Almost a year since the last post. I decided to write a new one.
So. I'm going to start with the beginning of the year.
We moved. And mom was in Atlanta. You can imagine how fun that would be. And on top of that, I got salmonella. :'( Apparently I ate some cashews and they were recalled at Trader Joe's. That was not fun. I was scared. I first started feeling it the day all the big stuff got out of the old house(furniture, boxes and bikes). I had to lay down for a couple minutes every now and then. And then I puked. It went like that the whole week. It stayed a couple days after mom got back, but it left. My dad said that if he had never heard about the recall from Trader Joe's, then he would have had me at the hospital.
What a great way to start the year off, right? :l
In this new house, I have my own room! It's small, but I love it! The younger siblings share a room, and my parent's have their room. My room gets used as the guest room, which I am fine with. We have a nice little backyard with a shed(my mom's going to kill me. She wants me to call it office) which is dad's office and storage area.
My sister and I are in a Shakespeare class, and our play was a week and a half ago. We did MacBeth. I played the first witch and MacDuff. Maia played third witch, messenger, and murderer. Next week we will be starting Antigone. It'll be the last play I do with them because the class is for 8-12 years old, and I will be thirteen in June.
Choir has been going great. In June of 2015 I went to New York and sang at the Lincoln Center and at Carnegie Hall. In December Maia went and preformed at Carnegie Hall. And then two weeks ago, we preformed a piece at Walt Disney Concert Hall and the piece won grammy's or something like that. It's only been preformed in the U.S.A. once, and in the world twice. So it was big.
We are also in an A.S.T.E.M.E. class. It is awesome. I go to that class along with Maia and Nate.
Maia and I are also doing Latin with our grandmother(dad's mom), and afterwards she talks us about greek plays.
My grandmother(mom's mom) came to visit four weeks ago. It was nice having her.
In June, we are going on a trip to Arizona. My birthday will be in there. My grandparents(dad's parents) will be meeting us there. We will stay a couple days(my birthday in there) and then dad and grandpa are going somewhere for a couple days to bird while the rest of us go home.
Currently, though, I am fine. Ella is being her usual bouncy jumping off the walls self. Maia is herself. Parents are the same. Nate is sick. First sign that I know this is that he has thrown up six times this week. Second is that he is so quiet. He's been lying down a lot. I don't know what it is, but he seems to be getting better.
I can't think of anything else that would be of interest at the moment, so until net time!
(hopefully not another year)
  • whipsmile
    You sound like you have a full and happy life! (aside from that cashew sickness bit, sorry about that.)
    by whipsmile at 03/30/16 1:11PM

Lots to say.

So I just found out that my last entry was October 9th 2013, so mom is letting me write a new one.

At the moment, dad is driving home.. He left on Thursday late at night to Illinois. He is coming back this Thursday really late. He took a plane on Thursday, and he (at the moment) is driving back in our new car. :) I really miss him and now realize why we need a father. Nate won't listen to mom 'cause he says he isn't scared of mom, but he is with dad. :P

A week ago, I found out that I was promoted to the premier ensemble of my choir. The ensemble's are, in order, prelude, minuet, sonata (junior division), debut, premier, and scholars (senior division). So this is a big deal. When you are promoted to scholars, you are then in premier and scholars. I have heard the premier ensemble, and I understand the responsibility. On the same day, we found out that Maia was promoted to debut. :D

Mom was in Illinois in March. So we had to 'hold the fort' while she was gone. The house didn't burn down, and no children were lost during the process. We are going to Illinois in October to my Uncle's wedding. Maia, Ella and I are going to be... flower girls. :P Nate will be the ring bearer. He and Ella were in our other Uncle's wedding in August.

I will be getting new glasses soon. Apparently, the last time I saw the eye optometrist was when I was six. Wow.

So lots of things have happened since my last entry. Until next time!

  • julianna
    I will also be turning 12 this year.
    by julianna at 04/21/15 4:28PM
  • whipsmile
    Congratulations on the promotion! That's a big deal!
    by whipsmile at 04/22/15 12:03PM

Being a little helper October 9th Wensday 2013

For four entire days, my mom will be gone. She left on Tuesday afternoon.

Maia had yoga class, so guess who had to bring her in and take her out because my dad had to stay in the car to stay with the other ones? That's right. Me. Little helper.
I made apple crisp, and they were happy about THAT because we also had apple cider, and they were joyous. Our apple peeler broke down, so who do you think had to spend most of the time peeling them with a carrot peeler by hand? That's right. Me. Little helper.

After breakfast, we watched a movie, and at 11:00, it started raining. Oh, what a joyous sight! Maia, Nate, and Ella, of course, jumped right in. Maia was so glad, she said, "Rain! It's paradise!", and she barely says paradise, so that must have been a big deal. I went in after they wanted to wear rain jackets, so I put on one too, then just walked in the rain, while the other ones ran into puddles with their bare feet.

Nothing much going on (besides mom being gone), and they are all acting up.


P.S. I'm starting to miss mom already.
  • maia
    I miss mom. :-)

    by maia at 10/09/13 8:01PM
  • curlie
    You're a great little helper! Thank you for being so helpful to your dad while I was gone.
    by curlie at 10/12/13 8:31PM
  • whipsmile
    Good job being such a good helper. I know you're parents appreciate it and are very proud of you. :-)
    by whipsmile at 10/18/13 8:53AM

Well, we are back(we have been for a week.)!

Home!!! Music to my ears!!!

Two months! That is how long we have been away. I will say though, we have met a lot of people and have seen old friends and relatives. Over the trip, I have been "collecting" pen-pals. I had one to start out two months ago, and since I have met new friends and old friends, we write to each other so we can keep in touch. It's been going well! I have nine!
This is where we have been to on our trip;

Ohio-West Virginia-Pennsylvania-Ohio
Minnesota-North Dakota
North Dakota-Montana-Idaho-Washington

Also, over the trip, I have been helping people cook and bake. I LOVE to bake! It's in my blood. And I am not complaining. Maia likes to bake, but she will do ANYTHING to crack just one egg. Nate and Ella sometimes help mommy with baking or cooking, but not that much. Once in a while I get to make dinner, lunch or breakfast meals. Such as once I made garlic mashed potatoes. Boy. Those were a hit. And making pancakes from scratch.

This morning at church, people keep saying, "My word! You have grown!" I don't know if we have grown very much, but I just go with the flow.

Well, that's all!

:) Julianna ;D
  • whipsmile
    You had such a CRAZY summer! I think it's amazing that you had this type of experience. :-)
    by whipsmile at 08/26/13 10:16AM
  • ceoltoir
    Even if you haven't grown on the outside you've certainly grown internally through your experiences. I'm glad you're home safely and wish you the best in your school year.
    by ceoltoir at 08/26/13 5:47PM
  • julianna
    I'll say it was coocoo crazy! :P :D
    by julianna at 04/09/14 12:57PM

What it is like being TEN years of age; AND how our trip is going

Well for one thing, I am getting into double-digits, so it's a big deal for me. For all I know, I might be double-digits for the rest of my life (unless I get into triple-digits)! I think turning ten and eighteen should be the most important birthdays of all. Ten: Because you turn into double-digits. Eighteen: Because you will become an adult (and you'll BE one for the rest of your life.).

Now that I'm turning ten, I am TRYING to be nicer to Maia, Nate, and Ella. But with a sister always touching my stuff, a brother always beating and/or pinching me, and a squealing and screaming younger sister, you can just imagine how hard THAT is. But I still try to be nice, and still keep on having hope that Maia, Nate, Ella and I will be nicer and more gentle to each other. I doubt THEY will be nicer to each other, but I will try to do what they can't do. But this might be hard to do, because I AM THE OLDEST!!!!!!!!!! Mom says they think I am trying to boss them around because I AM OLDER!!!!!!!!!! And I am trying so so so so so so so so so so SO hard to do the exact opposite! Isn't that frustrating?! And plus, when I hear THAT, I almost give up trying. But I am just going to keep trying, no matter WHAT the cost.

I am changing a bunch of things I do, now that I am getting into double-digits. #1 I am going to try to eat better, because I do NOT eat as healthily as I should. #2 I might start exercising. Because Daddy does exercising, and he is getting stronger. #3 I am going to start drawing more, because I seriously need to edit my drawings, 'cause I am TERRIBLE at drawing. #4 My parents are giving us money to do chores. I save my money, so I can buy my own items, and to buy people presents. I think that's about it.

Well, I'd better wrap things up.


  • brbalu
    It helps to ask people to HELP you rather than TELLING them. Maybe you could say "would you help me keep my things nice", or "would you please not pinch me".
    by brbalu at 06/24/13 9:34AM
  • friedaj
    It sounds as if you really are growing into a wonderful young lady. Never give up trying or you will never succeed. It sounds like you have a great plan. Good luck with all you want to accomplish.
    by friedaj at 06/29/13 8:31PM