all about me

you can call me Jessee.
im 14 years young.
i blow out the candles on march 14th.
im a freshman and so excited for highschool.
i am also a JV volleyball player and play softball.
your opinion about me or my friends has no effect on me
so save it for someone who cares.
i love my friends
wiithout them i wouldn't be who i am now
i live life to the fullest and expect great things
i work hard for what i want
sports are basically my life
message me or sumthing i wannna hear from u!!

  • hyper1
    by hyper1 at 08/20/07 8:41AM
  • hyper1
    by hyper1 at 08/20/07 7:56PM
  • ragnarock_n_roll
    good, how are you?
    by ragnarock_n_roll at 08/22/07 5:03PM
  • hyper1
    by hyper1 at 08/22/07 8:19PM
  • hannahk
    they split the 7th and 8th graders into two different "teams" with different teachers and stuff..the 7th grade "teams" are paws and claws..and the 8th grade "teams" are pride and spirit. :) Our mascot is a tiger. :]] Sorry if that didn't make any sense at all .. hahah.
    by hannahk at 08/23/07 6:25PM
  • hyper1
    by hyper1 at 08/23/07 6:41PM
  • hyper1
    by hyper1 at 08/23/07 6:41PM
  • hyper1
    i know
    by hyper1 at 08/24/07 9:09PM
  • ragnarock_n_roll
    why can't you stop sneezing?
    by ragnarock_n_roll at 08/25/07 12:01PM
  • hyper1
    mr huthison
    by hyper1 at 08/26/07 1:35PM
  • ragnarock_n_roll
    I see
    by ragnarock_n_roll at 08/26/07 3:01PM
  • hyper1
    hese really strict
    by hyper1 at 08/28/07 2:47PM
  • hyper1
    i know
    by hyper1 at 12/23/07 7:56PM
  • gogators08
    hey jessee this is j-man
    by gogators08 at 08/13/08 2:39PM

08/15/07 10:11PM

  • hannahk
    wow. haha. ;)
    by hannahk at 08/16/07 9:07AM
  • cowgirlsarehott
    who is this
    by cowgirlsarehott at 08/16/07 6:05PM
  • hannahk
    lol ohhh i see i see. ;)
    by hannahk at 08/18/07 9:33AM
  • cowgirlsarehott
    by cowgirlsarehott at 08/18/07 3:12PM
  • jelleee11
    heyy some important stuff happen when i turn 16 :-P
    by jelleee11 at 08/18/07 5:59PM
  • alp1926
    That's some kind of count down. Don't wish your life away. It'll go by quicker than you think it will. Belive me!!
    by alp1926 at 08/18/07 7:22PM

camp noah

its all over already
wow that went fast
but i made 2 awesome new friends!
and got 2 see some old ones
can't wait 4 next year
  • hyper1
    by hyper1 at 08/12/07 8:30PM
  • jelleee11
    hi ronnie
    by jelleee11 at 08/13/07 1:01PM
  • cowgirl_bek
    who's this?
    by cowgirl_bek at 08/13/07 3:12PM
  • hyper1
    hi jessie
    by hyper1 at 08/13/07 9:14PM
  • hannahk
    heyy i miss you guys!
    by hannahk at 08/13/07 10:33PM
  • hyper1
    by hyper1 at 08/13/07 11:02PM
  • hyper1
    im on the computer in my room
    by hyper1 at 08/13/07 11:04PM
  • jelleee11
    i miss u guys 2!!
    by jelleee11 at 08/14/07 10:08PM
  • hyper1
    by hyper1 at 08/15/07 9:21PM
  • volleyballer1818
    by volleyballer1818 at 08/18/07 12:41PM


I made JV
so missing 1/2 a week of camp wasnt a total waste
i'll try 2 keep our record updated
  • guineapig
    by guineapig at 08/12/07 6:38PM
  • jelleee11
    first game 2morrow(tuesday)..wish me luck!!
    by jelleee11 at 08/27/07 9:30PM
  • jelleee11
    1st game was lost but HOME OPENER on thursday (lw)!!!!!!
    by jelleee11 at 08/29/07 6:13PM
  • jelleee11
    we won r home opener!!
    by jelleee11 at 09/01/07 12:08AM
  • jelleee11
    lost next 2 games
    by jelleee11 at 09/08/07 1:25PM


I really dont wanna move
so far so good
but if it changes ill try 2 let u guys kno

  • hyper1
    u no move or i get mad
    by hyper1 at 08/12/07 3:32PM
  • jelleee11
    lol i would b mad 2 but ily bud
    by jelleee11 at 08/13/07 1:00PM