Have I really not updated since November?!

So much has happened since I lost the ketchup. By the way we never found it.

Recently I wrecked my Acura when someone ran a red light. Thankfully, all involved were alright. The one good thing that happened from the accident is I now own a Jeep Cherokee. Got a good deal on it too. We bought it yesterday morning. You know it is amazing how easy it can be to negotiate a great price when you have Benjamins ready to fan out in front of the vehicle owner. This is the first 4x4 I've owned, and I was happy that it snowed this evening allowing me to use the 4-wheel-drive for the first time.
  • the_turtle
    by the_turtle at 02/08/09 8:18PM
  • the_turtle
    Sorry the pics are so big i couldn't figure out how to make them smaller.
    by the_turtle at 02/08/09 8:19PM
  • bekka
    Yes, I'm all about being a snowbird...winter in the south and summen in the north.
    by bekka at 02/11/09 3:14PM
  • im_confused
    LOL! I know right? Makes me miss it...I didnt before but its been like 3 months since iv seen them so I for once in my life miss the crazy cornyness lol!
    by im_confused at 02/11/09 11:23PM
  • hollypocket
    We have a jeep too and we really like it! Hope you enjoy yours too!
    by hollypocket at 02/13/09 9:14PM
  • dadmcpherson
    Have fun with the Jeep and enjoy that 4x4 when in heavy snow.
    by dadmcpherson at 02/14/09 2:54PM
  • im_confused
    Oooo I AM SO JEALOUS!I want a jeep so bad!I really want a wrangler but a cherokee is next on the list!How do you like it?
    by im_confused at 02/19/09 12:05AM
  • donatello
    by donatello at 03/14/09 8:18PM
  • marchmadness
    Hi! It has been a while since I saw you. Hope you and Amy are doing well.
    by marchmadness at 03/17/09 9:55PM
  • voice_of_truth
    What's with posting to Tonya and not me? Good to hear from you!
    by voice_of_truth at 03/19/09 12:15AM
  • big_bertha_blue
    Happy Birthday!!! I LOVE YOU!
    by big_bertha_blue at 04/09/09 8:32AM
  • doodlebug2
    Happy Birthday!
    by doodlebug2 at 04/09/09 9:29AM
  • donnajo
    Happy Birthday sweet nephew! Hope it is wonderful!
    by donnajo at 04/09/09 12:39PM
  • your_worst_nightmare
    hey, its Abby. I haz been havin' troubles with my other account, so I made a new one.
    by your_worst_nightmare at 04/15/09 2:41PM
  • big_bertha_blue
    I *heart* you
    by big_bertha_blue at 06/04/09 8:23AM
  • bekka
    Hey, We are good, enjoying this nice warm weather were having, How about you guys? Are you guys going tom make it to cedarr point this summer?
    by bekka at 06/05/09 8:24PM
  • your_worst_nightmare
    14 hours?! What do u have in there?! LOL!
    by your_worst_nightmare at 06/15/09 7:50PM
  • your_worst_nightmare
    What's up, homie g?
    by your_worst_nightmare at 07/02/09 9:15PM
  • your_worst_nightmare
    we're having fun! but i miss home and everything. but i guess that i'll survive..maybe..
    by your_worst_nightmare at 07/09/09 9:44AM
  • your_worst_nightmare
    Do i want to know about the ketchup?
    by your_worst_nightmare at 09/10/09 9:26AM

11/22/08 4:20PM

You know how you misplace things sometimes? Well for me it's usually, "Where did the other sock go?" Sometimes I misplace a pair of shoes or my car keys. Well today I was at work and Amy calls me and says "Where's the Ketchup?" To which I reply "It's not in the fridge?" She informs me she cannot find the ketchup anywhere. I of course am the last one that had it and I have only three explanations for it's disappearance.

1. When I threw my Wendy's trash away Wednesday night, I also discarded the half full bottle of Hunt's ketchup as well.

2. Our evil cat knocked it off of the table I left it on and batted it around until it was lodged under a piece of furniture. (not likely since Amy cleaned the entire apartment today)

3. (Perhaps the most ridiculous theory) Sometime between Amy leaving for work and my getting up on Thurs. or Fri. morning, someone broke into our apartment and made off with the bottle of ketchup and nothing else.

What are your theories?
  • bekka
    I'm guessing you threw it away.... unless the cat loves Ketchup, and maybe he ate, or maybe your hidding it, so you can have it all.... :)
    by bekka at 11/25/08 12:16PM
  • bekka
    "ROLL TIDE" !!!! 36-0 need I say more
    by bekka at 11/29/08 6:29PM
  • donatello
    that's good
    by donatello at 12/03/08 12:15PM
  • donnajo
    the new AU coach is...Gene Chizik. Seriously. Yeah, he has a current record of 5-19 at Iowa State where he has been head coach for two years--his only head coaching gig. This past year he went 2-10. Do I have to tell you that the Aubie fans down here are NOT HAPPY.
    by donnajo at 12/13/08 10:00PM
  • brewer
    Actually, Suzy and I are in New Mexico, so ...


    When will you all be returning?
    by brewer at 12/16/08 7:52PM
  • donatello
    by donatello at 01/13/09 5:03PM
  • the_turtle
    still haven't found the ketchup huh?
    by the_turtle at 01/14/09 2:02PM

I've been tagged.

1. I have an absolutely wonderful wife.

2. I'm on pleo when I should be reading for my classes tomorrow.

3. I won't buy an American car until the big three decide to start making quality products again.

4. I have a cat formerly known as Delilah, now known as Mr. Higgins.

5. I will be traveling between 1100 - 1500 miles this weekend.

6. I own one of 32,000 Acura Vigors ever made.

7. I am a student at Marshall University.

8. Chocolate Chip cookie dough is my weakness.
  • donnajo
    get used to it--you live in West Virginia. You're likely to see snow any day now ;)
    by donnajo at 10/02/08 12:32PM
  • donnajo
    #9. you have crooky, spider fingers.

    #10. shuffling cards...not your strong point.

    #11. you have some wicked cool aunts.

    Just thought I'd help...
    by donnajo at 10/02/08 12:35PM
  • the_turtle
    I have the same problem with cookie dough:). The miles you are traveling this weekend will be worth it!
    by the_turtle at 10/02/08 2:30PM
  • brewer
    Google Maps says your route takes almost 2 hours longer. If Amy just wants to avoid seeing the Brewers, it's ok, you can tell me. ;^)
    by brewer at 10/03/08 1:44PM
  • donatello
    Hey! wacha been doing?
    by donatello at 10/03/08 7:29PM
  • donnajo
    yeah I'm loving this new printer. Joel even scanned something in for Wes and sent it straight to his Powerpoint on his laptop.
    by donnajo at 10/12/08 10:38PM
  • moe
    it is a bmw
    by moe at 10/14/08 5:19PM
  • moe
    awesome get a bmw they have great handling and cheep parts i know a guy who worked on bmw for 13 years
    by moe at 10/22/08 8:22AM
  • donnajo
    yeah, there's that whole "land locked" thing that WV has going.
    by donnajo at 10/22/08 3:17PM
  • donnajo
    and how fun will it be with Kookie AND Anne. I'm so looking forward to it.
    by donnajo at 10/22/08 3:17PM
  • bekka
    We are good, Henry has a new job, don't know if I told you are not, still in Cleveland, but out of Autmoative. How are you guys?
    by bekka at 10/23/08 8:16AM
  • bekka
    Mouth's feeling better, however I still have to have oral sugery nov.4th. not looking forward to that at all.
    by bekka at 10/27/08 10:16AM
  • caraboo
    YAY! go herd!
    by caraboo at 10/28/08 2:07PM
  • donatello
    by donatello at 10/29/08 1:13PM
  • caraboo
    so, where's your big pro-marshall post on how you had no idea 20,000 people could make a football game so fun :)
    by caraboo at 10/30/08 6:31PM
  • donatello
    hey how are ya?
    by donatello at 11/08/08 4:04PM
  • master_of_puppets
    it rolled over to 300,000 yeterday!
    by master_of_puppets at 11/11/08 10:58AM
  • master_of_puppets
    to be exact it is 300,064
    by master_of_puppets at 11/11/08 11:00AM
  • donatello
    by donatello at 11/12/08 11:41AM

Can we see more of this from AU please?

  • kmbrewcrew
    or this?

    by kmbrewcrew at 09/25/08 8:29AM
  • kmbrewcrew
    or even this?

    by kmbrewcrew at 09/25/08 8:30AM
  • bama_nanny
    Don't hold your breath, bud!!!
    by bama_nanny at 09/25/08 11:37AM
  • bekka
    Tag.... check my blog for rules.
    by bekka at 09/29/08 7:59AM

For your listening pleasure.

  • the_turtle
    Im still at work.Cole is dancing to your play list.He seems to like Hey there delilah.
    by the_turtle at 09/15/08 5:16PM
  • bekka
    so far the job is going GREAT he is really enjoying it so far.
    by bekka at 09/16/08 8:55PM
  • im_confused
    mom says blackalicious .......... i have no idea.
    by im_confused at 09/16/08 9:32PM
  • im_confused
    lol she told me later.SHe is crazy!
    by im_confused at 09/17/08 8:50PM
  • im_confused
    She said she knew you would.Haha!tell amy i said HEY!
    by im_confused at 09/17/08 8:51PM
  • donnajo
    half-heartedly?? I was being considerate, thank you very much. ;)
    by donnajo at 09/18/08 2:52PM
  • mbeiro88
    so far good i got to see my class room and meet the kids but i dont start till monday so i im nervis but i cant wait tho lol
    by mbeiro88 at 09/19/08 3:11PM
  • hollypocket
    We are doing good!! How are yall doing? You enjoying west virginia. I haven't really had a puppy of my own before and they are a lot of work. She isn't too good about going to the bathroom where she should.
    by hollypocket at 09/19/08 10:36PM
  • bekka
    I'm good, just keeping busy. I guess your back in school, how's that going?
    by bekka at 09/23/08 8:11AM