It's been a very long time...

I don't know why I all of a sudden remembered Pleonast... I was afraid my account might have been deleted but here it is! Gonna make an effort to stay on here. I love Facebook, but I miss the close, intimate feel of this place. I'm on Facebook at least weekly but I don't post much; everything seems to get lost in the news-feed and I have to admit I'm not a huge fan of the ads.

  • joc
    Wow! Glad you posted! It sure was good to see y'all.
    Keep on posting.
    by joc at 03/19/13 3:49PM
  • moe
    Me ether
    by moe at 03/19/13 4:24PM

The dress

Well now I know what I want!

LOL, I need a very good tailor to make me an exact replica of Kate's dress!

She was soooo beautiful!

Royal Wedding Gown
  • moe
    yeah i didnt see untill now
    by moe at 05/03/11 1:18PM
  • moe
    Hey how are u doin
    by moe at 01/06/13 8:20PM
  • joc
    Hi Jen! Do you ever get on Pleo any more???
    by joc at 01/07/13 12:34PM

April 2011

I forgot how much I love to bake...

I love Friday afternoon; it starts my entire weekend!

Spring was really nice, it only lasted about 3 hours but I liked what part of it came this year.

Busy busy busy.... might post pics later... just have to see...
  • joc
    Hi Jen! Good to see you on pleo again. Too many have left.
    by joc at 04/15/11 8:37PM
  • moe
    i agree with you joc to manypeople have left for facebook
    by moe at 04/18/11 9:59AM
  • moe
    welcome back jen
    by moe at 04/18/11 9:59AM

Looks like it's been a while since the last post...

Not much has been going on around here... that and Facebook catches most of the dribble I tend to write... which isn't much. I'm more of a reader/commenter than a status poster. Which probably explains why I don't write on here as much either.

Leave comments below if you like... if anyone still reads mine LOL
  • joc
    Love to hear how you and yours are doing and I don't do Facebook. We saw Laurie and family, Paul and Michaela Mayfield and new baby Olivia from Minnesota, and Jansi and her family at Maple Street during Christmas. Also, Julie and her family were there last night. Sure was great to see all of them. If y'all are ever in the area, come visit!
    by joc at 12/30/10 12:27PM
  • jen
    Will do! So glad to hear Maple Street is back up and running well! Miss you guys, such great memories!
    by jen at 12/30/10 12:55PM

This is Halloween...

Ahhh. Home from a great party for the kids at the Murphy's house. Munching Halloween candy (mine, not the kids') and watching classic scary movies...

Today was nice. I was invited to a movie by a group of ppl and a friend I work with who I have been studying with. I accepted and the movie we were going to see conflicted with the plans I already had later. So we turned it into a bible study instead! We have been discussing religion and the Church of Christ since we met. Hopefully I can plant the seed, but God will have to give the increase.

  • moe
    awesome congrats keep it up
    by moe at 10/25/10 12:08PM
  • moe
    i will be praying for you and your strength and spirits i know you doing the best you can and keep up the good hard work you are doing and dont let go keep with it if you want to you can text or call me if you need to or just want to talk about anything like i said im here for you as friend and a helping hand and i hope that if you come to me for help i hope i can help you out in anyway that i can to make you feel better dont let anyone bring you down God will be with you each and everyday and iam here for you to help you in any way that i can if you want me to help with anything im here as your helping hand your in my prayers.
    by moe at 10/25/10 7:50PM