wants to work in pediatrics. i know its crazy working with kids...but from my experience so far i am way less worn out after having a squirmy child in my chair than when i am working with a perfectly cooperative adult. i am 95% sure that i will be going to the college station area...sometimes i'm still not sure, but when people ask me what i want to do after i graduate, i tell them i'm not too sure but i think i'm gonna move to college station...deep down i think i've already made my decision, i'm just going to have to close my eyes and to speak.
  • joelmoore
    SO TO SPEAK! Finally, a public admission! Well, on behalf of College Station, COME ON!
    by joelmoore at 02/10/09 5:45PM
  • cmvermont
    BOO college station!
    by cmvermont at 02/11/09 12:21AM
  • adampual
    by adampual at 02/11/09 8:37AM
  • iheartshoes
    DO IT!!! Don't listen to those guys!!
    by iheartshoes at 02/11/09 9:35AM
  • joelmoore
    Your son, Rip, is on line toot.
    by joelmoore at 02/12/09 12:48AM
  • yakattack
    boo college station. BG needs their teeth cleaned too.
    by yakattack at 02/16/09 11:01AM
  • skidget
    College Station would be good!!! I know you are ready to be done :-) you and ash need to come up to kansas this summer!!!
    by skidget at 02/21/09 6:07PM
  • cowboyrob
    by cowboyrob at 02/24/09 1:06PM
  • alex
    I miss you Julie Rogers..visit Houston! :)
    by alex at 03/27/09 9:35AM
  • naturesensei
    I had a party!
    by naturesensei at 04/15/09 2:04PM

better late than never!

Happy birthday JOOOOOEEEEEL!!!!!!!!!!!

your friendly dental hygienist
  • joelmoore
    Please delete "friendly." Thank you.
    by joelmoore at 02/09/09 10:34PM
  • juliewho
    haha...i wont. it makes me laugh
    by juliewho at 02/10/09 7:13AM

let the stress begin.

So, my first week of school is over with and i'm ALREADY feeling overwhelmed. On our first day back we learned that clinic starts monday. wasn't counting on that happening. We have a wonderful new schedule. Since we had a super long summer and are having a long christmas break we have to squeeze everything in. Mondays we will have 5 appointment times and we'll be there for about 12 hrs. Tuesdays won't be much different, except that we'll have a little break in between classes. However, wednesdays(two patients) and thursdays(two classes) will mostly be half days. The good thing in all of it is that we have fridays off all the time.

Thursday we learned how to place a sealant-and tuesday we'll have a competency on it...after doing it once...on a tooth planted in plaster. I'm trying not to freak out but its REALLY hard. I've moved to beeville since the gas prices are a little high...and since i will pretty much be living at school. So thats what will be going on with me this semester.

A couple of randoms:

*I read the twilight series this summer and loved it. i cant wait until the movie comes out!
*One of my very bestest friends (ASHLEY!) in the whole world is getting married to a pretty cool guy (ADAM!) on January 3rd.
*I have the cutest nephew in the whole world.

*I love chicken salad, peach tea, eating vanilla yogurt with cut up peaches in it, coffee, butter pecan creamer, cheeseburgers, laughing until tears come out, wearing flip flops, being blonde, reuniting with good friends, watching cheesy movies/shows and laughing at them, little hot sandwiches, ranch dressing, avacado, peanut butter, rosemary and olive oil triscuits. and most importantly--YOU!
  • cowboyrob
    hey you
    by cowboyrob at 10/02/08 5:54PM
  • ashli
    Sealants will become second nature. I used to freak out when I had to place them and try to avoid it at all costs, but now I just do it.
    by ashli at 10/07/08 7:21PM
  • adampual
    my work?? huh?
    by adampual at 10/17/08 11:13AM
  • alex
    ^^ I knew who you meant. Thank you!!
    by alex at 10/17/08 3:18PM
  • iheartshoes
    ^^Oh I laughed so hard...and then I called Joel and we laughed so hard together.
    by iheartshoes at 10/17/08 9:55PM
  • joelmoore
    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^That is true.
    by joelmoore at 10/18/08 2:53PM
  • AlanL
    Oh, hello!
    by AlanL at 10/27/08 12:01PM
  • rica5219
    miss you. love you.
    by rica5219 at 11/06/08 11:36AM
  • joelmoore
    Time for a new post...
    by joelmoore at 11/11/08 12:59PM
  • skidget
    I'm still waiting on mine. I hope I get it soon :-)
    by skidget at 11/12/08 4:44PM
  • joelmoore
    by joelmoore at 11/13/08 4:52PM
  • adampual
    yep! since 2003 or whenever i got on pleonast!
    by adampual at 11/18/08 11:38AM
  • ashli
    Yeah, well, you looked HOT this weekend. We were ALL jealous of those Vera Wang dresses. Gorgeous!
    by ashli at 01/06/09 8:29PM
  • alex
    I think you need to update your blog and talk about me. :)
    by alex at 01/13/09 10:13AM
  • rica5219
    way to go wulie!!! :) i can't believe that you knew that!!!!!
    by rica5219 at 01/23/09 11:53AM
  • skidget
    JULIE! How are you dear?
    by skidget at 01/25/09 2:18PM
  • skidget
    Oh Fifi!!! hahaha. You make me laugh :-)
    by skidget at 01/28/09 9:24PM
  • skidget
    Hope your sore throat goes away!!
    by skidget at 01/28/09 9:24PM
  • cowboyrob
    Hope to see you this weekend
    by cowboyrob at 02/03/09 8:57PM
  • iheartshoes
    You haven't posted in....FOREVER!
    by iheartshoes at 02/09/09 9:34AM

06/26/08 6:57PM

alright so...since the last time i posted:

*i took all my finals and ended up with an all a semster. i wont lie...i was pretty excited about it.
*went up to Wichita Falls to see the most awesome little boy
*i chopped about 10 inches of my hair off. but i couldnt donate it due to the dye.
*went to Hondo(ish) with some awesome people for memorial day
*bought WAY too many groceries and witnessed some type of crime at the Hondo HEB
*decided to start running again
*rediscovered Blue Bell vanilla ice cream
*bought a plane ticket to Jacksonville, FL to see Sarah T. get married.
*bought 4 new pairs of shoes
*bought a silly zebra print dress
*got a pano. x-ray done and made an appointment to have my wisdom teeth removed
*went to a Corpus Christi Hooks baseball game
*did a lot of other random stuff...but those are the highlights

In the month of July:

*going to Jacksonville
*celebrating my dad's birthday
*celebrating my birthday
*going to Centerville for Ashley's weddin
*getting my wisdom teeth removed
*gettin ready to go to Philadelphia
*possibly a trip to Houston
*registering for the fall semester of my LAST YEAR of college!

so that's what i've been up to and what i WILL be up to in the upcoming weeks. this should do for a while
  • cmvermont
    YEAH trip to houston! DO IT!!

    deja vu means you should definitely do come visit :)
    by cmvermont at 06/27/08 11:21AM
  • palliard
    aww, thanks for adaming me.
    by palliard at 06/27/08 12:15PM
  • skidget
    by skidget at 06/27/08 6:13PM
  • cmvermont brain works in mysterious ways
    lol like the "definitely do come visit" part
    by cmvermont at 06/28/08 9:45AM
  • rica5219
    9 days!
    by rica5219 at 06/30/08 9:33AM
  • iheartshoes
    I would like for you to come to Houston on Thursday so we can play volleyball...ok...BAY.KIN!
    by iheartshoes at 06/30/08 4:53PM
  • iheartshoes
    4 new pair of shoes???? I LIKE shoes!
    by iheartshoes at 06/30/08 4:53PM
  • iheartshoes
    you are getting very hungry....hungry for some...wait for it...wait for it...bbbaaaaccccooonnn!!
    by iheartshoes at 07/01/08 5:15PM
  • jenna
    it was good to see you too! sounds like you are having a good summer ;0)
    by jenna at 07/01/08 5:22PM
  • rica5219
    so so glad I got to see you! :)
    by rica5219 at 07/15/08 12:51PM
  • iheartshoes
    you're a new picture
    by iheartshoes at 07/24/08 11:51AM
  • adampual
    what does that even mean??
    by adampual at 07/24/08 2:54PM
  • adampual
    oh i know, i was just using that phrase she uses :)
    by adampual at 07/24/08 3:51PM
  • ashli
    Can you give local in TX?
    by ashli at 07/27/08 1:06AM
  • alex
    I miss you Julie Rogers. :)
    by alex at 07/31/08 4:24PM
  • alex
    Awesome, I look forward to seeing you.
    by alex at 08/08/08 11:09AM
  • 3hoursbehind
    you are correct
    by 3hoursbehind at 08/09/08 10:28AM
  • carold
    hey Julie! how are you? so glad you found me here!
    by carold at 08/18/08 5:35PM
  • skidget
    you need a new post!! Miss you Julie!! oh fifi
    by skidget at 08/19/08 9:13PM
  • carold
    she's right. you should have a whole new list of things you have done since your last post by now. lol
    by carold at 08/26/08 8:55AM