Schoolwork update.

Sorry - I know these entries are boring, but it's a great help to me to have these to-do lists up here!

HDFR 5050:
1. Finish writing 10 pages of paper
2. Continue researching for paper
3. Start ethnography paper
4. Choose media source for media paper (Real Women Have Curves? Ugly Betty vs La Fea? Kid Lit? Coming of age story?)
5. Read articles for next week

RSEM 5100:
1. chapter 5 and 6
2. Sesame Street correlation activity
3. Regression activity
4. Post regarding Sesame Street activity
5. Submit regression activity screenshot

This Week in School!

HDFR 5050:
1. Refine outline for paper
2. 10 page rough draft (aaaaahhh! 6 pages to go!)

3. After writing rough draft, make online appointment with writing lab
4. Print articles
5. Read articles
6. Re-organize binders for class

RSEM 5100:
1. Print exam 1 guide
2. Do prep work on exam guide
3. Take Exam 1 (30 questions!)
  • wifelet
    AGREE 100%!!! That was exactly my feeling toward this book. Even though I'm completely in love with Chaol, by the end of this book, I was almost hoping for a romance with Rowan just to put SOME romance in there ...
    by wifelet at 09/10/14 5:20PM
  • wifelet
    Side note: Are you still coming to Chiberia next weekend?
    by wifelet at 09/11/14 8:52AM

School Days, School Days...

RSEM 5100:
1. Read chapter 5
2. Complete Chapter 5 problems
3. Complete Exam #1 review guide
4. Post to discussion board re: Exam #1 review guide
5. Comment on 2 posts re: Exam #1 review guide
6. Prepare for Exam #1

HDFR 5050:
1. Read Gaitan Chapter 3
2. Read Hispanic Behavioral Psych article

3. Refine outline for paper
4. 5-10 page rough draft
5. After writing rough draft, make online appointment with writing lab
6. Brainstorm interview questions for DW diversity committee meeting
7. Find babysitter for diversity committee meeting
8. Figure out outfit for diversity committee meeting
9. Attend diversity committee meeting

  • wifelet
    You are SO much more productive than I am. That is why I don't post my school productivity lists publicly ... because I would end up notating all of them "decided not to do that reading and see what happened" :)
    by wifelet at 09/05/14 9:52PM
  • wifelet
    It feels like the 3rd ToG book is moving really slowly. Not sure if it's longer, or if I just don't have as much leisure time anymore, but ... it feels like it's taking forever!! She just needs to go back to Adarlan so that she and Chaol can live happily ever after. :)
    by wifelet at 09/07/14 8:17PM
  • wifelet
    I'm almost to the point where I'm skipping the witch chapters. I'm definitely skimming them. I'm sure they're included for a reason, that will become obvious later (even if that reason is just, to make the book long enough), but for now, they're just not grabbing me ...
    by wifelet at 09/08/14 5:42PM

Another week, another educational to-do list.

1. Set up Outlook & Office 365

RSEM 5100:
1. Read chapters 3 & 4
2. Do problems/graphs (5 PROBLEMS LEFT)
3. Play statistics poker with Ben (seriously? Am I in high school?)
4. Post to discussion board about statistics poker experience (and try not to be too snarky)
5. Reply to 2 other posts about statistics poker (once again, controlling snark...)

1. Download articles/print
2. Read articles
3. Write outline for literature review paper
4. Get in touch with contact at Denver Waldorf re: diversity
5. Generate list of questions for Denver Waldorf
6. Read Gaitan chapter 3
7. Generate interview questions for Latino family ethnography
  • wifelet
    ::Resist urge to post snarky comment re: what exactly statistics poker involves::
    by wifelet at 08/27/14 6:17PM
  • jenn
    ^ HA! I thought of that too, but I was sure all my friends would be mature enough to handle it ;)
    by jenn at 08/27/14 9:37PM
  • wifelet
    You overestimate me, my friend.
    by wifelet at 08/28/14 8:49AM
  • simon_says
    You're moving right along!
    by simon_says at 08/29/14 11:25AM
  • wifelet
    WOW. You have been *way* more academically productive than I have this week. That needs to change, on my part. As usual, all of my assignments are due the last third to fourth of the semester ... which means I need to start writing *now* so I'm not slammed at that point. :(
    by wifelet at 08/29/14 7:42PM

This Week's Educational To-Do List

1. Complete RSEM discussion post
2. Complete RSEM discussion replies
3. Read chapter 1 of RSEM, do problems
4. Read chapter 2 of RSEM, do problems

5. Review chapter 1 of Delgado
6. Read articles, take notes
7. Read chapter 2 of Delgado

If extra time:
8. Preliminary research for Latino topic paper (25 pages)

  • whipsmile
    half way done!
    by whipsmile at 08/22/14 9:46AM
  • wifelet
    Wahoo! :) When does your educational week start and end? I'm about to be with you on making educational to-do lists ...
    by wifelet at 08/22/14 6:59PM
  • jenn
    Technically Monday/Tuesday. My online stats assignments are posted Monday at 12 AM and then my other class is on Tuesdays.
    by jenn at 08/22/14 7:44PM
  • mjintexas
    Fun! I feel like i need a NON-educational to do list. Or at least non work related.
    by mjintexas at 08/23/14 10:00AM