It's 2007, I guess I should post again.

It's been nearly 6 mo since I last posted, so sorry everybody. Jessica and myself are doing great. There's nothing new to report in our marriage except that we are still doing well and give marraige two thumbs up.
The holiday's were wonderful. It was great to see all the friends and family from out of town. It was so great to see people from TN, FL and TX.
Oh, I'm officially done with WKU since I got my degree in the mail this past week. So now, even if they call me and tell me I have to take some lame 100 level course to graduate: not gonna do it, already got the diploma.
I wish everyone who has a new job, new wife, or new gym good luck this year. Oh, and in 2007, I want to post more often, so wish me luck. Have a great day everyone!
  • mpettes
    What about a new baby? :) And yeah for being the first one to comment!!!
    by mpettes at 01/20/07 1:56PM
  • megan
    by megan at 01/20/07 4:34PM
  • curtisamy
    i like your resoultion about posting more. we like to hear how you both are doing more often. congrats on graduating!
    by curtisamy at 01/21/07 1:11AM
  • acurtis
    I was SO surprised to see your name in white!!! Hope you have a great week
    by acurtis at 01/21/07 3:19PM
  • vande
    the jiveturkey's back.
    by vande at 01/23/07 9:40AM
  • billiam
    A note for Adam: a good friend of ours down here collects comic books. He has the Fantastic Four Issue #1...signed by Stan Lee. He sold it on Ebay for $4000. I thought of you Shumake brothas.
    by billiam at 01/23/07 6:20PM
  • mpettes
    So what about your resolution to post more? Its been 3 months... waiting... waiting... waiting...
    by mpettes at 04/14/07 12:57PM
  • entheos
    Happy Birthday!!!
    by entheos at 04/16/07 9:55AM
  • entheos
    Happy Birthday bro!
    by entheos at 04/16/08 4:36PM


So I am entirely too busy to worry myself with the vanities of pleonast, yet I find myself strangely drawn into this skewed world of white font and black background.

Everything has been really good lately. We just got back from vacation, and if you want a good synopsis of it: here.

And for all of you people who are not in school and have the summer off...I envy you. I now know why school is not year round. Because if it was, everyone would kill themselves after a year. (Yes, it is that extreme a situation.) In may I had toxicology. Right now I am doing actual laboratory work with some fungus for credit. And in 3 weeks I start a 5 wk chemistry course. Please, someone make the pain that is WKU go away.

In other news, we are consolidating our student loans...if you are in school, or will be graduating soon, you should be doing this!!! The deadline is june 30th!! This can literally save you thousands of dollars. Do it.

I miss tons of people, and if you are reading this, then you are one of them. I hope you all have a great day. I'm going to go study some more.

Col. 3:17
  • staci
    I did it! I'm not quite sure how much I saved. After consolidation and taking the shortest payback time period we save $3000. I can only imagine what it would have been before!
    by staci at 06/21/06 11:56AM
  • jbravo
    hows about some 360?
    by jbravo at 06/21/06 1:38PM
  • billiam
    Good to hear all is well, brother.
    by billiam at 06/21/06 5:34PM
  • tsi
    i'm glad you had so much fun on the vacation. sorry about the summer school. that's why i never did any, i needed my summer break. :)
    by tsi at 06/21/06 9:14PM
  • naish
    hope all is well brother...
    by naish at 06/22/06 12:00AM
  • curtisamy
    i miss you too justin, more than you'll ever know:)...we hope to be visiting in BG in a couple of weeks, hope to see y'all
    by curtisamy at 06/22/06 12:35AM
  • dominojd
    Hey Justin! This is Jason. Sounds like you've got a busy summer. I'll see ya in a couple of months!
    by dominojd at 06/22/06 8:35PM
  • davidj
    yeah, it was a great trip! who would have thought we could own 11 miles of biking so badly? we wont even mention chimney tops. though I cant believe you left out such a significant detail: watching Gigli...every night...haha see ya tomorrow man.
    by davidj at 06/24/06 2:12PM
  • csillag
    hey justin this is madeline bunting
    by csillag at 06/26/06 10:38AM
  • zenski
    great job leading singing last night.
    by zenski at 07/03/06 9:31AM
  • entheos
    hope to see you this weekend. Adam and rosie don't know when they are coming, but hope to see you guys!
    by entheos at 07/12/06 10:27PM
  • jbravo
    by jbravo at 07/19/06 7:06AM
  • thedelmccouryband
    would that chemistry course be Chem QA?? I rocked that one summer as well...
    by thedelmccouryband at 07/19/06 10:20PM
  • jamesb
    Justin, this is Brad Lamb
    by jamesb at 07/26/06 11:24AM
  • acurtis
    keep up the hard work, we are really proud of you, and Claire misses you a lot!
    by acurtis at 08/02/06 9:38PM
  • rhianna
    thank you for the card from you and jess. :] i miss you guys!
    by rhianna at 09/24/06 9:01PM
  • entheos
    hope you had a great weekend
    by entheos at 09/30/06 9:23PM
  • lilbain
    Hey did you read Bill's Blog...they're goin; to TX
    by lilbain at 10/12/06 11:50PM
  • entheos
    see you in 7 days! YEAH!!!!!!
    by entheos at 11/15/06 10:15PM
  • entheos
    congrats on tomorrow!!!
    by entheos at 12/15/06 11:07PM

Not much to tell

I really just wanted to get the last post off.

I hope everyone is doing well. I had a great weekend with my family. Tons of stuff has been going on here in BG with us. Very busy. I will post when I don't have at least 3 other things for school I should be doing.

Have a wonderfully blessed day, and don't forget to kiss your mom when you see her! Peace!
  • mtnest
    kissing mom = good advice
    by mtnest at 04/03/06 11:40AM
  • britt22
    yay you're alive!
    by britt22 at 04/03/06 11:45AM
  • tsi
    good to see y'all this weekend :)
    by tsi at 04/03/06 4:13PM
  • curtisamy
    good to hear from ya justin, glad yall are doing good
    by curtisamy at 04/03/06 4:40PM
  • billiam
    ha...nice! Things are incredibly busy here. Hope all is well with you, brother.
    by billiam at 04/12/06 10:44PM
  • movieguyford
    dr. crawford's exams are not cool.
    by movieguyford at 04/14/06 2:08AM
  • davidj
    hey man, wish I could hang out with you guys tonight! :( have fun and I'll see you sunday!
    by davidj at 04/15/06 4:11PM
  • naturalred
    by naturalred at 04/22/06 3:31PM
  • entheos
    miss you guys!
    by entheos at 04/23/06 11:09PM
  • jbravo
    what up bro. you gotta come over and play PDZ with me sometime.
    by jbravo at 04/26/06 7:30PM
  • jbravo
    in other you guys have a computer that sort of works that you arent using? :D
    by jbravo at 04/26/06 7:31PM
  • entheos
    slideshow now up.
    by entheos at 05/02/06 8:57PM
  • rhianna
    happy anniversary!!.. you and jess are amazing. i love you both!
    by rhianna at 05/14/06 3:06PM
  • entheos
    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! 2 Years and Going Stronger All The Time! YEAH!!! :-)
    by entheos at 05/14/06 3:24PM
  • naturalred
    Congrats on being an uncle!
    by naturalred at 06/05/06 10:36PM
  • lilbain
    Hello uncle Justin!
    by lilbain at 06/19/06 9:07AM
  • audge
    It was so good to see you a few weeks ago. I pray your life continues to go great!
    by audge at 06/19/06 10:21PM

Cows in Shining Armor

This year's chick-fil-a calender is definitely sub-par. There is nothing in there for free. It is filled with things like Buy 1000 large diet lemondaes and get 1/2 off a chicken bisciut. Who has time for these shananigans. Silly chick-fil-a.

This week has been somewhat to thoroughly stressful. One large test, two quizzes, and a professional paper on hemolysis of sheep erythrocytes (sheep blood bursting in hot water). All in all a good week though, mainly because of my wife. I am constantly amazed at how wonderful she can be to me. I am a truly blessed man.

I met 4 mormon elders at wed. night Bible class this week. They were sitting on the back row alone( with suits and back-packs), so I introduced myself. The first gentleman introduced himself as Elder Smith, so I thought that Elder was his first name. Wrong...the next three gentlemen then introduced themselves as Elder SoandSo, and so on down the line. Not only did I feel stupid for thinking the guys name was Elder, but then after I met them all I couldn't think of anything to say because I was thinking "I can't believe I thought the guys name was 'Elder'", so we enjoyed a brief moment of awkward silence before I recovered. All in all- I'll do better next time.

That's all from me, but I hope everyone is doing well and that you all are trying to do your best to focus on what you can do for all of those around you.
  • curtisamy
    when we were in BG, we got to know some mormon "elders". when they are on their missionaries that is their name, they aren't allowed to introduce themselves with their real names. It's weird. After getting to know them for a couple of weeks, we were able to get them to tell us their real first names. They were reluctant though.
    by curtisamy at 02/24/06 12:33AM
  • britt22
    haha love ur blog. im so glad you have jess to come home to! she IS a sweetie! :)
    by britt22 at 02/24/06 12:39AM
  • jbravo
    youngers as ive heard them called before
    by jbravo at 02/24/06 1:18AM
  • coulter
    Good job on the Elder thing, most people I've heard just slam them for not having 'elder' right, so right on righton
    by coulter at 02/24/06 7:05AM
  • dirk
    Your elder story is funny man. I would have done the same thing. Good day.
    by dirk at 02/24/06 8:22AM
  • blackaby
    I would have done the exact same thing. With all the names out there you never what it could be. My mom's maiden name was Elder and my dad is now an elder at the church we attend. So we've told people, "yeah my mom used to be an elder, and now she's the wife of an elder" They look very confused.
    by blackaby at 02/24/06 9:24AM
  • bombadil
    You are so funny!
    by bombadil at 02/24/06 4:17PM
  • entheos
    great story - glad you reached out to them. You just gotta wonder if they secretly think it sounds funny to say Hi, I'm elder soandso, I'm elder soandso, I'm elder soandso and I'm elder soandso. I mean it is a little like Larry Daryl and Daryl. This is why I am glad most Christians don't introduce themselves to visitors like "hi, i'm brother soandso and this is brother soandso etc..." First names were used in the Bible. That's good enough for me!
    by entheos at 02/24/06 7:12PM
  • staci
    I thought the same thing about the ChikFilA calendars. not really worth the clipping process
    by staci at 02/24/06 9:20PM
  • lyds
    I don't have a chick-fl-a calendar this year because, much to my chagrin, there are very few chick-fil-as in Irvine, CA. This needs to change, and apparently the calendar does too.
    by lyds at 02/25/06 2:08AM
  • jess
    :) I love you!!
    by jess at 02/27/06 1:41PM
  • jbravo
    where, when, ...why?
    by jbravo at 03/02/06 5:55PM
  • amandochka
    Mormons came knocking on my door about a month ago. I talked to Elder M... and Elder... They asked if they could bring my a Mormon Bible. I said sure...they never came back. I'm sad. I feel like they've given up on my Mormon salvation. :(
    by amandochka at 03/08/06 2:34PM
  • amandochka
    bring me*
    by amandochka at 03/08/06 2:34PM

Ok here goes

So I said I'd do it, and here it is: My weird,quirky self broadcasted for the world to enjoy.

1. It may seem like I'm stealing this from him, but it is the truth. When I hear the words puberty and panties it gives me the chills. I simply can't stand it.

2. If there is ever a page corner turned in a book, I have to flatten it.

3. I pick at the middle of my upper lip, sometimes because I'm nervous, sometimes because I'm bored.

And that's about it folks. I'm not doing the full 5 because I really can't think of anymore. If any of you can think of any weird quirks of mine, please keep them to yourselves so I can continue on in my blissful ignorance. :)

Here are a few thoughts about a great American hero: Chuck Norris

-Chuck Norris sleeps with a night lite. Not because he is afraid of the dark, but because the dark is afriad of Chuck Norris.
-The boogey-man checks under his bed every night...for Chuck Norris.
-Chuck Norris has counted to infinity...twice.
-Chuck Norris's tears could cure cancer, too bad he has never cried.
-Chuck Norris is the only person to have beaten the wall in Tennis.
-Chuck Norris knows the wrong way to eat a Reeses.
-Chuck Norris always knows the exact location of Carmen San Diego.
-Chuck Norris is the reason Waldo is hiding.
-Chuck Norris actually died 10 years ago, but the Grimm Reaper is too afraid to tell him.

All of this information on the great man,Chuck Norris, has been supplied by Jeremy Jenkins, my awesome brother in law.
  • firebolt
    LOL at the chuck norris "facts" dad thinks he's simply awesome. lol. :D i hope things are going well for you in bowling green!!!
    by firebolt at 02/04/06 8:03PM
  • kaylyn
    haha funny habits. o wow. jeremy's funny.
    by kaylyn at 02/04/06 9:44PM
  • julie
    that was good
    by julie at 02/06/06 10:46AM
  • billiam
    I guess 'i detest cheese with all my being' is out now that you've joined up with us. Chuck Norris=hilarious
    by billiam at 02/06/06 10:48AM
  • britt22
    hey justin. if you guys dont have plans on friday night, let me know. :)
    by britt22 at 02/06/06 5:02PM
  • bombadil
    that is so funny!
    by bombadil at 02/06/06 6:24PM
  • davidj
    haha that video is awesome..."I prefer mapquest; thats a good one too. Google maps is the best, true that, double true!" hahaha
    by davidj at 02/08/06 1:15PM
  • dominojd
    hey justin, this is jason. i love those chuck norris lines. especially the grimm reaper...
    by dominojd at 02/09/06 11:57PM
  • jbravo
    so basically, halo2 online needs to be played again
    by jbravo at 02/10/06 6:14PM
  • linus
    ^basically. Ha ha *said with a 12 year old voice* "Good job Kennsington"
    by linus at 02/14/06 5:00PM
  • rhianna
    wow.. go jeremy! love and miss you justin.. happy valentine's day!
    by rhianna at 02/14/06 5:42PM
  • queenie03
    Hey Justin, this is heather mathis. um, i remember you once telling us about a summer class you took that was super easy like for the gen ed requirment on World Studies... can you remember which class that was and who was the teacher?
    by queenie03 at 02/17/06 1:31PM
  • lyds
    i really liked the chuck norris facts. that was really funny.
    by lyds at 02/21/06 8:37PM
  • kris
    I see on Jessica's blog you are studying birds....funny..that will be really helpful in dentistry!
    by kris at 02/23/06 12:05PM