How can I repay the Lord for all His goodness to me? (Ps 116:12)

Looking behind: Since my last update, it feels like I've only blinked—and in that split-second (a.k.a. six months), an eternity has happened! The past two years at FC were essentially what I had dreamed they would be: a combination of enriching classes, exciting social activities, and life-long friendships all encapsulated by spiritual ideals. I'm pretty sure it's impossible to condense my experience into a few sentences. I just can't explain it... except to say how grateful I am for every professor I learned from, every meal I ate, every night in the dorms, every heart who touched mine, every prayer God answered, every door He opened, and every good thing He placed in my lap. Thanks to everyone who helped me make these wonderful memories.

Today I looked back on my life as a sixth grader. I was reading an old journal and came across this wish: "I hope I'm popular in Heaven. I want all the angels to know who I am!" It makes me laugh to realize how silly and immature I was back then, and yet I know several years from now I'll probably look back and think the same thing all over again. And just for the record, my current goal isn't to be popular in Heaven. It's just to make it there, by the grace of God.

Looking around: KY is my home base for the summer, and I must admit it's been wonderful to be with my family so far! Being home means sleeping in my own room, baking in the kitchen, playing our piano, just sitting and talking to my parents, hearing Luke's music all over the house, reading my Bible in the backyard, visiting my favorite prayer spot, and—of course—missing Jady. When I'm not at home, though, you might find me at camp (yay Texas and Dry Creek!) or hanging out with great Bowling Green-ers or having my wisdom teeth cut violently from my precious gums... but you won't find me substitute teaching anymore. I've had enough of that for awhile!

I do wish Jady could be here, but I'm so thankful for the ways we can grow and be used by God even while we're apart. And it makes me really excited to think of him helping seven-camps-worth of kids these next few months! Dating him brings me so much joy, and I only hope others will be blessed through him, too. I'll try not to wish away my wonderful summer at home, taking to heart the words of Samuel Johnson: "Of the blessings set before you make your choice, and be content. No man can taste the fruits of autumn while he is delighting his scent with the flowers of the spring: no man can, at the same time, fill his cup from the source and from the mouth of the Nile."

Looking ahead: God willing, I'll be heading back to FC one more year to finish my Liberal Studies degree. And while I have no idea even what tomorrow may bring, whatever measure of challenges or joys or blessings or pain God deems best, one thing I ask of the Lord. This is what I seek: that I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life, to gaze upon the beauty of the Lord and to seek him in His temple.

I want to be conscious of God each moment of the day. I want to do everything without complaining or arguing. I want to be less like Julianne and more like Christ. I want to love God's Word, to long for a deeper understanding of His nature and His will, to strain every nerve and submit every fiber of my being in accordance with His purposes. I want to trust and obey...
  • titan26
    hey its matt from camp! how are you?
    by titan26 at 07/22/09 4:00PM
  • metzgermom
    Hey! It's your mother from Kentucky who misses you. Please come home. We have air conditioning!! :^)
    by metzgermom at 07/25/09 2:58PM
  • oldrupert
    ^^ A/C would be enough to make anyone come running if they went to BOTH Texas Junior and Senior Camp. Or as we say, Camp on the Face of the Sun. :)
    by oldrupert at 07/25/09 3:03PM
  • soccerchic
    Hey it's Robyn Green from jr. camp !!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL
    by soccerchic at 07/25/09 7:04PM
  • frogsonice
    by frogsonice at 07/27/09 2:11PM
  • fishstick101
    hey girly whjats up i had sio much fun and thank you for ketting us meet austin ;)
    by fishstick101 at 07/27/09 2:19PM
  • harbermama
    Hey, I hear that Jady guy might be around these parts tomorrow night. Come down here and maybe you can see him. :-)
    by harbermama at 08/01/09 8:45PM
  • anutty
    Hi girl! Looks like you have been hit with Texas campers! Ha! I noticed you are on the Wall's friend's list. Have we found another connection to each other? If we keep looking, we may be related! Love ya!
    by anutty at 08/03/09 11:06PM
  • mkluvspink
    i miss you and love you sooo much. i love that we got to talk more this year and grow closer together. you are always in my heart. love you.
    by mkluvspink at 08/06/09 1:02PM
  • anonymouser
    hey julianne! my name is presley and i went to junior camp and i was sooo glad that u and caleb were back! we're all gonna miss u next year!!!!!!
    by anonymouser at 08/07/09 2:21PM
  • stella
    Hi Julliane. Its Faith from camp. How are you?
    by stella at 08/11/09 6:05PM
  • marksdena
    I hear you are very cool this week! Hope to see you in Florida next week! Miss you!
    by marksdena at 08/15/09 10:20PM
  • jadie728
    hey it is me jadie hargrove from camp! how r u?????????
    by jadie728 at 08/17/09 7:45PM
  • seashelll
    Did you take all of the "Scripture pictures" except the one from the Philippines? They're really good, and they look beautiful with the verses. They could be on postcards.
    by seashelll at 11/08/09 3:09PM
  • horselover13
    CONGRATS!!! I love you!
    by horselover13 at 12/05/09 7:38PM
  • onelittlecandle
    Very happy about your good news! :)
    by onelittlecandle at 12/11/09 9:35AM
  • horselover13
    I'm so glad I got to see you at FC last week! Hope everything is going well. Hope to see you soon!
    by horselover13 at 02/08/10 10:27AM
  • horselover13
    yeah...we've had a HUGE snowfall in the past few days. We have gotten about a foot (maybe more) so far, adn we're supposed to get more on Sunday. It's kind of weird for me to think that just last week we were in 70s weather and now we have at least a foot of snow.
    by horselover13 at 02/11/10 9:37PM
  • horselover13
    I really miss y'all at FC. That's about all I miss about Florida. The weather was nice, but I like fourwheeling through the snow. :) But I wish I could see y'all more often.

    Speaking of seeing more often, soon I won't be seeing Nathan as often. He'll be at FC this fall. And then it's only two years until Noble's there, and in 4 years I'll be geting ready to go. Kind of a scary thought.

    Anyway, if you ever want to call, write, snail-mail, or email me, feel free. I'm usually home most all the time.

    By the way, I LOVE your engagement pictures!
    by horselover13 at 02/11/10 9:52PM
  • fishstick101
    Heyyyy Congrats :) i Miss You
    by fishstick101 at 02/24/10 8:38AM

The past couple of months...

:: in nouns: livingston avenue. handicap showers. chick-fil-a. yoga. jady. free razors. pink. so many yummy cookies. long walks. the longstreth family whom I (and many others) obviously adore. disney. photo booths and photobooth (the real kind and the software). mounds of seasonal decorations and tables of desserts. a little latin. bert's bees. dinosaurs. pumpkin mousse. floss. deliciously crisp mornings and gently warm evenings. lots of burritos. vitamins. jady. candle warmers. smoothies. unclaimed hay bales. sandals, even in december. my favorite sweater. milton and pascal and pope and johnson and goethe and herbert and so many others. memory verse mondays. 2nd samuel. sunshine on my shoulders and in my soul. puppy chow. bugs. couplah. dr. seuss. southwest. jady. ribbons. cracker barrel cravings. theracanes. quarters. stars.

:: in adjectives: wonderful. crazy. exhausting. helpful. pedagogical. uplifting. memorable.

:: in verbs: texting. praying. reading. researching. typing. LOL-ing. jamba-ing. making our beds. making faces. making happy mail. confessing my appreciation for facebook. worshipping. sharing. tweeting. crying. driving. cherishing. trying harder. smelling the roses. scheduling. counseling. being humbled. napping. pouring out. filling up. trusting. d'lite-ing. enjoying. learning. listening.

:: in complete sentences: Three semesters down, three to go... for this chapter in my life, at least. I'm still at Florida College and still loving it, because God is still in Heaven and still loving me! He shows me such amazing care and gives me fresh grace every day and strengthens my hands for work. I'm so completely indebted to Him, but so happy and confident to be serving Him. There is no other Rock.
  • pbnj
    HEY!! this is Paige Rogers from FC camp!!! Glad to c u on here!
    by pbnj at 01/27/09 5:58PM
  • fishstick101
    hey this is jessica i was in ur cabin at junior camp
    by fishstick101 at 01/28/09 5:00PM
  • koolkat96
    how are you??
    by koolkat96 at 02/01/09 4:43PM
  • horselover13
    Hey, Julianne! It was great to see you at the Lectures! I really enjoyed talking to you that week.
    by horselover13 at 02/17/09 12:28PM
  • koolkat96
    really omgoodness that would be great i miss you both and i hope to see you then and school is flying by like crazy today we registerd for 8th grade its awesome love you lots hope to see you soon
    by koolkat96 at 02/19/09 8:06AM
  • titansfan0827
    Awwwww!! Julianne!!! I miss you too!!
    by titansfan0827 at 02/19/09 12:29PM
  • steroid_steve
    Oh, Julianne. I was thinking, do I know this person? Apprently I do. However, you have lots of friends.
    by steroid_steve at 02/19/09 1:53PM
  • coleykoolaid
    Thanks so much. I've talked to her and we are going to set up a Bible study. I think we are going to begin by studying Mark.
    by coleykoolaid at 02/19/09 2:35PM
  • coleykoolaid
    Thanks so much. I've talked to her and we are going to set up a Bible study. I think we are going to begin by studying Mark.
    by coleykoolaid at 02/19/09 2:35PM
  • fishstick101
    good thank you so much for asking i cant wait in less then 2 months i will be 14 yay
    by fishstick101 at 02/20/09 1:16PM
  • dono_girl
    u 2! i can't wait to see u!
    by dono_girl at 02/21/09 1:52PM
  • seashelll
    I miss you!
    by seashelll at 02/21/09 9:25PM
  • fishstick101
    ya SENIOR CAMP i cant wait to meet so many new friends and se the old ones
    by fishstick101 at 04/17/09 3:29PM
  • bestill
    Congratulations! So well deserved!
    by bestill at 04/23/09 2:55PM
  • horselover13
    Congrats on being Miss FC!
    by horselover13 at 04/24/09 1:05PM
  • koolkat96
    congrats on miss fc!!!!
    by koolkat96 at 04/24/09 7:14PM
  • horselover13
    Sounds good to me! :)
    by horselover13 at 05/11/09 3:56PM
  • horselover13
    Yeah, and Noble was saying how he wanted to bring Luke up here so he can show him all the WACKY stuff we do. :)
    by horselover13 at 05/11/09 5:32PM
  • horselover13
    and just kind of random...How long would you want the sibling switch to be?
    by horselover13 at 05/12/09 11:45AM
  • koolkat96
    hey i found out that yooh are going to be in my cabin this year yay!!!
    by koolkat96 at 05/18/09 5:17PM

Where sin has gone must go God's grace; the gospel is for all.

Fall break brought me back to Kentucky, and God brought me back to some high school friends. Tonight I had a great time catching up with them, and I think God used them to teach me some important lessons.

They told me about our classmates: dropping out of school. Having children. Aborting children. Living with guys. Splitting up marriages. Betraying their friends. Bulimic. Mentally unstable. Alcoholic. Depressed. Gaining or losing drastic amounts of weight. Smoking. Sleeping with random guys. Using paychecks to buy pot... talk about a reality slap to knock the naiveté out of you.

The ironic part is how seemingly happy and popular and smiley they all were in high school. I often looked at my religious restrictions as making me miss out on all the fun, and I was jealous of their carefree prancing through the halls. But you know who's waking up smiling now?

It's not like I just live in the absence of depressing, messy things; instead, I live in the presence of rich and beautiful things. I have friends who would lay down their lives for me—friends who genuinely care for me and help me and lift me up and speak the truth in love. I have a boyfriend who respects and protects and values my purity. I have a mom and dad so faithful to God, and to me, and to each other. (Tomorrow is their 23rd anniversary.) I have a truly rare educational experience at Florida College, being taught by Christians and with Christians. And I have a unique lifestyle while at FC: knowing someone will check on me every night at curfew, finding happy mail in my mailbox, walking to class and waving at everyone in a half-campus radius.

God has blessed me with rich things, and I'm truly happy. The world may see restrictions, but I feel totally free in a John 8:32 kinda way. By living God's way and walking in His truth, I can be all that He wants me to be. I can enjoy His gifts while still longing for Heaven. I can be so confident in living each new day and going wherever He sends me and doing whatever He commands, because I know He'll take care of me. In the context of my classmates, the most religious kid is now the happiest kid.

Lessons learned:

1. Even (especially) in high school, be evangelistic. If I had spoken up a little more boldly, perhaps I could have helped someone. Odds are, not many would have listened. But even if I could have prevented one precious heart from breaking (and causing a domino line of others), it would have been worth whatever weird looks or laughs I had received in return. If they're in so much pain right now here on earth, I shudder to imagine the eternal anguish sin will bring.

2. Never underestimate your influence. Apparently a couple years ago, a guy asked me in front of the class if I was going to come drink at his party that night, and I just replied, "No, I like to remember the fun I have." And the very kids I thought were rolling their eyes at me were the ones silently applauding me. One of the girls I was with tonight told me about this, and about how proud she was of me that day. Who knew? Oh, God did. He sees inside people. And I love Him for that.

3. The Lord is my light and my salvation. Getting into my car tonight, tears immediately flooded my eyes as I began praying for all these kids. My drive back was on a dark and winding road, so I also said a quick prayer for safety. And then I realized how accidentally metaphorical my prayer was. Aren't we all driving down dark, windy roads? But as Christians, we get to drive with our brights on. God's word is a lamp to our feet, illuminating our paths so that even our night will shine like the day.

4. God is winning, and we are more than conquerors through Him. Go read Psalms 37 and 73.

If you devote your heart to Him, and stretch out your hands to him,
If you put away the sin that is in your hand and allow no evil to dwell in your tent,
Then you will lift up your face without shame; you will stand firm and without fear.
You will surely forget your trouble, recalling it only as waters gone by.
Life will be brighter than noonday, and darkness will become like morning.
You will be secure, because there is hope;
You will look about you and take your rest in safety.
(Job 11:13-18)
  • bethoumyvision
    why do all of your posts make me want to cry? thank you for this uplifting, strong post. i'd like to have a phone conversation with you some time. i love you julianne :)
    by bethoumyvision at 10/19/08 8:39AM
  • curlie
    Beautiful thoughts!
    by curlie at 10/19/08 9:12AM
  • verny_mack
    Excellent post.
    by verny_mack at 10/19/08 12:23PM
  • butterfly
    It is sad how many turn to the wrong things for pleasure! Glad things are going well in your direction though. Happy Anniversary to your parents!:-)
    by butterfly at 10/19/08 12:45PM
  • fiddle_girl994
    Amazing post :) It was so good to see you Yesterday and I hope you have a safe trip back to FC! Love you so much!
    by fiddle_girl994 at 10/19/08 1:58PM
  • mkluvspink
    thank you for that post julianne. i know i needed to hear it. through the years of going to camp, i've slowly realized that christians have more fun because we have the Lord. our lives are so much better; you aren't the only one waking up smiling.
    by mkluvspink at 10/19/08 2:40PM
  • jadyc
    by jadyc at 10/19/08 8:40PM
  • rundrummerrun
    Julianne, God has richly blessed you with the ability to write explosively encouraging blogs. For seriously. :) I thank God for these words, because He gets all the glory anyway. :) Again, thanks for the magnificent example you and Jady set... it's super encouraging! May our Lord continue to light your lamp and keep these thoughts and purposes in your heart!
    by rundrummerrun at 10/19/08 9:40PM
  • marksdena
    I am so sorry for all of your high school friends! It's a shame that so many people are like that. Your post was really good! That would make a great sermon or talk some time if you ever get a chance to talk to girls younger than you!
    by marksdena at 10/19/08 9:49PM
  • benb
    you're such an encouragement! thanks for the great thoughts. i hadn't had much experience with #3 until my usf experience, but i'm starting to get a glimpse of that. i'll see you tomorrow, lord willing!
    by benb at 10/19/08 9:59PM
  • titansfan0827
    Julianne, I love you...and miss you. Hope you have a wonderful trip and rest of the time until Thanksgiving break in Florida. Looking forward to seeing you again!
    by titansfan0827 at 10/19/08 10:26PM
  • alwaysmilin
    you are always a shining light. you are a lighthouse to so many people. thank you.
    by alwaysmilin at 10/21/08 12:16PM
  • dearest_violet
    I can't even being to tell you how encouraging that post was to me. It's actually kind of funny, because I'm sitting here in my computer class at school, and I was just thinking about what today is gonig to throw at me. This is my first year of high school, and I must say that it's been a really big transition for me. Not just with the new building or new friends, but spiritually. It's hard sometimes to think that denying certain things that people ask you to do will help you out in the long run. It's even harder to remember to speak up for what you believe in, and let your faith be known. But reading your post really made me realize that everything in these four years of high school is just short term, but all the decisions I make here are going to be long term ones. Thanks so much(:
    by dearest_violet at 10/22/08 8:47AM
  • starshine
    I understand completely this feeling. I have been hearing things like this about my high school classmates, too. Thank you for, once again, showing me someone else going through the same things in life.
    by starshine at 10/22/08 2:36PM
  • golden_star
    hey! amazing post as always,i appreciate your example, i prayed for you that you may have encouraged those people in some way,that something you say or do can turn them to God :)
    by golden_star at 10/22/08 3:45PM
  • surfgirl1129
    Hey! How are you? I hope you are well and I just wanted to check up on you! Love you lots!
    by surfgirl1129 at 11/07/08 9:21AM
  • create_a_way
    wonderful thoughts!
    by create_a_way at 11/18/08 1:05PM
  • dragonqueen95
    Wow. I am so sorry. I have never told you about how much of a positive influence you were in my life. Even though I was so much younger than you, you always took time to spend time with me and be the influence of God in my life. Sadly, I've been guilty of 'hanging out' with older people....which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but I need to turn back and influence those behind me for good, not for worse. Thank you so much. I love you, Julianne. You've been like the big sister I never had.....the one that I desperately hope I can be. Again, thank you.
    by dragonqueen95 at 11/20/08 4:40PM
  • koolkat96
    hey jullian i miss you soo much hows FC????
    by koolkat96 at 11/29/08 8:49PM
  • koolkat96
    im doing great school is really fun i cant wait for when i get to go to FC (five more years!!!!!!) hope you have a great christmas
    by koolkat96 at 12/05/08 7:43AM

What. A. Summer!

I would go crazy trying to recount all the details from the past couple months. But I have come to this conclusion: our Lord is incredible—His provision, wisdom, patience, Word, timing, discipline—and I am thankful to be His servant.

Being in D.C. was great; being with Ben was even greater! He got tickets for us to watch the fireworks on the White House lawn, right under the President's balcony. There were thousands of other people there, so it wasn't like a personal jam session with the Bushes, but it was still a really fun experience. Beautiful fireworks display + free Bluebell ice cream + my wonderful family = a memorable 4th of July for sure.

Being in Texas was hot/wonderful/uplifting/tiring/sobering/fun all at once. I just learned/loved/laughed so much in those two weeks. There were moments/conversations/opportunities when I just had to tell myself, "This must be why God let me be a camp friend." I've been praying that the girls in my classes/cabin were as benefited from being there as I know I was! Thanks, Texas campers/staff, for making the week so great—and glory to God for that.

Being home is a breath of fresh air. I've just finished up working at the B&G Club, and now I have the next week to get ready for Florida. We've had a string of sweet company lately to whet my social butterfly's appetite, so I'm completely stoked about this fall. Lord-willing, I'll leave the 11th. I've loved being home, and I feel overwhelmingly welcome here, and I love that, and I probably always will... but it's time to move on. There are better things ahead than any we leave behind, right?

Lessons learned:
-- I am totally, completely, 100% attached to my falling apart shoes. We're going on four years (three D.C. trips, two white water rafting expeditions, and one mountain hike... just to continue the countdown).
-- The ZOE Group is the soundtrack to my life. Thanks a lot, D-Wat.
-- I'm in love with: fresh fish, hip hop music, children's artwork, the color pink (which is almost as much of a mindset as a color), and the Yankee Candle Company.
-- It's important to have friends of various ages and personalities, because they are like open textbooks walking through our lives.
-- God knows what we need, when we need it, why we need it, and how much we need it.
-- We've gotta give our hearts fully, impartially, and unhesitatingly to the people around us—not because they deserve it, but because God demands it.
-- Discipline, self-control, and respect for God's gifts are so physically apparent in how we live. Do we keep the space around us clean? Do we manage our time wisely? Do we open our mouths with wisdom? The clothes in our closet, the minutes in our day, the words on our lips... these have been entrusted to us by God.
-- Sometimes it's other people's weaknesses that hurt us, and not our own. But we must bear these meekly and patiently.
-- Mountains and stars and oceans and sunsets are wonderful. Truly. But, to me, people are the most beautiful of God's creation. Humanity is so stained by sin, but there are moments when Christ will shine through a brother or sister, and I remember why I'm here and what I'm to be doing. And there's no doubt in my mind: why would I want to be Julianne when I could be like Christ? I want to lose myself in Him...
  • marksdena
    It was great to meet you today! We'll see you in the morning at services!
    by marksdena at 08/16/08 10:58PM
  • marksdena
    Whoops! I was thinking that this was your mom! We'll see you in the morning too!
    by marksdena at 08/16/08 10:59PM
  • pinkrocker123
    summer..i cant believe it almost over
    by pinkrocker123 at 08/17/08 3:51PM
  • red
    Hey girl, I hope you have a wonderful year! im so thankful for the time we got to spend together this summer. you're a true blessing. :] love you
    by red at 08/18/08 12:20PM
  • pleovillin
    hello, and welcome to pleonast. I am the owner, the big cheese, as it were. You must sign in by commenting on my weblog, and then you may go about your day in peace.
    by pleovillin at 08/20/08 11:58AM
  • cricket
    It has never been possible for me to keep shoes for more than 4 months at the most.
    by cricket at 08/20/08 11:08PM
  • surfgirl1129
    Hey Julianne. I talked to my parents and I don't think I can make it to Falcon Days this year. Maybe I can visit you while I am in Florida next summer! I love you! -Laura :D
    by surfgirl1129 at 08/21/08 10:14AM
  • emmali
    Hey sweet girl! I am so going to miss being able to spend time with you this next year. Thanks for all your encouragement. Love you!
    by emmali at 08/22/08 2:56PM
  • princedaniel07
    It is really good to have friends of different ages and personalities. I've learned so much from new friends at college since I let myself talk to new kinds of people. But I'm curious, what's this hip-hop you're listening to? Is that the ZOE group you mentioned earlier?
    by princedaniel07 at 08/23/08 12:06AM
  • kendrad
    I love the angel suit! How are things going at school so far?
    by kendrad at 09/02/08 3:27PM
  • marksdena
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you have a great day!
    by marksdena at 09/04/08 8:05AM
  • canada
    doing great! i hear yall got more of an impact from ike than we did. lol
    by canada at 09/15/08 12:46PM
  • eladea
    Julianne, you are so encouraging. i really admire you and your service to the Lord.
    by eladea at 09/16/08 2:24PM
  • orangemachine
    Hey Julianne! It's Kinsey Wall! How are you doing?
    by orangemachine at 09/16/08 4:58PM
  • dono_girl
    hah thanks! heres a pleo hug back!!! miss u and luv ya!!!
    by dono_girl at 09/16/08 9:31PM
  • orangemachine
    Thanks! I am doing pretty good! How is school?
    by orangemachine at 09/17/08 2:57PM
  • daphneel
    hey girl! i everywhere I go, people are very fond of you and are speaking highly of you :) keep growing into the worthy woman that God would want you to be :)
    by daphneel at 09/23/08 6:53PM
  • create_a_way
    I LOVE what you said about people's weakness hurting us, and how we ought to respond. SO TRUE!!!!
    by create_a_way at 09/25/08 8:48AM
  • create_a_way
    Thanks for your encouraging words on my blog!
    by create_a_way at 09/25/08 8:49AM
  • jesspico
    It was so fun to have you showing us around today - you are so beautiful, Julianne Metzger:)
    by jesspico at 09/26/08 1:51PM

In all your ways, acknowledge Him... (Prov. 3:6)

This summer, I'm working at the Boys and Girls Club here in Franklin. The job is simultaneously challenging and rewarding. (Typical, huh?) I've gotten so good at tying shoes, putting on Band-Aids, playing Foosball, and calling out exotic names like Olajuan and Tarneesha and Da'Sha and Ventavious and Lyric and Hajjah. I get to hug all over kids whose parents deal drugs, hide from the police, and tell their children to only be friends with people of their own race. I give paper airplanes and high-fives and afternoon snacks to kids who have defective moral compasses and skewed worldviews. From 7:30 to 4:00, five days a week, that's where you'll find me.

I'm learning so much about the importance of disciplining children and recognizing how perfect our Father is in His own discipline of us. (Evaluating a situation, knowing the proper punishment for each party, and then actually executing the penalty is extremely hard—yet God does it flawlessly!) I'm also learning how silly it seems when kids get upset and find a corner to cry in when they should obviously just come to an adult who could help them; yet how much sillier are we when the Creator of the universe is only a prayer away, and we wallow in our own self-pity? The kids at the Club are just constantly challenging me to reflect God's patience and grace, knowing firsthand how wonderfully rich He is in this capacity.

Last summer around this time, I was at the DOV camp and traveling out to Colorado. Honestly, I'd probably give up one of our kittens just to be there again, with those people, in those places, drinking in all of the good opportunities. But there's nowhere else I'd rather be than right where God wants me to be! If He has me here, then I'm content in just trusting He knows the way. In the words of Milton, "Who brought me hither will bring me hence; no other guide I seek."

Speaking of delicious opportunities, I was blessed with a fantastic MN camp experience. It was a week of challenging studies, edifying conversations, and new friendships of all shapes and sizes. We even went to a Twins game and the Mall of America—both firsts for me. So fun! Lord-willing, I'll be headed to Texas for two more camps next Saturday. But first it's another week of work and a quick trip to D.C. to visit my brother!

Thank you, God, for summer.
  • squeaker
    hey julianne this is sarah mccollum!
    by squeaker at 07/21/08 9:58PM
  • bethoumyvision
    hi sweetheart :)
    by bethoumyvision at 07/22/08 12:28AM
  • koolkat96
    hi julianne its laura cathey
    by koolkat96 at 07/22/08 12:30PM
  • dono_girl
    well u never know! lol thanks 4 the help again on the movie
    by dono_girl at 07/22/08 12:33PM
  • dramaqueen
    lol thanks
    by dramaqueen at 07/22/08 1:28PM
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    hi this is charlotte mccollum!
    by chariot at 07/22/08 3:28PM
  • chariot
    for some reason my computer won't let me add you
    by chariot at 07/22/08 3:32PM
  • rossatron
    hey, are there any more fc friends with a pleo?
    by rossatron at 07/22/08 6:41PM
  • fishstick101
    ur welcome
    by fishstick101 at 07/23/08 3:50PM
  • chariot
    awwww thanks! I was so so blessed to meet you! Lord willing we will get to see you again :)
    by chariot at 07/23/08 5:15PM
  • anutty
    Hey girl, did you recover! Thanks for being such a sweet friend to Amanda at senior camp. We loved you all and hope you want forget us here in Texas. Have a great rest of the summer, and come and visit us! We would love you to come anytime!
    by anutty at 07/23/08 10:38PM
  • castlegranbury
    Thank you! I am glad I could be of service and encouragement. I pray that you excel in all you do and you bring glory to God in everything. :) Lets keep in touch, makes friendships last longer.
    by castlegranbury at 07/23/08 11:29PM
  • beckybaby
    Hey its Rebecca Brunner from the 13 year old girl cabin and the orange team!
    by beckybaby at 07/24/08 1:07AM
  • oldrupert
    Keep checking the website as I still have a good number of photos of Jr Camp to post.
    by oldrupert at 07/24/08 4:47PM
  • jessdugas
    will you be taking Social Psychology in the fall? I have the book if you want it
    by jessdugas at 07/25/08 7:23AM
  • bethoumyvision
    go here :)
    by bethoumyvision at 07/25/08 12:26PM
  • marksdena
    Hey Julianne! Has your mom gotten to see you yet? I'm guessing she's home! It was great to meet you at camp. I'm sure we'll see you in Florida.
    by marksdena at 07/26/08 10:44PM
  • fishstick101
    i cant wait for nxt year
    by fishstick101 at 07/27/08 4:18PM
  • surfgirl1129
    Hey Julianne. Just checking up on you. I also wanted to say hi!
    by surfgirl1129 at 07/30/08 10:23PM
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    hi julianne how are you??????
    by koolkat96 at 11/10/08 7:36AM