Check this out...

This is the table me and my buddy Brent made from old barn wood. Of course, it still needs to be stained and sealed.

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  • mrs_worm
    wow! impressive!
    by mrs_worm at 09/13/08 9:56PM
  • bonkrs5
    Nice work you two!
    by bonkrs5 at 09/13/08 9:59PM
  • aprilstarr
    Whoa, how cool is that!!! Amazing- old barn wood!
    by aprilstarr at 09/13/08 10:51PM
  • mjintexas
    Yay, I love home projects!
    by mjintexas at 09/13/08 11:43PM
  • purrph1
    You are very talented!
    by purrph1 at 09/14/08 9:31PM
  • brothernumpsey
    Thanks for the help! I think it's going to look great when I stain and seal it!
    by brothernumpsey at 09/14/08 11:03PM
  • lovnprayers
    I love it!! You will have to post a picture once it's stained.
    by lovnprayers at 09/14/08 11:46PM
  • kendrad
    I'm looking forward to the bench and sideboard! You guys did such a great job. Thanks!
    by kendrad at 09/15/08 9:33AM
  • kendrad
    Thanks for picking up all those stain pkts. I think the crummy board he used to test them out made them all look poor. I'm so happy you guys did this!
    by kendrad at 09/15/08 11:02PM
  • kendrad
    Do you think it looks small in these pictures?
    by kendrad at 09/15/08 11:02PM
  • heidiw
    I like it. Do you take orders? JK. Good wood working skills!
    by heidiw at 09/17/08 4:57PM
  • 5ofusisgr8
    It looks great!!
    by 5ofusisgr8 at 09/20/08 11:12AM
  • cbonk
    I tagged you!
    by cbonk at 09/22/08 10:04PM
  • cbonk
    I couldn't think of 8 peeps. :(
    by cbonk at 09/23/08 12:35AM
  • bonkrs5
    I tagged you also! check blog for info!
    by bonkrs5 at 09/23/08 5:13PM
  • katara
    hey its me kortnie i'll add you. Cool?
    by katara at 10/02/08 3:42PM
  • katara
    soooooo waz up???
    by katara at 10/03/08 5:38PM
  • katara
    you talk about alot of things that could maybe be improved. why do you do that?
    by katara at 10/05/08 2:02PM
  • cbonk
    Ha! his most recent post is actually a LOT older...I put this one up for him!
    by cbonk at 11/14/08 6:36PM
  • bonkrs5
    Yeah, we just want to make sure that the germs are gone for you all to come over.
    by bonkrs5 at 12/17/08 12:27PM

Update on projector

I emailed the Discover credit card folks and they have it all under control. They contested the payment with Best Buy and credited my account. Within a couple of hours I received an email from Best Buy saying that they do have a white screen(magic?) that they will bring and install at no cost. They will also take back the gray screen without a restocking fee. Using a credit card instead of cash has more advantages than I realized.
  • cbonk
    Take that Best Buy bullies!
    by cbonk at 08/01/08 4:25PM
  • missy
    Wow! I didn't even know that could be done. I'm glad it worked out!!
    by missy at 08/01/08 11:23PM
  • dr_worm
    Yeah, stick it to the man.
    by dr_worm at 08/01/08 11:27PM
  • aprilstarr
    Ha! Well, I'm glad it worked out in the end!
    by aprilstarr at 08/02/08 10:33PM
  • mjintexas
    oh good GRIEF! I love how they magically had it.
    Way to go. :)
    by mjintexas at 08/04/08 10:18AM
  • purrph1
    I LOVE Discover. We had a situation similiar that they took care of for us.
    by purrph1 at 08/04/08 1:47PM
  • lordra
    wow ... i love magic!
    by lordra at 08/05/08 12:58PM
  • cbonk
    There isn't much to do while waiting around the Best Buy, huh?
    by cbonk at 08/06/08 10:30PM
  • kendrad
    ^^ How long til we get the new one?
    by kendrad at 08/13/08 9:29AM
  • cbonk
    I think we should just keep the new screen. It looks so good in our living room...
    by cbonk at 08/15/08 4:37AM
  • curlie
    by curlie at 08/17/08 9:06PM
  • kendrad
    The projector is in, adjusted and looks very nice! No $ for your troubles though, huh?
    by kendrad at 08/25/08 3:49PM

Best Buy....can they live up to their name?

I volunteered to help get the church here in Rantoul set with a projector and screen for power point. The best price I found for a professional install was the Geek Squad at Best Buy. I paid $100 for a consultation so they would come out to the building and tell me exactly what would be needed to get what we wanted. I thought $100 was a little steep but considering the overall cost, I thought it would be worth it to end up with the right setup the first time. They told me what projector and screen to get. They then came back to install it and the projector couldn't shoot the same ratio as the screen, so they exchanged the projector for a different one that was the same ratio as the screen. The screen they installed was gray instead of white which doesn't work with all the ambient light in a church building, the image looks really faint. I got an email today from Best Buy saying that they don't carry white screens and they won't refund the price of the screen or the install even though what they installed doesn't work. Does that seem right? If I had picked out the projector and screen and it didn't work, I might be a little more understanding, but they were the ones who picked the projector and screen. Any suggestions? My dad said I could call the credit card company that the projector and screen were charged on and ask them to contest that the goods/services paid for were not received.
  • mcmilwj
    I'd trust your own (informed) tendencies over Best Buy's suggestions. Their only motivation is to move product. Once you've read up about the options at a site like AVS Forum, you're definitely in a better position to decide what will work then they are. I've never heard one shred of good advice from their staff when it comes to AV equipment.
    by mcmilwj at 07/31/08 7:34AM
  • robbio
    I'm pretty sure the one we ended up with was gray as well. I believe it has something to do with improving the image. You may research and find that what you have works better than what a white screen would do.
    by robbio at 07/31/08 9:45AM
  • curlie
    Rantoul is going hi-tech. That's awesome!
    by curlie at 07/31/08 10:07AM
  • mjintexas
    Oh wow. That seems all kinds of wrong! I agree about the credit card company. :(
    by mjintexas at 07/31/08 10:43AM
  • cbonk
    Is it just me or does this sort of thing just tend to happen with us?! ; )
    by cbonk at 07/31/08 1:46PM
  • andtheking
    I would also write a letter to the company management to complain.
    by andtheking at 08/01/08 8:31AM
  • kendrad
    Does Best Buy not have an 800 number for things like this? Isn't there someone we can call and explain this more clearly? It sounds like they're not fully understanding the situation...
    by kendrad at 08/01/08 12:23PM
  • aprilstarr
    Crazy! Yeah, that definitely doesn't seem right. :-/
    by aprilstarr at 08/01/08 1:42PM

Cheaper(Free) Internet

For anyone looking for a great deal, check this out.

Google TiSP

You won't believe it until you see it, make sure to read the section "How TiSP Works"
  • aprilstarr
    Haha, that is AWESOME. I like the question in the FAQ "Can I use this away from home?"
    by aprilstarr at 07/10/08 9:40PM
  • dr_worm
    I'd love to be one of the guys at Google who comes up with this stuff.
    by dr_worm at 07/10/08 9:43PM
  • curlie
    That's hilarious!
    by curlie at 07/10/08 10:13PM
  • mjintexas
    I ♥ google. They rock.
    by mjintexas at 07/11/08 12:41AM
  • holly_ann
    I'm going to work for them someday. *looks off toward the horizon*
    by holly_ann at 07/15/08 1:55PM
  • kendrad
    You're not right... Did you run into that searching for Chuck Norris?
    by kendrad at 07/16/08 11:54AM

I figured my dream out....maybe

So my dreams were warning me, I missed it though. We are in the middle of remodeling our kitchen and I got so involved in that I forgot about a young men's class I was supposed to teach on Wed. night. I had already prepared for the class I just forgot to be there. We left right after worship services so I could get a few last things done in the kitchen before work. I didn't remember until one of the guys called be at home and reminded me. The most ironic part, the topic was self-discipline. I absolutely hate disappointing people or letting them down when they are counting on me.
  • dr_worm
    So did you miss the class or did you make it after that one guy reminded you?
    by dr_worm at 06/24/08 1:36AM
  • holly_ann
    Oh no! What a bummer.
    by holly_ann at 06/24/08 11:59AM
  • purrph1
    Actually, his shirt is dark blue but now that you say that... it does look black.
    by purrph1 at 06/24/08 12:24PM
  • mjintexas
    I severely dislike letting people down too.
    by mjintexas at 06/25/08 10:26AM
  • bonkrs5
    you all are more then welcome to come with us next time!
    by bonkrs5 at 07/07/08 6:04PM