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Well, I'm back in Tampa for a couple days between my summer camp tours, and I thought I'd update my blog.

First thing: I am no longer planning on moving to PA. It's actually been a while since the Pittsburgh trip was a likely scenario, but my previous entry had no way of knowing that. The plan for now is to stay in Tampa for the next year, if God so wills it. I'm still dating Julianne, so that's keeping me in the Tampa area. No full-time preaching opps have fallen into place for this fall, so I plan to stay working at the Florida College. I still hope to be able to preach the Good News full-time someday (someday soon, hopefully), but until then I'm trying to do what I can for His kingdom in my spare time. Exciting things under that umbrella:

- Beneath the Cross (shown here) will hopefully be a help and encouragement. The editors worked hard to keep the price down so that as many people as possible could buy one who so desired. You can pre-order a copy now (which the publishers would prefer, actually), or you can always get one off Amazon later.
- Some bible studies were generated at the past week of camp (FL). That is very exciting, although they will not begin, unfortunately, until mid-August when I get back in town.
- Many in Tampa were blessed with a I Samuel study on Friday nights this past year, a study usually led by Kyle Fisher. Fortunately, Kyle is moving to Pittsburgh to spread the gospel there, but unfortunately that means that II Samuel will be taught by someone else... me. So your prayers for that study are appreciated, as would Amazon gift cards (for the purchasing of commentaries, you see.)

I am excited about the remaining camps of the summer (MO and Chicagoland.) If they are as encouraging as the others have been this summer, I will be blessed richly. I am also excited about various things that will be happening this fall, like such as spending qt with old friends (and quite young friends as well.)
  • imelgringo
    may you live to be a thousand years old, sir
    by imelgringo at 11/18/08 8:22PM
  • imelgringo
    if you save those tears, and give some to dying children, it will save their lives.
    by imelgringo at 11/30/08 9:05AM
  • emmylou
    by emmylou at 12/15/08 1:59PM
  • danw
    hey brother!! how are you doin lately? i am prayin the lord is blessing you. ;-)
    by danw at 12/25/08 4:03PM
  • danw
    no, ive been goin to pretty much everything lately, so indiana isnt in the question. :-( but the lord has been giving ,e so many opportunities lately!!
    by danw at 12/25/08 6:18PM
  • brigster
    hey jady i think i will see you in IN?
    by brigster at 12/26/08 5:15PM
  • miqueias
    Jady!!!! I didn't know you were on here.
    by miqueias at 02/25/09 7:27AM
  • miqueias
    I really only look at the coomments on my page and don't usually go to other people's. I was encouraged to get to talkto you and others at FC too.
    by miqueias at 03/02/09 6:08PM
  • diminished_seventh
    JD Copland!!! i was sooooo exited when i heard that ur were going to be at our camp this yr!!! u are the best fc camp friend and i hope im in ur group again you did a really awesome job in the tallent show! lol
    by diminished_seventh at 06/15/09 3:58PM
  • miqueias
    Hey Jady, how have you been lately? :)
    by miqueias at 06/20/09 3:13PM
  • wydrogirl
    favorite color?
    by wydrogirl at 06/21/09 3:54PM
  • ice_queen
    This blog is about to have a birthday.
    by ice_queen at 06/21/09 10:07PM
  • sweetisthesong
    You need an update..we saw you all at Camp Kern !!!Yea!!!
    by sweetisthesong at 06/22/09 1:05PM
  • stout
    Hey this is Jacob stout lol idk if u remember me but we met at mjc several years u remember me ?
    by stout at 06/27/09 12:25AM
  • micah
    ok! right now at our rural tennessee family reunion i get zero reception. maybe call you from chicago monday or tuesday.
    by micah at 07/04/09 1:55PM
  • stout
    o yea brother i love camp just fineshed my 2nd year of msc and i went to mjc all four years that was fun too.....and i still live in indiana lifes great :)
    by stout at 07/05/09 6:39AM
  • emmylou
    wow it's been a year.

    lame face.
    by emmylou at 08/03/09 6:17PM
  • jillykinsx3
    Totally miss you! Let's talk soon!!
    by jillykinsx3 at 08/11/09 9:13PM
  • miqueias
    I haven't seen you in a while. I hope to soon. How have you been?
    by miqueias at 08/25/09 7:54AM
  • jillykinsx3
    Jady!!! I met a girl at work! She was raised Christian, I believe she might be part of a denomination though. But I mentioned Florida College to her and she seemed to really like the idea! :] I gave her the website. Her name is Marie. She's a senior this year. She's really sweet :]
    by jillykinsx3 at 10/03/09 1:03PM

Witty subject line related to the length of time it's been since I've posted

Well, a great deal has changed since the last time I put something on pleonast. Sorry it's been so long. (I feel like most of my posts begin with some sort of statement like this. It's like that person you can't call without first apologizing, then stating that you'll be better, and that you really do mean to stay better in touch. Empty promises, mark my words.) But cetainly, a lot has changed. Several lots, actually.

So what's going on? I think it calls for a top 10 list.

10) I live in Temple Terrace with Micah Bingham, Caleb Dunn, and Jonathan Engel. We're a quiet bunch, which is fantastic. We also don't see a lot of each other, which is not as fantastic. But my apartmentmates are all in school, busily scurring about the rat-race of academia, while I work and stay busy elsewhere. So we bond when we can.

9) I work at Florida College as an admissions counselor. I work there (and work the summer camps associated with the school) because I think FC really helps people spiritually while it helps them academically. God certainly used FC to bless me, and I believe He is continuing to do so. Thus my job of recruiting. It's a good job, and I work with good Christians and friends who make fun of me all the time. They're great.

8) I still go to North Livingston. Today's service, btw, was very good. Jason Moore, our new preacher, is doing good for our group, and I'm thankful for that. Good things are happening there, and I'm facing some good challenges there that are helping me grow. God be thanked!

7) I might be moving to Pittsburgh in the fall. Crazy I know, but it really is so. This could change, of course, but Pittsburgh is the most likely scenario at this point, and it has been for a while. Why Pittsburgh, you ask? A small group of Christians on the east side of town (who drive an hour to the nearest congregation) are interested in starting a new work on the east side by all the colleges. If they do that, some people and I would like to move there to help out that work, not to "preach" but just to help them with evangelism in general. If you can, please pray for this situation and for those of us who are trying to decide if this is a good opportunity.

3) I've gotten the chance to be involved with some really good bible studies this semester and last. Ben is now leading Jeremiah, Kyle's leading I Samuel, and other studies are really helping me to grow. I came across a prayer list from this summer, and I saw on there that one of my biggest concerns for this fall and new year was my use of my free time. Looking back at my life since I moved back here in August, I can see how God has continued to bless me in helping me to use my time better. Thank you all who have been a part of those encouraging works.

2) I have very good friends who have been a huge blessing in my life these past months. God has helped me so much through you guys, and I thank Him and you for that. You are all a blessing, especially you. No, really. you. I mean it.

1) God has been... indescribably blessing me. He has given me a job that allows me to travel, Christians in all parts of the country, friends and family that are trying to do what is right, and grace and mercy to help me every day.

So that's what's up.

aeroplane of the day: JM

  • danmadrigal
    Hey - I am helping a church in Alabama find a preacher. If you know someone, let me know.
    by danmadrigal at 04/10/08 7:17PM
  • mandymara
    I hope you STAY in Indianapolis.
    by mandymara at 04/18/08 5:09PM
  • artistic
    hey, it was great seeing you sunday!
    by artistic at 04/20/08 10:11PM
  • darrenbob
    ya i just heard about that from Allison, my mom had suggested i possibly do that this summer to check out the area again. But I kinda think I know most everyone that's down there that's my age.
    by darrenbob at 04/21/08 11:48PM
  • justcallmejoe
    i bet "jeffry" would be a lot happier if his wife either (1) quit her job, so she had time to fulfill her biblical obligation to keep the home, or (2) just hushed and let things go undone, insteading of being a devil-harpy. (btw, this woman is the author of "the feminine mistake." the feminine mistake, according to the book = homemaking.)
    by justcallmejoe at 04/22/08 7:51AM
  • emmylou
    well I am very glad that banquet went well. I was even sadder that I missed it when I realized that Take Note performed. :'( How many kids were there?
    by emmylou at 05/04/08 2:59PM
  • jmetzger
    Good-looking and ridiculous, actually. But I'm very happy indeed!
    by jmetzger at 05/07/08 1:57PM
  • emmylou
    hey guess what, i linked you in my post.
    by emmylou at 05/08/08 8:59PM
  • emmylou
    i got a lot out of our relationship too, jady. i'm glad we could part in a (hopefully) mutually friendly way.
    by emmylou at 05/11/08 3:41PM
  • tony
    Good seing you "at banquet"
    by tony at 05/23/08 3:50PM
  • tony
    "good job on the performance also"
    by tony at 05/23/08 3:50PM
  • vb_modbot
    You were great as an FC Friend ^_^

    by vb_modbot at 06/15/08 1:29PM
  • brainy_chik81
    HEY JADY!! this is Courtlyn!
    by brainy_chik81 at 06/17/08 9:34AM
  • click
    Jady! What's up? I love Mr. Moore; he's great. What camps are you gonna be at this year?
    by click at 06/19/08 10:42AM
  • brainy_chik81
    yeah, kinda. its really boring around here, we're just kinda layin around the house. and we think jared fractured his elbow, he fell about 10-12 feet off a climbing tower. scary. but yeah, that is great news about the baptisms!
    by brainy_chik81 at 06/21/08 10:56AM
  • click
    Toooo Bad. =( No, I'm not at MO this year. But have a great time. =)
    by click at 06/21/08 2:18PM
  • music_dude
    hey jady.....Its john....from camp....
    by music_dude at 06/21/08 8:29PM
  • music_dude
    check out my blog......I recorded a barbershop song all by singing all of the parts
    by music_dude at 06/21/08 8:38PM
  • emmylou
    thanks for doing the study last night :) it was good! (and good to study something we don't study very often) you need to come back! :)
    by emmylou at 06/27/08 7:39PM
  • tickets
    still looking at Pittsburgh? i was looking at NYC...
    by tickets at 06/28/08 11:10PM


Well, I'm here in New Salisbury, IN. How did I get here?

1) Graduated from college, circa May. It was a fantastic semester, and I am thankful to be done with college (for who knows how long). God certainly blessed me with a great opportunity to go to FC for four years, and, through the connections, people, and years there, God has really touched my life. Thank you, Florida College!

b) Went to Nebraska, circa May. Helped out with stuff there. Met lots of people there. Hung out with old and new friends there. It was rockin'. In hindsight, Nebraska was just what I needed so I would be able to jump into preaching when I arrived in Indiana.

4) Went to Birmingham for a wedding, circa Jay. Fun times, there and back again.

IV) Went to Indiana and Ohio camps. Both were great. Thank you, all those whose efforts made those camps possible, and thank you, all who were there and made camp better than it would have been otherwise.

4) After camps, I started preaching here in New Salisbury. I cannot express adequately how fantastic an opportunity this has been so far. God has certainly been preparing me for this work for a long time now, but He has continued to allow me to grow into what I need to be, so that I can do what I need to do. I've always wanted to be a preacher, but I've never gotten the chance to work as a "full time" evangelist before. Now I have, and I don't want to stop. What an amazing blessing it is to serve our God.

One thing that has been really good for me here has been this group's openness with each other. So far in life, I've tended to do the "I'll make it on my own" technique, which doesn't work so well. How refreshing is it when you can be honest and forward and really get down to the details of how we can help each other! How many christians out there have never had an actual, sincere, and frank discussion of what they need, or how they're doing? I never again want to be a friend who applies cute bandages to gaping wounds. Please don't be afraid to help me or ask what I need, because I need all the help I can get. And I'll not be afraid to help you, too.

Some of you have been praying for me for this summer, and I know it has helped. Thank you so much, and please continue.

aeroplane: the bread that Gary hands out when we study, and the bread that Sandra hands out when she bakes it fresh and it tastes amazing.
  • nickomundo
    Yeah, we'll be leaving on Saturday morning, so we'll just miss seeing you. The timing just won't work, but at least we got to see you earlier this year. Hopefully we'll be able to catch you the next time we're in Tampa again. And you're always welcome to crash at our place if you need to. :-)
    by nickomundo at 12/25/07 1:58PM
  • emmylou
    thanks for always being mean and meaner to me. it really makes me feel swell. really.
    by emmylou at 12/25/07 6:58PM
  • emmylou
    i was kidding. somewhat. normally i would put an emoticon to let you know i was joking, but i wanted you to suffer and feel bad for a couple of minutes :P have fun on your trip! don't kill my brothers, please.
    by emmylou at 12/26/07 7:59AM
  • adwestphal
    Have a great New Year Man!!!
    by adwestphal at 12/27/07 11:39PM
  • artistic
    hey! waz up?
    by artistic at 12/30/07 1:33PM
  • courtikans4404
    HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!
    by courtikans4404 at 01/01/08 10:43AM
  • artistic
    by artistic at 01/19/08 8:29PM
  • sjb
    Actually, I nearly did... esp. by the third time in one day!!
    by sjb at 01/23/08 5:32PM
  • vb_modbot
    Hey Jady! This is Jadon! (we met at the whitsitt's on the 26th)
    by vb_modbot at 01/28/08 5:48PM
  • pohatgirl
    Hey Jady! It's Jordan, from winter camp?
    by pohatgirl at 01/30/08 4:40PM
  • cyber_space_cadet
    Hello, name is Dot, and I had the privilege of hearing you speak at Avon on Sunday. Great sermon, and I really like your style. Keep up the good work!
    by cyber_space_cadet at 01/30/08 11:06PM
  • verny_mack
    by verny_mack at 02/03/08 9:28PM
  • emmylou
    don't forget to take your candle home! (buy matches first) no actually - you don't even need matches. just use some flint.
    by emmylou at 02/11/08 7:55AM
  • emmylou
    wait - i'm not on your FRIENDS LIST? this hurts, jady. this hurts bad.
    by emmylou at 02/11/08 7:55AM
  • sweetisthesong
    hey jady This is Janet hardin Remeber when you stayed at our house
    by sweetisthesong at 02/11/08 8:19PM
  • emmylou
    thanks. elation is filling my spirit. are camp friends announced yet? you're taking for-ev-er
    by emmylou at 02/12/08 7:32AM
  • sweetisthesong
    jady I'll never forget when you stayed with us on the Friends tour and you thought it was so great that we let you do laundry and get on the computer!!Ha! Where is that in Ind.cause I've lived ther all my life and I never heard of that!
    by sweetisthesong at 02/12/08 2:13PM
  • lah90
    So, since you're FORCING me to take another lab, are you going to pay for it? :D

    (Just don't take away Matt's or Brian's degrees because they didn't take it either.)
    by lah90 at 02/13/08 8:58AM
  • sweetisthesong
    Andrea says we need to go visit you preach every Sun?? We go to Indy to visit Grammy alot...see ya
    by sweetisthesong at 02/13/08 9:11PM
  • nickomundo
    Yeah. Sometimes the blog is used to get a reaction from the masses and sometimes it's directed at just one individual. Shameless, I know.

    Hey, I got Dave Barry's Book of Bad Songs out of the library the other day. Reading it makes me laugh. And think of you and the Meadowood boys. Coincidence?
    by nickomundo at 02/15/08 8:21AM

qal: spring break - piel: leap shatter

well, it's been over two months. I suppose it's a good a time as ever to update. I remember the good old days when I would update my pleonast account every couple days, which I can now go back and look at and actually see what my life was like, making it serve as a sort of journal for my life. or a log, if you will. A log on the web.

But I'm trying to refocus everything, hence the two month breaks. This semester has been out of control out of control. A little out of control is usual, I guess, but this semester has really taken the proverbial cake, and I want it back. My classes have been good, like Romans, and Great Books, and my senior thesis project. With Dostoevsky and Fiddler o'th' Roof, I've had a very Russian year so far. But studying BK has been amazing. I've written 21 pages of my senior thesis so far (the additional five pages of summary of where the paper is "going to go" made for the 25 page rough-draft deadline) and I've got much more to write. But it's really helped me think through some of the traditional apologetic methods we use. There is a role and place for cosmology or intelligent design, but people need Jesus, you know?! "Thomas didn't believe because he saw the risen Lord, but because he wanted to believe."

God has certainly been with me this year. Looking ahead to my summer, and seeing how my strength was unequal to my task, I prayed a while ago that I would grow these last months of college to make me ready for what lies ahead. And I've felt it. Every new day, every early morning, every "prayerful yearning" - it's refining me.

But it's kinda weird to be intimidated by the preaching I'll be doing this summer. I think most people would be more anxious about a summer full of camps, travel, and interacting with who knows who. But camps must decrease. As must this blog.

aeroplane: Hoosiers. I just saw it for the first time, and it make me want to grow up in the fifties, play basketball, and win a state championship.
  • jenniferlyn
    I'm gonna beat you up the next time I see you.
    by jenniferlyn at 06/21/07 12:42PM
  • angel_face
    Is this Jady Copeland? Hey It's Makenzie Barnett :) How are ya?
    by angel_face at 06/21/07 9:45PM
  • darrenbob
    oh i thought i had mentioned it in an earlier post, i had a cyst removed
    by darrenbob at 06/22/07 3:31PM
  • nerdosaurus_rex
    Hm... Wouldn't that qualify as faith in the absurd? Alas, I am a mere knight(ess) of resignation...
    by nerdosaurus_rex at 06/22/07 4:38PM
  • krimble09
    are you going to be going to the annual vBall tournament at the Whittsitts (sp?!)... im going to that this year, with Misty Fink. Do you know her?
    by krimble09 at 06/22/07 11:51PM
  • cherri
    Hi-de-ho there, Neighbor! I'm looking forward to seeing you today at Whitsitts'! :)
    by cherri at 06/23/07 8:11AM
  • angel_face
    I'm doing great, you?
    by angel_face at 06/23/07 9:41AM
  • krimble09
    thats pretty cool... guess i'll see you there!
    by krimble09 at 06/23/07 5:52PM
  • emmy
    well thats good to hear! you preach?
    by emmy at 06/25/07 9:29PM
  • snicker_doodle
    heyy!! u were at the ohio camp this year werent u?
    by snicker_doodle at 06/27/07 12:16PM
  • lacrosse22player
    well our serenading mildly fell apart without a trusty guide. k-fish is not exactly a fearless leader when it comes to melodious events, but cameron aly saved us with a backstreet boys solo and jackson, david odorizzi (who you don't know), and i wrote a rap in ten minutes and preformed it. if you want an idea of how it went our rap was the second to last song, cameron's solo was last, and it was the first song to get applause.
    by lacrosse22player at 06/27/07 3:49PM
  • sweetmelissa
    Hey Jady! It's Mel Carwile. Saw your comment on Hoff's page and the "Louisville" in your comment caught my eye.
    by sweetmelissa at 06/27/07 4:45PM
  • snicker_doodle
    ok..i thought morgan darby..i think u kno kayla bagshaw too...
    by snicker_doodle at 06/27/07 9:05PM
  • snicker_doodle
    im doing really well! what about u?
    by snicker_doodle at 06/28/07 12:13PM
  • snicker_doodle
    do u kno the bagshaws?
    by snicker_doodle at 06/28/07 9:54PM
  • snicker_doodle
    ok, cuz kayla and i email and she said that she knew u...
    by snicker_doodle at 06/30/07 12:22AM
  • jmetzger
    So did you find a wife?
    by jmetzger at 06/30/07 3:09PM
  • cherri
    lol :)
    by cherri at 06/30/07 3:50PM
  • angel_face
    by angel_face at 07/01/07 7:09AM
  • jesspico
    Dude, you have the oldest, most-outdatedest blog everest.
    by jesspico at 07/03/07 12:20AM

Don't dai for me, Fiddler on the Roooooof

- Yesterday, musical rehearsals started. As some of you know, last november I spontaniously agreed to be in the show "Fiddler" which FC is putting on. I decided to do it since nearly everyone I spend time with in Tampa would be in rehearsal for the month of January. So why should they have all the fun. Anways, it has been fun, and I enjoy learning music again / having to run sectionals again / having lots of attention.

- I'm going to be doing a lot with the Brothers Karamazov for my senior thesis, so I've been reading it again (it's only the second time through for me). Boy, do I love that book. What a real delight and treat. My goal for my thesis topic at this point is to compare his defense of God ("theodicy") with other writers (Pascal, primarily, but others, including Ravi Zach) and most importantly, how and if his ideas fit what the Bible has to say about similar ideas.

- I'm giving the L.S. talk tomorrow at Livingston for the first time. My text: Gen. 22 and I Peter 1. Even if the presentation goes poorly, I have enjoyed the preparation.

- Two days of freedom left. More or less. Then it's the beginning of the end. sweet.

aeroplane of the day: the following dialogue from the worst movie of all time, "War of the Planets": "When will it all end?" "It'll end when we all die, or when we put an end to it."
  • essie
    Sounds like a most inspiring movie.
    by essie at 02/01/07 12:31PM
  • jenniferlyn
    Don't make me hurt you.
    by jenniferlyn at 02/02/07 11:55AM
  • lindseyd
    It was good to see you Thursday night, and I hope last night and today's perfomances go off as well as Thursdays! Oh, I also heard something about a high C you hit...?
    by lindseyd at 02/02/07 11:38PM
  • ktay
    (Sigh of relief) We're done. Good job with your performances-- I'm so glad that you were in the show!
    by ktay at 02/04/07 1:24PM
  • vav go to meet the family--It's Mike!
    by vav at 02/04/07 6:44PM
  • jesspico
    Good to see ya, Jades! And, hey.. where's my link? I no likee right now. :(
    by jesspico at 02/07/07 1:34AM
  • diminished_seventh
    Eat it, loser:
    by diminished_seventh at 02/07/07 1:28PM
  • vav
    Sounds like a crazy delicious remix!
    by vav at 02/10/07 12:06PM
  • lindseyd
    It's okay, my week was still wonderful in spite of everyone being sick and quarantined, though I am sorry to hear there was an epidemic of ABC at you guys' apartment and, from what I heard from Micah, you got the worst of it. and by you I do mean you. Enjoy having a slower school week!:o)
    by lindseyd at 02/10/07 7:37PM
  • blueturtle
    some places in the world drink a cold chai tea. or at least they serve it at my favorite Vietnamise resturants in the U.S. I actually have a funny story about the time my mother served ice tea to a group of Arab businessmen.
    by blueturtle at 02/15/07 2:14PM
  • jenniferlyn
    You need to leave the bible out of it.
    by jenniferlyn at 02/15/07 8:29PM
  • vav
    If they want to play in the game they need to call it star dew. End of story.
    by vav at 02/15/07 9:46PM
  • justcallmejoe
    we hunt in packs and we eat algae off our fur
    by justcallmejoe at 02/17/07 1:58AM
  • nickomundo
    Trust me, you won't have to force them.
    by nickomundo at 02/24/07 11:37PM
  • harbermama
    I'm listening to Friday's Chapel program on Itunes. Good thoughts. Pascal surely did a lot of betting/wagering, didn't he? :-) See how much I got out of the lesson?
    by harbermama at 02/25/07 3:40PM
  • knyqjee
    no problemo
    by knyqjee at 02/25/07 10:24PM
  • imelgringo
    i thought about you today, then you posted on my blog. i'm going to try that again tomorrow. wait...then, if you read this, you might post because of it. maybe i'll just think about you randomly in the future, and you'll have to guess which days i am thinking about you.
    by imelgringo at 02/25/07 10:45PM
  • nickomundo
    So, what does my preference of The Illusionist say about me?
    by nickomundo at 03/05/07 9:21PM
  • vav
    Well, what did she say?
    by vav at 03/06/07 9:04PM
  • nickomundo
    Yeah, I was surprised "yuppie" and "beatnik" didn't make the list, too.
    by nickomundo at 03/12/07 3:02PM