Utter Dejection

My son is sitting at his little table with a face of utter despair (and the howls to accompany it). The reason, you ask? His mean mother has just placed a familiar-looking plate in front of him. The same plate, in fact, that was at his place at the dinner table last night. I, the aforementioned mean mother, have had the audacity to re-serve him a quesadilla, rice, and a couple of bites of enchilada.

He cries plaintively, "My tummy is not full!"

I remind myself that no child ever willingly starved.

I also remember that there were many nights where I sat alone at the worn kitchen table at the house on Rockwood Court, as the broccoli slowly became a gelatinous lump of gluey gastric despair, sauced with the salty water of my tears.
  • wifelet

    Are you hiding in the kitchen cracking up?
    by wifelet at 04/18/14 7:47PM
  • simon_says
    My kids have been known to work on the same plate of food from dinner to breakfast to lunch to dinner to breakfast. Yes. That long.
    by simon_says at 04/18/14 10:22PM
  • mjintexas
    HAHAHA... I love this post.
    You're a good mom.
    by mjintexas at 04/19/14 12:59PM
  • whipsmile
    *taking notes*
    by whipsmile at 04/21/14 10:29AM
  • trebor
    And then, you'll get into a phase where the two siblings can never quite agree on what they want to eat.
    by trebor at 04/21/14 9:17PM

*tap tap tap* This thing on?

So, much like many other cool people, I've left Facebook. Privacy concerns + developing awesome time-wasting habits = time to go. So of course, I'm looking for something to fill the gaping void in my life. I've been a Pleonast group-poster for a while, but haven't posted much here in the way of updates. That may or may not change - might be nice to see who is still out here in the Pleonast world.
  • curlie
    I'm still here, but I don't post often.
    by curlie at 04/15/14 10:26AM
  • mjintexas
    I'm still here. I don't post nearly as much on my own page as in the private groups. But you know that. :)
    by mjintexas at 04/15/14 11:25AM
  • simon_says
    Did you ever get your closet cleaned out?
    by simon_says at 04/15/14 11:27AM
  • heatheronthehill
    I'm here!
    by heatheronthehill at 04/15/14 2:37PM
  • whipsmile
    I am still here.
    by whipsmile at 04/16/14 3:44PM
  • wifelet
    I'm around, kinda.
    by wifelet at 04/16/14 5:44PM
  • spinningbee
    by spinningbee at 04/20/14 2:43PM

Overdue for post, but first a closet cleanout.

I'm going through my closet and getting rid of some of my work wardrobe. Mostly in sizes 4-6. I've posted it on Craigslist and Facebook but thought I'd see if anyone here could use them. Everything is in great shape, some barely worn. If there's any damage, it's noted in the description. If you want more than one thing, feel free to make an offer. I'll be glad to provide pics and measurements. If we're facebook friends, you can see the pics on my wall.

Here's the list:

SKIRTS: (all knee length, $5 each)
GAP Women's size 6 tweed skirt (knee-length, black/white/gray)
OLD NAVY size 6 wool plaid (dark gray/ight gray)
APT 9 size 8 (fits more like a 6) kick pleats skirt (dark grey)
PERSAMAN NEW YORK size 6 light pink black lace knee length skirt (some wear on the lace - a few snags but nothing very noticeable when wearing it)

($20) Lined: JUICY COUTURE pants size 28 in light brown houndstooth plaid (lined in pink, heart pocket on the back - super cute!)
($15) Lined: THE LIMITED size 6 Cassidy fit in brown tweed
($10) J CREW size 4 dark grey wool dress pants
($10) ANN TAYLOR size 4 dark wash trouser jeans

($10) GAP Long & Lean size 4 Long (some wear on these, mostly on hems, but still in great shape)
($5) AMERICAN EAGLE size 6 navy blue shorts/capris (slightly longer than Bermuda short length)

($3 each or both for $5) MERONA size S tanks in cream and coral

  • whipsmile
    I DID watch the first episode of Broadchurch! I am a HUUUUGE David Tennant fan, so it's been on my radar for awhile. I thought the first episode was wonderful. Def. got my attention!
    by whipsmile at 08/15/13 9:07AM
  • heatheronthehill
    That is the exact one I ordered! It needs twice daily feeding for a while, but once strong, you can keep it in the fridge for weekly feeding. It's a good, strong starter and I'm currently converting it to whole wheat. Very tasty flavor. So I'm very happy with that choice.
    by heatheronthehill at 03/29/14 8:54AM

Poor Boy.

My poor son was tired and asking to go "night night" - I was finishing up a couple of things and told him to wait a second. While I was working, he crawled into his room and tearfully said, "Bye! bye!" and then crawled to the rocker and patted it over and over, saying "night night! night night! bye! night night!" and signing please.

He's good with guilt trips. I put him to bed :)
  • mjintexas
    That's so sweet. :)
    by mjintexas at 07/03/12 10:46PM
  • themother
    Glad to see you on Pleonast again!
    by themother at 07/04/12 10:53AM
  • be_with_me_lord
    Awww, poor guy.
    by be_with_me_lord at 07/05/12 9:35AM
  • whipsmile
    oh dear. poor little guy. I've totally been there before. Being so very tired.
    by whipsmile at 09/14/12 2:03PM
  • whipsmile
    Arsenal? Booo. Liverpool if we're going that league. ;-)

    haha. THanks though. :-)
    by whipsmile at 03/01/13 8:48AM
  • wifelet
    I said this on Jessi's page, but I realized you might not see it ... I would've keeled over dead to see you choose ANY movie, EVER, over Emperor's New Groove. :)
    by wifelet at 03/19/13 8:42PM


Since the beginning of 2012 -

1. We moved. A "new old" house. This one was built in 1925 (last one built in 1891) and has double the space. Plus a dishwasher. My hands are in heaven.

2. I started back to work. I'm only teaching 2 days a week for an hour, and Will gets to either go with me, get dropped off at his Marmee's house, or cooed over by adoring high school girls. I love being back in the classroom, but it's nice to have a lower level of commitment.

3. My mom came to visit. She helped us move and got to spend a lot of time with Will. He loves his Abi!

4. Will has started crawling - yay for a new house with lots of space for him to crawl in! He also pulled up for the first time last night in his crib. Not that he ever uses his crib. He's decided big people beds are where it's at. Ah well.

5. We started making preparations to go on a vacation - and hope to see some of you there! Deliberately being obtuse due to lack of gold membership/privacy :)
  • mjintexas
    Lots of good things! How happy!
    by mjintexas at 01/30/12 10:49PM
  • andtheking
    Yay for pulling up! Looking forward to seeing you and meeting Will.
    by andtheking at 01/31/12 7:45PM
  • nzmom
    by nzmom at 02/01/12 2:57PM
  • cabinmommajuju
    we loved, loved, loved seeing ya'll when you were! will is gorgeous!
    by cabinmommajuju at 02/28/12 4:10PM
  • be_with_me_lord
    I didn't know you were on.here :-)
    by be_with_me_lord at 06/06/12 6:41PM