Well heyyyy there everyone!(: Long time no talk! I haven't been on here in forever.

How's everyone doing? What have y'all been up to?

Here's what I've been up to....

#1- School, school, and SCHOOL!! We're doing a new co-op this year called CC(Classical Conversations). This co-op includes the following subjects... *Latin, *Literature, *Geography, *Rhetoric\Reasoning, *Science, *Algebra. This co-op is every Tuesday from 8:30 a.m.-3:00 p.m. It's quite exhausting XP when we get home from CC I usually pass out on the couch :P Haha(:

#2- B.A.B.Y.S.I.T.T.I.N.G! Every since the baby boom at church almost 2 years ago we've been really busy keeping kiddos! After every worship service I'm watching little kids that want to go play outside, play chase, or want me to carry them :P

#3- Church, We've recently built a new auditorium, built more classrooms, and painted a mural in the 2-4 year old class.

#4- I get my braces off next Thursday!! :D Sooo ready for that!(: And I very well might be getting glasses also.. Eh XP I have an appointment with an eye specialist on Friday morning at 9:30. Bleh.

I do have some more to tell y'all but I'm a little busy at the moment... I have to go finish my homework that's due tomorrow.
Have a blessed week!


  • juliamiriam
    I love the picture!! :)
    by juliamiriam at 02/28/11 6:28PM
  • narnianheart
    What?!? Is this KENDRA?!?! NO WAY! I forgot you existed...lol
    I'm glad you finally get to have your braces off though. Thats exciting.
    You should call me!!
    by narnianheart at 03/01/11 8:25PM
  • Hannah_bo
    love the pic of us :p.. check mine out its me and julia!
    by Hannah_bo at 03/02/11 2:06PM
  • sallyanne
    I hope you have a GREAT weekend :)
    by sallyanne at 03/05/11 11:19AM
  • christenmccaa
    Hey girl it's been forever haven't talked to y'all in so long glad to hear everything is going well for you! Hope to hear from you soon (:
    by christenmccaa at 09/03/13 9:29AM


I haven't posted in soooooooo LONG! xP I have no CLUE where to start....

Well Brandon and Graduated last Friday.... It was a bitter-sweet night... I really am going to miss them when they go to Florida!


I'm at a loss for words... sooo... BYE! 3


  • leahabigail
    ^_^ Tell them I said Congratulations!!!
    by leahabigail at 05/20/10 5:23PM
  • narnianheart
    call me!
    by narnianheart at 05/20/10 7:19PM
  • narnianheart
    I miss you already!! I had a great time at camp (even if you are a pessimist ;p ).
    by narnianheart at 10/11/10 6:29PM
  • you_and_me
    Hey Kendra! It's Elaine from HScamp.
    by you_and_me at 02/22/11 7:01PM
  • jesusluver
    Oh hey Elaine!!(:
    by jesusluver at 02/28/11 11:22AM


H.O.M.E! And H.A.P.P.Y!
  • leahabigail
    ^_^ Good!!
    by leahabigail at 12/27/09 2:17PM
  • ethantweedie14
    Good to hear!
    by ethantweedie14 at 12/27/09 4:52PM
  • _fire_of_fantasy_
    Awesome! :)
    by _fire_of_fantasy_ at 12/27/09 5:17PM
  • sallyanne
    Happy is good. Home is good, too ;)
    Happy 2010!
    by sallyanne at 12/29/09 1:49AM
  • narnianheart
    Hey! i wrote this while i was talking to you.
    your old and deaf friend
    by narnianheart at 01/16/10 6:23PM
  • laura_ashley
    Is that why she has to SCREAM into the phone whenever she talks to you? :p :p
    by laura_ashley at 01/18/10 10:09AM

I'm in...

  • juliamiriam
    Sweet! :) Have fun! :)
    by juliamiriam at 12/25/09 7:13PM
  • sallyanne
    Merry Christmas! :)
    by sallyanne at 12/25/09 7:41PM
  • leahabigail
    Merry Christmas!! Have Fun!!!
    by leahabigail at 12/25/09 8:12PM
  • missy_my
    Merry Christmas! :)
    by missy_my at 12/26/09 1:31PM
  • ethantweedie14
    Have fun!
    by ethantweedie14 at 12/26/09 3:00PM


Ok so I'm sure y'all have read Ashley's blog already, Well I hope she's happy because now she's got me listening to Justin Bieber every time I get on the computer, And now I want his album on my iPod...lol...

I'm STILL trying to prepare for our trip to Texas, for x-mas with my mom's family! Can't wait to see my friends at Eastside and all of my family!!!!! :) We're Taking Alex with us!! It's going to be so much fun!!! I want everyone to meet him!!

I'm feeling sick right now, like sick to my stomach and my head hurts :( All I did today so far is sleep and check my facebook a couple of times, I slept with Landon every time he took a nap and I slept till like 10:30... And I layed on the couch awake till like 12:30, Till I finally had to get up..lol...

Well I got to go pack!


~Kenny~ ;)
  • ethantweedie14
    Feel better soon, Kendra!
    by ethantweedie14 at 12/09/09 9:31PM
  • sallyanne
    Julia just asked me about one of his songs...funny coincidence...
    by sallyanne at 12/09/09 11:42PM
  • narnianheart
    You should call me!!
    by narnianheart at 12/10/09 8:49PM
  • narnianheart
    uhh, yeah. If you call my moms cell.
    by narnianheart at 12/13/09 3:29PM