07/05/11 4:50PM

We have a new wii! We have 11 games. blackops is my faverite.
  • friedaj
    I thought watching a movie and snuggle time with Grandma was your favorite.....
    by friedaj at 07/05/11 11:47PM

07/05/11 4:47PM

No more enernet

since I lost inernet I couln't get on pleo. Sorry!! so if not on as often don't get mad.
  • jhh
    I love you to dude
    by jhh at 01/13/11 8:09PM
  • funsahm
    I'm mad.
    by funsahm at 01/20/11 12:27PM
  • susan1028
    Hi guys
    by susan1028 at 01/24/11 7:29PM
  • friedaj
    Hi honey. I am missing you all. I am looking forward to seeing you and spending time with you guys next week.
    by friedaj at 02/23/11 3:14PM
  • friedaj
    I love you! ! ! !
    by friedaj at 02/23/11 3:15PM
  • jt
    or spending money

    by jt at 05/07/11 10:11AM

11/08/10 4:13PM

I got to expierience assisting in the church. I loved it! I am sad my granny is dieing.
  • jt
    I love you all
    by jt at 11/08/10 4:14PM
  • pooky
    You did a great job Justin. I am so proud of the little man that you are! I am sorry that you are sad - but I understand. Just remember that your granny is happier now than she has EVER been!
    by pooky at 11/08/10 10:45PM
  • rachelandra
    I love your good heart, Justin! I'm sad for you and all your family about Granny, too. She is a fine lady and you are very blessed to have good memories of her!
    by rachelandra at 11/09/10 10:30AM
  • friedaj
    Thank you for being with me and holding my hand and Granny's while saying "Good bye" I LOVE YOU
    by friedaj at 11/09/10 6:39PM


I got baptized!!!!!!! It was cool. There were lots and lots of hugs. I liked all of the attention.
  • jt
    by jt at 08/31/10 9:55AM
  • thethreat
    awesom justin :)
    by thethreat at 08/31/10 2:24PM
  • pooky
    When are you coming back to Chillicothe?
    by pooky at 08/31/10 2:55PM
  • beckdobbins
    So proud of you, Justin! It was so good to see you this weekend!
    by beckdobbins at 08/31/10 7:34PM
  • friedaj
    You are a wonderful young man and I love you dearly!
    by friedaj at 08/31/10 9:00PM
  • jt
    I love u all too.
    by jt at 09/08/10 10:00PM