We are currently planning our trip to the US. We have dates and places set in stone, now we just have to decide what all we are doing while we are there.

We arrive in KY on January 23 and will be there until February 4th.

We then fly to Chicago and will be there until the 13th. One of the two weekends we are there we plan on going to Rochelle. Our time in Chicago is mainly for sightseeing and "being tourists".

On the 13th we fly to Orlando, we'll rent a car there and head over to Tampa. We then fly out of Tampa to fly home on the morning of the 18th (wish us luck on an 8 hour day flight with a 19 month old!!).
  • bg
    Take snacks, and toys to occupy him. Let him run around while he can in the airport and before the airport so he doesn't feel like he has been sitting before getting on the plane to sit too. :) Hope you have a wonderful trip!
    by bg at 12/27/11 10:22PM
  • click
    I'll be in Tampa!
    by click at 12/31/11 2:53PM
  • kendrad
    OOH! I wish I knew for sure when you'd be in Rochelle. We are headed north through the area Feb 2 and back south Feb 7. It'd be great to see you.
    by kendrad at 01/19/12 10:57AM


Please pray for Bernardo's great-grandfather Oliveira. He's in the ICU and his situation is complicated. Please also pray for the family!

One of those days!

Today I am really wishing airfare (and all the documents needed) to the US wasn't SOOO expensive. I think since it's Grandma's borthday it makes me really wish I could take Bernardo to meet her and Grandpa. It really frustrates me to see people who live close (as in within a few hours drive) from their grandparents and don't take advantage of it!

Too bad I don't have any rich, long-lost relatives that could give me the money!!


Bernardo is growing non-stop. He is very playful and loves to climb. He is constantly exploring and loves to be outside. I just recently cleaned our balcony for him to play outside. With him out there I can sit on my bed and work and still keep an eye on him. He loves trying to smash the ants!
  • hmjmom
    I wish Grandma and Grandpa could meet Bernardo. They would love him. He is such a sweet little guy.
    by hmjmom at 09/28/11 7:40AM


I rarely get on Pleo any more, but I decided to post an update.

Bernardo is now 12 months, 2 weeks old. I can hardly believe that my baby is already a year old. He is walking all over the place and loves to climb. He can climb the stairs almost as fast as an adult walking up them. He is very close to climbing up onto the couch and bed. He can already climb up the backrest of the couch and he's been getting off the couch and bed for a long time. A lot of days he will nap on my bed and now that he is walking he'll get up and walk to the door (which means I have to close the door or pay very close attention since the stairs are right outside my bedroom door).

He loves to interact with people. He newest hobby is to stand on the couch and look out the window and call to people walking by on the street. A few of the neighbors usually stop and talk to him when they see him.

Bernardo still has the greatest laugh and he laughs all the time. His hand-eye coordination is really good and he picks up really quickly on the correct order of things. Joel was playing with him in the kitchen and put a lemon in a glass then an orange and showed him that the other way around didn't work. Ever since that day if you give him a lemon, an orange and a glass he'll put them in the right order. He has also started matching things up.

Well, I've probably rambled enough about Bernardo!!
  • bg
    Sounds like he is growing fast! It is amazing to see all of their changes huh? I love the talking to people on the street thing. Very cute.
    by bg at 08/09/11 9:03AM
  • kendrad
    Wow, he does better on the stairs than my 20 mo old! The lemon thing is cool! I wish we could meet him.
    by kendrad at 08/09/11 10:54AM
  • click
    He sounds so fun...I wish I could meet him!
    by click at 09/08/11 2:17PM

Leaving Pleo

I've decided to leave pleo. I'm not on here all that much and I need to cut back on my internet time. I'm still on Facebook so you can look me up there!

BTW, Bernardo's surgery and recovery went really well!
  • click
    Your little boy is SO cute! glad to hear things went well!
    by click at 01/06/11 7:47PM
  • tanja
    I'm not on Pleo much either. I'm not on much of anything any more. More important things take my time. Although, I still enjoy my time on Pleo when I can take a few extra minutes. We'll miss you.
    by tanja at 02/02/11 7:33PM