Anyone there?

Wow, it has been years since I have been on here. I could go on and update, but it would be way too long and most see my daily going-ons on Facebook anyway. Not even sure anyone still is here to read an update anyway. That is too bad. I remember how Pleo was the place to be for many Christians to gather and keep up. Hope is well with everyone.
  • nzmom
    Some folds are still here :) I usually pop in for the summer.
    by nzmom at 06/27/12 4:34PM
  • crazy_mama
    I'm still here! I don't have a facebook account but I do get on here every couple days or so. You are right. Pleo is not what it used to be.
    by crazy_mama at 06/27/12 10:46PM
  • ninja_penguin
    Yup, still here and still crazy after all these years.
    by ninja_penguin at 08/04/12 9:28AM
  • navydoc
    Still hangin on here too.
    by navydoc at 09/29/12 7:08PM

04/13/10 11:43AM

Another chunk of time has went by without an update, but that is what it is. I see there have not been to many updates by many others as well. So I am alive, well, and very blessed.

I'll check back in later this year (if I remember). I remember the fond times I have had here, but facebook has taken me over. Who knows, maybe I will become a regular again.

  • bruke
    FB addict, eh? It looks like you have abandoned pleonast for good...
    by bruke at 02/12/11 1:21PM

09/21/09 3:51PM

It has been a while. I just spend most of my time on facebook now. This summer has been great, but fast. Josiah and I have been taking bike rides together and I am still trying to get Caleb to try to ride without training wheels (I'm sure he could, but has no desire). We stayed fairly local this summer with a trip to MN in Aug and a cabin weekend on the Mississippi early September.

The big news this past week is I am selling off my pez collection. I just was not very active buying recently and decided to sell it off and will most likely start buying again down the road. I think I will still keep involved with some aspects of the collecting world. The great news about it is we are going to use some of the money for a Disney trip next year. I'm not sure if I enjoy Disney trips or Pez more. I think Disney because the kids (and us) absolutly love it. Just the planning of such a trip is enjoyable for us.

Anyway. I guess that is all for now.

I started a pez sales website for the sale of my collection and other pez I pick up to sell for people. You can check out (also help me get some trafic to the site).

  • dwboyd
    The planning is enjoyable? You are a sick man, my friend. ;)
    by dwboyd at 10/08/09 8:52AM


Jaime and I just went to Chicago for the weekend and had a great time. While there we were able to spend part of a day with some old FC friends (Rex and Sarah Guyer). They were in Chicago visiting the same weekend. It is great catching up with those in our past. Then in 2.5 weeks Josiah and I are off to MN for a long weekend full of Pez. I will have a van full of pez to sell and hope to pick up a few rarer items to bring home with me.

I don't know what it is, but when I am away from the internet for a few days I fell way out of touch. It seems I have been out of the loop not being on line for 3 days.

  • dcroush
    Say your post on Ninja Penguin's page. Good thoughts.
    by dcroush at 07/28/09 10:48AM


Well I have lacked the ambition to update for quite a while. I do most of that stuff on facebook now. I still check in, just not too active. All is going well, picked up a huge pez colleciton to sell, boys are moving up rank in taekwondo, Caitlyn turned 2 (that was fast), summer is great, coaching T-ball again, Josiah will be starting hockey before I know it, Jaime and I celebrated our 10 year anniversary in May. I'm sure there is more but that should be enough for the next few months. Hope all is found well with all of you.

  • crazy_mama
    Happy 10th Anniversary. Adam and Holley celebrated their 10th too in March. Terra had her 7th a couple weeks ago and Frederic and I celebrate our 7th in October. Funny how it all worked out that way!
    by crazy_mama at 06/24/09 3:23PM
  • carawatsonfranklin
    Grace is taking taekwondo now. She just started at the beginning of June, and she's really liking it. Sounds like you guys are staying busy. It's very easy to do with 3 little ones.
    by carawatsonfranklin at 06/24/09 3:40PM
  • bravedave
    Yes. I am... pro-marriage and thus interested in why marriage matters. You should know that! Anyway...
    by bravedave at 07/07/09 10:27AM