I've been feeling bad alot lately. i think it's because of my schedule being all messy. i applied for a transfer this week. i always forget to pray for myself and things towards me. my letter to teh boss man is going through the loops Monday.

today is my 3rd reBirth day. :)

I don't know how much i've grown
I don't know where I'm going
I know that I can handle it
I just have to remember
to pray.
  • basil60
    Happy reBirthday!!!
    We all can grow more.
    You do know where you're going.
    God won't give you more than you can handle, as long as you turn to Him.
    Yes, pray without ceasing.

    You are loved.
    by basil60 at 12/01/09 9:11AM

good information for all to take in

When shaking any sort of non-clear liquid make sure that you do so in a way such as to remember to put the lid on tight prior to the shaking.
  • mmswife
    Sounds like someone made a mess.....
    by mmswife at 07/06/09 9:42AM
  • Mercy_Rush
    Messes are fun....but not to clean up! :)
    by Mercy_Rush at 07/10/09 4:08PM
  • hollie
    thanks for the tip
    by hollie at 08/26/09 9:52PM

06/14/09 11:10PM

do you know anyone who has a voice that makes you Want to drag your nails across a chalkboard?


I got to answer the phones! I feel so official now :)

Kevin I'm sorry for reminding you, PLEASE do not call...Please...
  • ivykisses
    7 is takin it's sweeet time today
    by ivykisses at 06/15/09 6:35AM

06/12/09 5:15AM

sonogram friday afternoon. send me healthy thoughts :)

it's going to be an exhausting friday...

one more hour..

only 59 more minutes to go

aww...and the drive to clearwater! Arg....


gonna go do some work


still have cyst...dont know what's going on till the dr calls me with the results :(

06/02/09 3:03PM

ever have one of those days...
where you just want...to run away...
out the back door and down the road
winding down until you explode.
  • basil60
    Yeah, we all have those days.
    by basil60 at 06/02/09 4:45PM
  • hollie
    yep at least once a week
    by hollie at 06/03/09 10:56AM
  • emailc
    hey! it rhymes!
    by emailc at 06/05/09 6:10PM
  • jayhawks
    what are you doing this summer i am having lots of fun write back
    by jayhawks at 06/08/09 4:01PM