Finding the answers...

We often hear of the fundamental questions of life. Why am I here? Is there a God? Etc... These questions presuppose that there are answers... Take a look at my other blog here:
  • ohiorajrefreshed
    hey, i found u!
    by ohiorajrefreshed at 08/11/08 3:11PM
  • sunshinebear
    Hey Jimmy, this is Cassie Shirley from Harrodsburg. Glad to see you came to pleo-world!
    by sunshinebear at 08/12/08 7:45AM
  • sunshinebear
    Yes, we ran out of juice just last week on one side! ha-ha!! Oh well...we are headed there early this morning to make sure we get it done before services!!
    by sunshinebear at 08/17/08 8:09AM
  • ohiorajrefreshed
    thanks brother. I was nice gettin to know you, and your fine family. Best of luck with the work you're doing. God bless!
    by ohiorajrefreshed at 08/19/08 9:10PM
  • dadmcpherson
    Hi Jim, I haven't been on Pleo lately so I missed your message. Hope things are going well.
    by dadmcpherson at 12/08/08 2:34PM
  • deusvitae
    You can get it anywhere, really; I got my first batch from Wal-Mart. I prefer the quality from vitamin stores, however.
    by deusvitae at 07/01/09 3:57PM