I posted, and I have my own site where I can do my own thing with no adds or stuff. Just go here. . I hope everybody is doing well.
  • mill2093
    I didn't realize you were on here Jared. If you ever stop back by, give me a holler back. This is Ryan Miller.
    by mill2093 at 07/02/09 3:33PM

Back in the R-Town for one last time...

Hey, Good to see everybody is doin' alright. Me and Marsh are gonna pump some iron and get back into fightin' shape... cue the Rocky music! The Rocky music gets me amped! (By the way, if you haven't seen the newest Rocky movie, it may have been the best in the whole Rocky movie series with inspirational speeches and all) Anyways, life is fantastic, just one semester left and then I'm gonna marry my one and only on May 18th. I'm excited about all that's gonna be happening in the future, but I'm sad I won't be able to see everybody in St. James on a normal basis. It has been a really refreshing 2 years for me to be attending the church at St. James and see young Christians act in a way that Christians should act. We'll come back and visit though, I'm sure of it. It looks like tentatively Marshall and I will be teaching a class on Denominations as well as church history and issues that presently threaten to cause division. Long enough title huh? This class will be for college age peeps... but we will consider admitting senior citizens too, John :) Anyways, enough with the over 30 jokes (I was obligated to get one in). The class will start in the january 20's or so on a wednesday night... still nothing set in stone. Becca and I will be in St. Charles this weekend and I'm grateful for the opportunity I'll have to preach sunday night, the 13th. Anyways, I hope all is good with everybody.

  • mickeydee_003
    In your own words..."You're a goofy kid."
    by mickeydee_003 at 01/12/07 10:06PM
  • ta_da06
    good to see you again it is going to be sad when you leave after this semester:(
    by ta_da06 at 01/12/07 10:25PM
  • rob
    by rob at 01/15/07 6:07PM
  • fatmanfromthesouth
    so just kick him when you get mad at him
    by fatmanfromthesouth at 02/20/07 1:22AM
  • mike86
    hey, at least you know who's your friend. just look at the friends list
    by mike86 at 02/24/07 10:34PM
  • fatmanfromthesouth
    im not on there
    by fatmanfromthesouth at 02/25/07 11:18PM
  • fatmanfromthesouth
    you need a new post
    by fatmanfromthesouth at 02/27/07 12:42AM
  • katesters
    SERIOUSLY, I know you're busy being a senior in college and all ... but you're totally leaving me haning! lol. hehe, love you
    by katesters at 03/05/07 9:04PM
  • marshall
    Tag...mi blog tiene las repuestas.
    by marshall at 03/31/07 6:26AM
  • smilin_ashley
    TAG YOU'RE IT! (see my blog)
    by smilin_ashley at 04/01/07 5:45PM
  • beccaann
    Tag you are it!! i love you!! see my blog!!
    by beccaann at 04/03/07 7:11PM
  • abe_07
    Tag... you've been tagged four times now.
    by abe_07 at 04/12/07 12:17PM
  • fatmanfromthesouth
    hay was up ....im writing a new song it called update or i will smite you with a stick
    by fatmanfromthesouth at 04/20/07 12:02AM
  • mike86
    hey, J rod
    by mike86 at 04/28/07 10:24PM
  • curlie
    Thinking of you today! :) Can't wait to see pictures. :)
    by curlie at 05/18/07 11:46AM
  • smilin_ashley
    YOU ARE MARRIED! It's so exciting. I hope you have a great time in Florida, and we see you VERY soon!
    by smilin_ashley at 05/19/07 11:41AM
  • katesters
    i miss you. lots. bunches. horribly. crazily. tons. come see me. please.
    by katesters at 09/15/07 4:49PM
  • jondoug300
    lol, what??
    by jondoug300 at 10/20/07 10:37AM
  • katesters
    hey! The meeting is this coming week the 11th through the 16th. I hope you can come!!!!
    by katesters at 11/08/07 10:27AM
  • fatmanfromthesouth
    its a new year POST!!!!!!!
    by fatmanfromthesouth at 02/22/08 2:03AM

New Pics From this weekend

My dad, the "casual fridays pirate" - An apt description given by my brother.

Me and Becca

  • jrod
    Oh, did I mention... THE CARDS WON IT ALL!
    by jrod at 10/30/06 10:34AM
  • jrod
    That makes for 10 World Championships for the Historic Franchise of the St. Louis Cardinals
    by jrod at 10/30/06 10:35AM
  • deusvitae
    The Cards did well. Now they can fade into oblivion for another 20 years and let other NL Central teams take a stab at it. :D
    by deusvitae at 10/30/06 11:16AM
  • jondoug300
    Cardinals rock!
    by jondoug300 at 10/30/06 2:11PM
  • katesters
    haha ya never know, it might not take them 20 years this time ;).
    by katesters at 10/30/06 8:43PM
  • curlie
    I miss your family a ton. Please give them all hugs for me. :)
    by curlie at 10/30/06 9:34PM
  • beccaann
    i love you jared
    by beccaann at 11/09/06 9:39PM
  • mike86
    whats going on man
    by mike86 at 11/27/06 8:45PM
  • beccaann
    by beccaann at 11/27/06 10:45PM
  • smilin_ashley
    Hey, the thing you got an invitation to, instead of Dec. 28....it is now Jan. 5 at 6 PM. Everything else is the same. Call me to RSVP!!
    by smilin_ashley at 12/10/06 7:00PM
  • mike86
    umm, hello jrod?
    by mike86 at 12/20/06 9:28PM
  • deusvitae
    Hope you have a happy holiday season and a good new year. :)
    by deusvitae at 12/23/06 9:39AM
  • mike86
    Dude where is your fruit MAN
    by mike86 at 02/19/08 8:22PM

Pic from the weekend before last...

  • rob
    Eww, whats that girl leaning on?
    by rob at 10/24/06 1:35PM
  • jrod
    Wow... I just posted a minute ago and already a comment from Roberto the mexican poolboy... good work.
    by jrod at 10/24/06 1:37PM
  • jondoug300
    lol, what is that girl leaning on? That's a great question, Rob!
    by jondoug300 at 10/24/06 2:13PM
  • mickeydee_003
    I think its the weird creature that the Bible mentions. I think its what they call a "bahimith".
    by mickeydee_003 at 10/24/06 4:26PM
  • katesters
    =)thats a cute picture!
    by katesters at 10/24/06 5:27PM
  • fatmanfromthesouth
    (lol)mexican poolboy hahahahhahahahahahahahahahhaha
    by fatmanfromthesouth at 10/25/06 12:16AM
  • ta_da06
    I think you two are so cute together!!!!! You Guess are mean *Glearing at the wierdos*
    by ta_da06 at 10/25/06 1:17PM
  • jondoug300
    ...Kayla translator: "I think you two are so cute together!!!!! You guys are mean! *glaring at the weirdos*"
    by jondoug300 at 10/25/06 2:11PM
  • mike86
    back seat couples
    by mike86 at 10/26/06 9:37PM
  • ta_da06
    LOL, you are so mean!
    by ta_da06 at 10/27/06 12:11PM

Cards... Any Predictions?

The Cardinals are in the Series... I was wondering if anybody wanted to make any predictions (they never work anyways)... but I believe the Cards are gonna take the series in 6... but I'm biased.
  • beccaann
    i don't care how many games it takes as long as the cards win!!!
    by beccaann at 10/21/06 7:39PM
  • beccaann
    I love you Jared!!!
    by beccaann at 10/21/06 7:40PM
  • mike86
    double barrel salami
    by mike86 at 10/21/06 8:15PM
  • mike86
    oh....go cards!
    by mike86 at 10/21/06 8:30PM
  • ta_da06
    I agree with Becca!!
    by ta_da06 at 10/21/06 8:57PM
  • fatmanfromthesouth
    i agree with becca to
    by fatmanfromthesouth at 10/21/06 10:54PM
  • katesters
    haha yeah I think they'll win in 5 or 6 games.
    by katesters at 10/22/06 3:39PM